Thursday, 8 February 2018

Why are you discouraged?

It's been a rough start of the year, eh? And it's only February 8.

I won't restate here what has been going on, you all know and if you don't just go over the last twenty or so posts.

It is clear from the comments over the last few weeks that many of you are becoming discouraged and almost in despair over the situation. It is not easy for any of us. I know that, but we were warned, right? Our Lord told us in Scripture. Our Lady told us numerous times, at Quita, La Salette, Fatima and Akita. Saints told us these days were coming. Pope Pius X did and even Benedict XVI.

What none of us can do is to despair. Our Lord Jesus Christ has already won the war. Our job is to remain faithful to Him and His Church in spite of the putrid and vile hirelings who have taken Her over. We don't need to name them, we know who they are.

Now, say a prayer for this blogger and one for yourself and pick up your sword and do battle.

We Are the Crusaders


Anonymous said...

I place all my trust in God and I know that those who remain faithful and persevere through these times will be rewarded in eternity. But I am horrified for the countless souls who are indifferent or are following false shepherds to their eternal punishment

TLM said...

Thanks for this Vox!! Sometimes we need a 'picker upper'..... I hope I'm right about this, for most of us, and at least what I am going through is kind of a 'roller coaster' ride, up and down and then back up again. Never really 'giving in' to total despair. But yes, emotionally and even spiritually it's a tough ride. I think for most of us, we will not give into total despair EVER. As for me, I will fight for Christ in His true Church until I take my last breath here on earth. I am in hopes and prayers that we all would!

BTW....Satan is monumentally strong right now. Seems that as of late, when I pray my Rosary, he is right there attacking me. It's uncanny. But....Heaven always steps in and comes to the 'rescue'. St. Michael the Archangel DEFEND US IN BATTLE!!!

Ana Milan said...

Continuous bad news does discourage & frustrate us all but I believe we should be rather pleased to serve Our Lord in these dire & predicted times. I hold to the promise He gave us that He would be with us until the end of time & also Our Lady's statement that Russia would be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart but late, followed by Her Triumph. If we don't keep these words to the forefront of our collective minds we allow Satan's trickery to take hold & despair to set in. It also shows a deep distrust of the words of Our Lord & His Blessed Mother which is an exceedingly dangerous outcome for one's salvation and delights the Devil.

All truly Catholic journalists, reporters & website owners are in my prayers as your service to Catholics is of the utmost importance. Doubters have the duty to God, themselves & the rest of us, to study Scripture, Church History & Apologetics & educate themselves on the tenets of the True Faith before they infect other uneducated Catholics (since VII) with agnostic opinions.

Anonymous said...

1. This is part of God's plan, I see it in myself, this pope has caused me to move from CINO to someone who owns a copy of Spirago.
2. God will save everyone who is of good will, anyone "catholic" who thinks Catholic moral theology can change, is not honest and is not of good will, tremble, that God will not let us drift into that state.
3. Suffering will come, pray for a happy death for your family and yourself.

Anonymous said...

Prayers said commander! Gratias.

Michael Dowd said...

We are living in a time of spiritual martyrdom by the Church hierarchy. Who would have thought that our shepherds would lead the sheep to slaughter--but it is happening now(China). It is not too farfetched to compare our situation with first century Catholics when the Church was underground and it's members feared for their lives and often killed.

What could happen next? I suppose Pope Francis could de-sacralize the Mass, merge us with various Protestant denominations, and approve contraception and euthanasia. At that point we would have to again become an underground Church.

And the good news? This provides an even greater opportunity for all of us to become saints. In that sense we must be thankful to God.

bradders said...

"Putrid" was a word in my mind lately about the Francis church. What adjectives are next to describe the swamp surrounding us? Fetid? Pestilential? I watched a wildlife programme lately about a researcher in a cave where millions of bats lived, piled one on top of the other. The life-threatening smell of amonia from the bats meant he had to put on breathing apparatus to survive. The scene was hellish and yet only a shadow of what Hell would really be like. The only life-giving apparatus for us as Catholics is the Eucharist and the Rosary. As a sinful man, I only begin to breath pure air when the Hail Mary is on my lips. Billions of these are needed clear the miasma of Francis church.

Wolverine said...

Who's discouraged??? The homo/pedo protecting Bergoglio circus is becoming apparent even to the godless world! The meteor can't hit the Vatican soon enough!!

Anonymous said...

We were born for this time, each of us have a role to play, I hope to cause as much damage to the Kingdom of darkness before I leave this life.

Thank you for your blog, it is great to draw strength from fellow sufferers during the Church's crucifixion.

God bless,


c matt said...

Not really discouraged. Angry, frustrated and/or annoyed would be more accurate.

tuleesh said...

