Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Ontario's radical sex-education has been trampled under foot

This is Benjamin Levin. You can read all about him here. Benny was the Assistant Deputy Minister of Education for the Province of Ontario under the then "Catholic" Premier, Dalton McGuinty. Levin was responsible for developing a radical sex-education program that was abhorrent to many parents for its explicitness. The McGuinty government, in face of tremendous pressure and backlash, pulled the curriculum. Not long after, Levin was arrested and later convicted of various charges relating to child-pornography. Though his daughters denied it, Levin claimed to have had committed incestuous acts with them. After his release from prison, only three years, his "depraved world" continued. 

WorldPride_810_500_55_s_c1.jpgThis is Kathleen Wynne (in blue). She is a lesbian and former Premier of Ontario defeated, no; politically obliterated this past June by the good people of Ontario. Much to the horror of her children, Kathleen kicked her husband out of the marriage bed for her lesbian lover, Jane who is pictured in the grey and white at left. Wynne has damn near bankrupted this Province. Jobs have left. Electricity prices are the highest in North America and Ontario is the largest debtor sub-sovereign state in the entire world. Whilst Premier, Wynne implemented the radical sex education agenda of the convicted child-porn aficionado, Benjamin Levin.  

This is the feminist Justin "Groper" Trudeau sitting between the two of them at a gay pride parade.

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This is Tanya Granic-Allen. 

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Tanya is a Catholic wife and mother who led a multi-year campaign for an organization called Parents Are First Educators against the radical agenda of Levin/Wynne. Tanya ran for the leadership of the Ontario Conservative Party and raised this issue to the top of the agenda. She crowned the new leader Doug Ford, by taking her votes to him. She attempted to run in the election but was removed by Doug because of certain comments made years ago. She may not agree, you may not; but I believe Doug Ford did the right thing and saved her and her family, her children, from an all-out assault that would have even included death threats by a whacked out radical Left not unlike what Americans are now seeing. Tanya Granic-Allen will do more good as a lobbyist than just another Member of the Legislature. She already has. She is a heroine. A lioness.

And this is Douglas Ford, the Premier of Ontario. 

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Doug won the election and promised Tanya and Ontarians that he would take action. 

Today, Doug Ford, through his Minister of Education took that perverted radical sex-education program developed by the convicted child pornographer Benjamin Levin and implemented by the lesbian Wynne and threw it on the trash heap.

Doug Ford, like Donald Trump, has put the people first.

Promises made.

Promises kept. 


Tony said...

Finally, a politician who keeps his promises.

B flat said...

Glory to God!
I am so glad for you. I hope Doug Ford proves true to his word,
and strong in the Truth which is Christ Himself.
God bless you Vox.

Anonymous said...

All praise, glory and honour be to our Triune God!
Blessed be God forever!!!

M. Prodigal said...

Deo Gratias! The perverted ones do not always have to win and seek to corrupt the innocence of little children which is a damnable thing.

Kathleen1031 said...

How wonderful! Thanks be to God!
Momentum is a fantastic thing, and this recapture of the culture can really motivate couch-sitters to keep it going. If the innocence of children doesn't motivate good parents and taxpayers, what will. A pox on these disordered perverts, may they sink back under the rocks they came out from. I have no empathy for people who work to corrupt children, anybody's children.
We now have these slimy people touting the diabolical perversion of being "minor attracted". We must fight this societal disease wherever we find it, never giving an inch in this particular battle, the battle for the right to have sexual relations with children. Never!

Johnno said...

Looks like there's still many flies in the ointment...

This fight is not over yet. We need to make sure there's no bait-n-switch...