Saturday, 10 February 2018

The pressure on Bergoglio is mounting - he cannot run from this

There are two items that are important to read in order to understand fully the situation regarding the Bishop of Rome, his slanderous comments to the victims of sexual perverts in the priesthood, his appointment of Barros, the firing of CDF staff and his playing with the truth.

The second is the detailed and powerful special report by Hilary White at The Remnant.

The depth of the lies and deceit is covering Bergoglio. 


Dan said...

I'm glad to see it. I'm still hoping for crowds with flaming torches and pitchforks to run him out of town.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bergoglio is being covered with a pile of steaming sh*t, but the words of a commenter in your last post are telling. He said that the commenters on the Raymond Arroyo interview were basically crucifying him for attacking the pope. This is the attitude of the blind and they are in a great majority, even in the Church. The evil one is very powerful now. We know Who wins in the end, but I'm afraid prophecy shows it's further off than many of us realize. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Kathleen1031 said...

Hillary White's description of events is good.
The Herald continues to give this horrible personage an out, by asking him to tell whether or not he read the letter given to him by Cardinal O'Malley. Come ON. When are we going to get to the point where this man is held accountable! Enough! As terrible as it is to watch the church be raped and dismembered, it has become completely agonizing to listen to apologists for this pope and his gaggle of evildoers!
They are APOSTATES. They have not the faith!
They are DESTROYERS. They wish to dissemble Catholicism.
They are ATHEISTS. They reject Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.
They are DEMONS. They do the work of Satan himself.

In the same week as this diabolical lying by the pope and the obvious cover of boy rapers, we have seen the Chinese Catholics and martyrs tossed carelessly into the trash bin, and been told that Communism is where true Catholic spiritual understanding is found. This apostate pope himself said the same thing about Communism some months ago. Communism! He said Communists were better Christians, or some such evil thing, remember? Why do we have such blasted short memories!
People, do not let up. Keep posting, keep demanding this pope resign or be denounced, at the least, as a heretic and a liar, by our clergy. Stop the pattycake that is currently going on, the ridiculous pretense that all is well in our church and "we have so much this Holy Father teaches us". Stop the play acting. We are witnessing the destruction of Catholicism. If not now people, WHEN. The time is now, now! We know enough now.

French Antique Veil said...

Dear Vox,

Good afternoon! Just to alert you on Pope Francis General Audience 2018 -02-07

A half-naked man in single layer briefs gyrating and doing open-leg moves in front of families and clergy. Surely the priests were praying...for a wardrobe malfunction!

Keep doing what you do!

God bless you.
Ody/French Antique Veil

GOR said...

For a long time I made excuses for Pope Francis. I couldn't believe a Roman Pontiff could be so obtuse, so lacking in basic honesty. He must have been misunderstood, misinterpreted, right?

No more. He is what it shows on the tin - duplicitive, dishonest, a hypocrite, a liar and a dissembler (to put it mildly...).

He has dragged the Papacy and the Church in the mud, surrounded himself with yes-men and sycophants and is unworthy of the office to which he was elected. To me, he no longer exists. I have tuned him out. He is an imposter or worse: a tool of the Devil. The sooner he is gone, the better for the Church.

But it will take a long time to erase the depredations of this pontificate.

peasant said...

Lets understand something here. The False Prophet on the Chair of Peter has Satan and all the rest of the fallen angels (devils) supporting and advising him. He will do this and greater things. Read John's Apocalypse and the messages given to numerous Catholic visionaries.

Anonymous said...


I hope you are correct. May God have mercy on us all.


Anonymous said...

A lot of Catholics are applauding the fact the Church is moving with the times,hardly surprising if you tell people what they want to hear,a great many will be only too happy to go along ,like children given the all clear to indulge in things forbidden.Those who won't go along will be cut adrift ,replaced by liberals from different religions.There are many false prophets Teilhard de Chardin was one .

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ French Antique Veil

I watched, and am stunned. Do they entertain the masses in this fashion often? Would music not be more appropriate? What is the purpose of it?

Is it assumed that an audience with the pope in this very bizarre place is far too boring a circus when not enriched by nudity? How does it relate to Jesus Christ? Do you have any answers?

BillyHW said...

Vox, your front page isn't working, I only get an error message. But individual post pages seem to work.

Vox Cantoris said...

I am not certain what is causing that Billy, I am getting it too sometimes. An issue at blogger or with a browser, I suspect.

Ana Milan said...

Undoubtedly PF received Juan Carlos Cruz's letter from ++O'Malley. That fact warranted the Cardinal's hasty rebuke. He was not prepared to have his reputation besmirched by PF insinuating that he never saw it. It was treated with the same contempt as was the Dubia but this time it has backfired upon him. The sending of Archbishop Scicluna to investigate this grave matter is too late & done for the purpose of biding time.

There have been nasty goings-on in Argentina which are well known to the people residing there but were not dealt with by successive conciliar popes & his elevation to the cardinalship by JPII, despite evidence showing his unsuitability, is perturbing. It is time for the peoples of Argentina & Chile to come out in force & back the testimonies of Juan Carlos Cruz & others & tell PF they don't believe or trust him & that his calling victims of priest abuse slanderers is contemptible.

Kathleen1031 said...

There is a convocation being held not far from me. My plan is to stand at the gates with a sign that asks for justice for Juan Carlos Cruz and all the other victims. See THAT when you drive in, clergymen.

Michael Dowd said...

Nothing surprising though Hilary White's report, but excellent confirmation. Pope Francis is proving himself to be a very bad guy. For many, Vatican credibility is non-existent and has devolved to a largely socialist political institution with a secular agenda.

Establishing credibility will require a strong , holy and courageous Pope who will abrogate Vatican II in it's entirety and remove all questionable clerics throughout the world. This will result in a schism with only a remnant of Traditional Catholics comprising the true Catholic Church. There will likely be another Catholic Church with a false Pope.

This unhappy scenario could last for some time. But it would be better than what we have now where nothing can be believed, Catholic doctrine is adulterated and the Pope is corrupt.

john said...

Bishop Bernard Tissier De Mallerais (SSPX) would be the man.

Anonymous said...