Michael Dowd @8:55 am, February 08, 2018
Well, there was a tango performed in the sanctuary in front of the then Buenos Aires Cardinal Archbishop Bergoglio... A taste of things to come?

Seriously, the suppressed “Kolvenbach Report” on Jorge Bergoglio needs to be released

Kathleen1031 said...

God chose this time for us to be alive and to be present for the relentless attack on the Church. We could have been born in any other, "easier" era, but we are here now and this is our opportunity. I don't know about you but I've committed too many grievous offenses against Our Lord, that cause me pain to remember them. If I can carry this splinter well, perhaps I will go to the Lord with something tiny to offer him, and I can say, here Lord, I did my best.
In the most real sense we are the Church Militant, and even though I am a woman in my middle years I know the battle is on and I must be part of it. There are moments or days of discouragement, surely! I complain and get angry about the apostates that infect our beautiful faith, I want them gone. But that is the Lord's decision, not mine. If He wants it to end five seconds from now, it will end. My part is to keep the faith, and that is your part as well. Pray for God's help that we keep the faith no matter what. These men will not have that victory, be determined, and never quit, never! We will not forget the Chinese martyrs, and all the martyrs, who shed their blood for God and the faith. As long as we draw breath we are the Church Militant, don't miss your opportunity!

TLM said...

Yes bradders,only the Eucharist and the Rosary are our salvation...and if we are very lucky in the near future, the REAL Mass and the REAL sacraments. It's why it is said, in the last days these will be the GREATEST of all the Saints! These will be the ones who will face the worst of the passion of the Christ in His Church and still adhere to the true faith of His Church! We need to PRAY FOR PERSEVERANCE!!! Satan seems to be overwhelming the Church, but he WILL NOT WIN THE BATTLE!!!! CHRIST thru His Blessed Mother will win the battle!!! Our job is to remain in the faith, whether or not the faith remains in our Church buildings or in our homes or other places. The Dear Lord thru His Blessed Mother WILL LEAD US!!!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I may have used the wrong word. I am disappointed, frustrated - with myself, because I do not use my time/life well enough.
I repeat myself in disbelief, frustration and anger.

I do not pray enough.
And I am affected by a disease of the body again.

Things seem so hopeless for so many! I do not dare too challenge God with: How can this be? How can so many souls seem to be so lost, with no help in sight? Many are like Zombies, unable to understand that they need help!

How can one be well?
I do not doubt God's wisdom. I used to, but not anymore. But this is hard, really hard. The illness affecting my body, preventing me from living a normal life (standing and walking is too painful for longer than a few minutes), is not as hard to bear as these bad shepherds in the Church and these poor souls they mislead.

Praypraypray said...

In her book, The Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom, a Dutch Christian woman talks about hiding Jews from the Nazis and her and her sister’s experiences/sufferings in a Nazi concentration camp. One day, they found lice in their bunks and her sister praised and thanked God. Corrie had suffered a lot, but this was unbelievable that her sister would do that. Her sister explained that in the Bible it says to give thanks in all circumstances.
(“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)
Corrie said that since the lice were present in the bunks, the Nazi guards stayed clear and she and her sister and the other prisoners were able to have Bible studies using a Bible they had smuggled into the camp. Also, she said that they were able to give liquid vitamins, (also smuggled into the camp), to the prisoners each day from a small bottle and, miraculously, it never ran out until the day the camp was liberated!
I’ve also heard that there’s power in the spoken word and found that thanking and praising Jesus, out loud, (in a normal tone of voice), really is very powerful. The devil hates the name of Jesus. (“That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth: And that every tongue should confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of God the Father.” Philippians 2:10-11). One Saint, ( I’ve forgotten his name), used to see demons and when he would call on the name of Jesus, the demons would not only bow/bend their knee/s, but would lay prostrate on the ground. Therefore, whenever I feel under attack, I try to praise and thank Jesus. I simply pray, “Praise Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.” ...over and over through the day/night. Jesus really does come to our aid. Also, we get signal graces, the graces we need for each day, every time we pray the Holy Rosary. Of course, the Sacraments and Sacramentals, (such as Holy Medals and Holy Water), are important in spiritual warfare. It’s a true battle, and sometimes, we need to get refreshed by the Sacraments and Eucharistic Adoration. Mother Teresa did this and she saw lots of suffering and suffered herself, yet seemed to be at peace and often smiling. She said she got her strength from daily Eucharistic Adoration.
God bless you and everyone working on and reading this blog.

Michael Dowd said...

@ tuleesh. I thought the “Kolvenbach Report” on Jorge Bergoglio was released describing Jorge's unfitness for becoming a Bishop.

TLM said...

