Saturday, 3 February 2018


In a stunning announcement that is heretical and schismatic, Germany's Cardinal Marx has today called upon priests or pastoral workers to bless homosexual unions.

There is no clearer case for the Bishop of Rome to call in a bishop or cardinal and ask him to account for his actions and remove him from his Office.

If he does not, then logic reveals that he must agree.

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Cardinal Marx endorses blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples
By Anian Christoph Wimmer

Munich, Germany, Feb 3, 2018 / 09:31 am (CNA).- The president of the German Bishops’ Conference has declared that, in his view, Catholic priests can conduct blessing ceremonies for homosexual couples.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx told the Bavarian State Broadcasting’s radio service that “there can be no rules” about this question. Rather, the decision of whether a homosexual union should receive the Church’s blessing should be up to “a priest or pastoral worker” and made in each individual case, the German prelate stated.

Speaking on Feb. 3, on the occasion of his 10th anniversary as Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Cardinal Marx was asked why "the Church does not always move forward when it comes to demands from some Catholics about, for instance, the ordination of female deacons, the blessing of homosexual couples, or the abolition of compulsory [priestly] celibacy."

Marx said that, for him, the important question to be asked regards how “the Church can meet the challenges posed by the new circumstances of life today - but also by new insights, of course," particularly concerning pastoral care.

Describing this as a “fundamental orientation” emphasized by Pope Francis, Marx called for the Church to take “the situation of the individual, ... their life-story, their biography, ... their relationships” more seriously and accompany them, as individuals accordingly.

Marx has recently called for an individualized approach to pastoral care, which, he has said, is neither subject to general regulations nor is it relativism.

Such “closer pastoral care” must also apply to homosexuals, Cardinal Marx told the Bavarian State Broadcaster: "And one must also encourage priests and pastoral workers to give people in concrete situations encouragement. I do not really see any problems there."

The specific liturgical form such blessings – or other forms of “encouragement” – should take is a quite different question, the Munich archbishop continued, and one that requires further careful consideration.

Asked whether he really was saying that he “could imagine a way to bless homosexual couples in the Catholic Church," Marx answered, "yes" – adding however, that there could be "no general solutions."

"It’s about pastoral care for individual cases, and that applies in other areas as well, which we can not regulate, where we have no sets of rules."

The decision should be made by "the pastor on the ground, and the individual under pastoral care" said Marx, reiterating that, in his view, "there are things that can not be regulated."


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Where is the pope? Probably cheering from the sidelines.

Karl J said...

The Catholic Church is simply a Pagan Brothel run by the Pimp Bergoglio.

Stephen Lowe said...

How did the church fathers miss this: "there are things that can not be regulated"? Who knew?

Kathleen1031 said...

They slither in, these evil men who hate God and hate Catholicism, they slither, and he says there can be no rules about such blessings but there will be. The rule will be that you must bless homosexual unions, and if you don't, you will be "against the pope". That is because this is all what the pope wants, and what these homosexual men want, and you must sign on to homosexuality, and soon and very soon, pederasty condoned. Think not? Think again. We never thought we'd be here.
I have a 96 year old friend, the most Catholic person I know, who peered at me with her one good eye and, knowing something is going wrong, inquired, "is this a good pope?" and I had to tell her no, in my opinion, no. I hope she never realizes our church has been entirely taken over by sodomites.

Anonymous said...

This must be satire. TS

Dan said...

The German Catholic Church is already Lutheran. The Francis doesn't micro-manage such issues in the Church, he is too busy snuffing out orthodoxy.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Blessed Mother inform Lucy, that the final battle (before the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart) would be over marriage and the family? If this isn't a situation/perversion to battle, I rightly don't know what would be.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

You people are fixated on the little sins coming from below the belt (Bergoglio's words, not mine), while the sky is falling and the earth is in danger of death by overheating from your breath. Would you instead kiss some Muslim feet, before you put $500 Nike shoes on them - the poor man's footwear? You WILL share your bread, house and life with them. You will capitulate without a fight to Christ deniers. PEACE.

geoff kiernan said...

So....Now that those with same sex attraction and who act on those impulses can have their behavior 'blessed' by the Church. Does it follow ( if not, why not?) that those who are sexually attracted to Children ( Pedophilia ) and also act upon their impulses can also have their behavior 'blessed'by the Church?

Wolverine said...

There really is no reason to worry...our faithful conservative German Pope Benedict elevated his fellow countryman Marx to the cardinalate in a consistory on 20 November 2010. I'm pretty sure Benedict has a much better understanding of the philosophical/theological presuppositions and moral qualities that motivate Cardinal Marx than any of us bloggers/commentators do.

Anonymous said...

Where is the pope?
He's behind the curtain, like the Wizard of Oz, operating all the controls.

Ana Milan said...

Blessing SSM will have no effect as God doesn't Bless Sin. It will reverberate on the priest & the couple as both will be committing sacrilege. If ++Marx doesn't accept that this is so, then he should rightfully be removed from his position & sent to a monastery for the rest of his life. He is putting the souls of his priests & homosexual couples in mortal danger. Such couples should be counselled, not left permanently to wallow in the sin of Sodomy.

Sandpiper said...

Why don’t you tell her. What are you protecting her from? The Church could use her prayers. Quit treating her like a child.