Monday, 30 July 2018

Bergoglio's Fraudulent Humility on Display Again - Distraction and Vatican Spin to Deflect from an Abuse and Homosexual Crisis!

For five years now, from the moment he emerged on the loggia, the Vatican media machine continues to spin how "humble" is our Pope Francis. From his house cassock to the Motel St. Martha and his car, to carrying his own bags or kissing the poor or disfigured. It is all a show, all spin, all a fraud. We can find many pictures of other popes doing charitable acts. Papal kindness and charity did not begin with Bergoglio. 

Of all the machinations, manipulations and spin, put out by the likes of Spadaro, Rosica, Burke and their ilk in the past, this one takes the cake. His Humbleness has forgotten Our Blessed Lord's words in the Gospel of Matthew found in Chapter 6, beginning at verse 3.

TAKE heed that you do not your justice before men, to be seen by them: otherwise you shall not have a reward of your Father who is in heaven. Therefore when thou dost an almsdeed, sound not a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be honoured by men. Amen I say to you, they have received their reward.  But when thou dost alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doth. That thy alms may be in secret, and thy Father who seeth in secret will repay thee.

It is particularly galling considering the crisis that the Church is in due to the perversion of its priests and bishops, and let us not forget, its cardinals due to sodomites -- homosexuals who have infiltrated the clergy to an extent where one must only conclude that the majority of them, are faggots. These filthy men have betrayed Christ, they have betrayed you and me. They have used the Church to get close to their potential victims. They are repugnant, filthy monsters and they still, as in the case of James Martin, -- they still push their corrupt, evil, filthy agenda. They are frauds, all of them.
Pope Francis makes surprise visit to elderly woman in Rome
Demonstrating once again his compassion and pastoral concern for those in need, Pope Francis makes a surprise visit to a sick, bedridden lady in Rome.
Pope Francis this weekend visited an elderly lady, whom he knows, in Rome’s Salario district on the Via Alessandria.
The Pope arrived late on Saturday afternoon aboard his blue Ford Focus to pay a visit to the lady who is bedridden and had repeatedly invited the Holy Father to her home.
He was accompanied by only a few Vatican Gendarmes and several plainclothes Italian police officers, who waited outside as the Pope entered the house.
Pope Francis stayed with the lady for around an hour, and was greeted as he left by a small crowd of local residents who had recognized his blue car.
The Pope greeted the well-wishers, shaking hands and hugging them affectionately. He took a moment to play with a child, as a young woman sought to hold back tears of joy.
A sick man who lives in the same residential complex also made his way outside to receive the Holy Father’s blessing and words of comfort.
After greeting everyone present, Pope Francis blessed them and returned to the Vatican in his inconspicuous Ford Focus.

If this humble fraud truly wanted to be "inconspicuous" we would not be reading about it.

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Anonymous said...

In the meantime , did anyone see what Monsignore Ferrari tweeted about what happened in front of St Peters ?
A group of angry American Catholics surrounded a Bishop berating him over McCarrick.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I have seen Italians crying, begging for the return of their right to having their own place, a safe walk to school and work for their children, but the only response they get from papa is condemnation. Their daughters get raped and chopped up into little pieces, and what does papa do? - papa demands more opportunities for such cultural enrichment, and for turning churches into mosques.

He tells us that Jesus wants us to bow before those who despise Him and whose long-term plan is to completely enslave and destroy us, His followers.

Ana Milan said...

The photo underneath depicts my reaction to this article.

Anonymous said...

Rod Dreher recently wrote a his perspective of just how they will deflect and make amendments once again to smooth over the crisis that the masses are finally waking up to.
This time around they will convince even less people.
IMHO Bill Donahue has totally destroyed his own credibility as have the Bishops, Cardinals and Borgoglio.

If there are any good priests left they too have become enablers by not speaking up loud and clear ! They all know who is who.

nazareusrex said...

M. Prodigal said...

"He was accompanied by only a few Vatican Gendarmes and several plainclothes Italian police officers..."

And, of course, a photographer!

Dan said...

I've had it. I hereby announce the formation of the "International Stand Up for the Faith" campaign. I call upon every catholic that is fed up with perverts in high places and the destruction of the faith by our own shepherds and everything else, to remain standing during mass at the back of the church. We'll make our Sunday obligation and at the same time show that we demand THEY return to the faith.

They have so much invested, it'll take centuries before they notice. But, a growing number of people who don't sit down..... they'll notice.

Hello Francis? This is Dan. We want our faith back.

TLM said...

And while we're at it Dan, NO ONE should give especially to fund a Bishop's project. NOT. ONE. RED. CENT. Instead write a note (respectfully) demanding the purge of all perverts, Bishops, Cardinals or Priests, and a return to the true Catholic faith! This time we're not sitting back to the perversion and trusting them when they say they have it 'under control'. This time 'we're going in'....'guns loaded'!! We've got to pull out ALL THE STOPS!!!

Kathleen1031 said...

The "Lookah Me Ahm So Humble! Show". When will it close...

We really can't stand any of these men anymore. It is repugnant just to look at them, and one of the things that really annoys us about them now is their Francis-smirks and chimpanzee grins. When you watch North Koreans it's the same uneasy HAHAHAHA, the forced yuks that tell you it's anything but behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Jorge the con, Jorge the homo enabler and promoter, Hey Jorge your con job doesn't work, as a matter of fact it never did. The devil can appear as an angel of light pretending to love little old ladies, the homeless and so forth. Jorge's cunning ways fits perfectly into the foretelling of the Antichrist and the false church. The Cardinals that elected this destroyer of all things good will be indeed held accountable!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Bergoglio is humble needs to read an article that was featured in the far left periodical "The Atlantic" in 2015.

Benedict XVI spoke of a "real" council and a "virtual" council right before being whisked away on Feb 28, 2013.

Could this have been "code" for his pontificate being "real" but the next being "virtual"?

It would not be of surprise given the following. What we have witnessed for the past 6 years is nothing less than a complete sham.