Dorota...We need to also pray for each other!! VERY IMPORTANT!! I am now keeping in my Rosary intention the courage and the perseverance of ALL of God's faithful!! (and the faithful bloggers as well Vox:) Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would live to see this terrible day within the Church of Christ, nor could I have ever imagined the pain and the terrible battle that we are living, but here we all are!! (and this is not the WORST of it!) And yes, God has ORDAINED us to be here NOW, what an awesome thought THAT IS!! I can now see around the corner that we will indeed be 'underground' literally 'in the shadows'. They WILL have the buildings, but WE will have the true faith!! God WILL NOT abandon us! We need to devote ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, she is our MOTHER!! She will lead us home to her Son!

Anonymous said...

Loving the attitudes of Alex and PrayPrayPray! St. Paul said that "Many live as enemies of the cross of Christ. Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and their glory is in their shame." (Phillipians 3:19) Today, we can accurately say their god is just below their belly, because their lust for immoral sexual relations drives everything they do.
Also, watched EWTN's "The World Over" with Raymond Arroyo. Unbelievable the amount of disgusting news of what's going on in this pontificate and the Vatican and reported on this giant Catholic outlet, and yet Bergoglio remains squatted on Peter's Chair! I'm guessing Ray feels the need to hit the shower afterwards, just having to report on all the filth.

Peter Lamb said...

Sorry guys, but I don't feel in the least phased, despondent, or discouraged. I know what's happening; I know who's doing it and why; As Vox says, we are warned about this since the days of St. Paul and by numerous private revelations. The Catholic Faith is alive, well, unchanged and available to me, just as it was to all my forefathers and I practice it daily, exactly as they did. I follow what goes on in no land out of morbid interest, but it doesn't touch me. Holy Scripture says, if we suffer for Our Lord's sake, we should rejoice and be glad - our reward will be great.

I'm fully alive to the horror of what's going on and shudder at the souls that are being lost but Our Lord is a merciful God and those who follow in invincible ignorance will not be lost. One must have full knowledge and consent to sin.
The same may not be said of those who know and for various selfish reasons string along. Those who willfully refuse to see, or hear, will suffer the consequences. Those who consort with heretics and call the no church the Catholic Church; those who recognize heretics as Catholic Prelates; those who forget that the Catholic Church is a supranatural, indefectible organization and not a temporal one made of bricks and mortar; those who ignore Holy Scripture's injunction to let them be anathema and even seek to join them - they have reason to beware humongously.
It's easy - just walk away from them and be a Catholic.

I struggle with my family; I have lost so many "Catholic" friends! Maybe it's the result of nearly 60 years of modernism, but they are not interested in investigating, or knowing. They have no fervour for the Catholic Faith. I don't think they ever really knew it in the first place - there was only the no to catechize them.

Well, Our Lord is permitting it to separate the Believers from those who would believe lying. His Will be done.

Peter Lamb said...

Check this out! Our Lady will crush their heads.

Jonvilas said...


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Of course, one should focus on what one CAN do. But... sin has consequences. Even though God in His mercy forgives those who don't know any better, with shepherds like the ones we have, who won't teach Truth, and who teach that good is evil, and evil good, there is so much unnecessary pain and suffering!
Broken lives, shattered families. Good priests, some old and frail, mocked and humiliated.
I know I am not expected to do more than I CAN do, but the sadness over the lost opportunities (to live beautiful, godly lives) for so many, and he degeneracy of whole societies, is there all the time.

Michael Dowd said...

@Peter Lamb. Thanks Peter for your uplifting remarks. It should be clear to anyone who thinks about it that there is and has been something seriously wrong in the Church since Vatican II. Why more folks don't grasp this situation is hard to understand. I have been commenting for the last 6 months or so on Crisis Magazine and The Catholic Thing, conservative blogs, and have basically one message: that Vatican II was a catastrophe for the Church and must be abrogated in it's entirety. Generally I get mostly negative mocking comments for saying this and very little support. I'm accused of being a sedevacantist which I am not, in any official way, though I am in agreement with most of that position.

My point is that is it hard to penetrate the wall of disbelief erected against the awful realities of today's Catholic Church even when highlighted by the devilish presence of Pope Francis himself. But I think I should continue with my efforts as a few folks might begin to see the light. That is my mission.

Dan said...

The sentiment that we must pick up our swords and continue to battle and not be discouraged is a nice one. However when the "generals" are cowards and have already surrendered, why bother?

Michael Dowd said...

@Dan. The "generals" have been MIA for years. In fact they threw in the towel at Vatican II when they decided joining up with the Protestants and delivering a socialist Gospel was the way to go.

What can we do? Pray, protest, resist and become more of a traditional Catholic. Don't worry about the "generals"; God will see to them. And Christ promised us victory if we continue to fight the good fight like St. Paul who had trouble with his own general, Peter. Onward!

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Mike, Next time somebody accuses you of being a sedevacantist, say "I sure am buddy! Proud to be a Catholic who adheres to Catholic doctrine!"