Friday, 9 February 2018

Chilean Abuse Crisis & the Scandal of Bergoglio

I can't print here what I said out loud watching his whiney, lying, hypocritical comments on the aeroplane.

His own CDF advised against Barros!

Is that why the three priests were fired?

Filthy. Stinking. Pervert protector! George Bergoglio lacks more than honesty and dignity. He lacks the grace of office.

And there is a reason for that, isn't there, friends?


Anonymous said...

Pharaoh. Francis is Pharaoh.

Remember "...the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart and he would not listen to Moses and Aaron, just as the Lord had said to Moses." Exodus 12

The Lord is taking care of him and his people.


TLM said...

Yes, I watched the interview clip on YouTube. You should have seen the comments below TRASHING Raymond Arroyo for BASHING THE POPE mercilessly!! I thank God for him!!! Mother Angelica has to be so very PROUD of her 'Raymond'!!! I have no doubt whatsoever that she is bending the Lord's ear in Heaven!! STILL fighting for her 'network' for the Lord to be actually the LORD'S network ! She and Raymond had a special connection and it's still going strong! He is the ONLY one on EWTN that is actually facing the elephant in the living room. May God PROTECT HIM!!

TLM said...

And...yes....I do believe that is exactly why the 3 priests were fired....with Cdl. Muller following afterward. Draw your own conclusions.


BerGOGlio lacks the "grace of office" because he was NOT validly elected.

1.) Pope Benedict XVI was coerced to resign, making his resignation invalid. Also note the Vatican City ATM's were turned off...then turned back on the day after Pope Benedict XVI resigned. That was more coercion!

2.) The St. Gallen Group practically admitted to canvassing for votes for BerGOGlio, which is now against canon law, making his election invalid.

3.) Francis is not Catholic...and only a Catholic can be a valid pope.

Justina said...

Why is it taboo, even among those who "get it" about Bergoglio, to state the simple facts you have cited above, and to ask what implications they could possibly have? God bless Vox for permitting your observations in these comboxes.

nazareusrex said...

Bergoglio overturned the Pope Benedict appointed CDF ruling to bar Juan Barros from the office of bishop and then appointed him bishop of Osorno.

Francis overturned the CDF ruling despite the fact that congregation found credible evidence that Barros covered-up for the predator Karadima.

Ana Milan said...

St. Francis of Assisi warned that God would send us a Destroyer Pope not canonically elected. It must have been PF he was referring to. I hope the silent half of this dual papacy has his memoirs already at the publishers. We have every right to demand an honest explanation for his abandonment & not one connected to his health which doesn't stand up.

Peter Lamb said...

It's not just perfidious jorge. All of them from paul the sick on, were false "popes".

We are sure of a few facts:
1. There has never been an heretical Pope in the history of the Catholic Church. This we have on the authority of Vatican I and St. Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church and prime authority on the Papacy.

2. IF a true Pope became an heretic, he would immediately loose office and his authority and, just like any heretic, be excommunicated from the Church. This is Catholic doctrine.

3. The Catholic Church is Infallible and Indefectible. Why? Because it is protected and guided by the Holy Ghost. This is Catholic dogma.

4. The Holy Ghost never has, nor will he ever allow an heretical "pope" to lead the Catholic Church astray. He would drop him dead before He allowed the teaching of anything harmful to the salvation of souls by the Catholic Church. If this were not so, the Church could not be Infallible and Indefectible.

5. We know ususual things happened at the Conclave of 1958 - white smoke for five minutes, by the clock and then black smoke etc. etc. One day it will be known what really happened. All things done in the dark, will be broadcast from the rooftops.

6. From the above, it is obvious and definite that the judeo-masons HAD TO HAVE A FALSE POPES TO DO THEIR BIDDINGS. THE HOLY GHOST WOULD NOT ALLOW A TRUE POPE TO DO SO.
Whether a Pope was elected and then impeded, or whether no Pope was validly elected and the conclave was a sham, we don't know.

7. But, we do know that all the conciliar "popes" are equally sham, evil and minions of satan, including ratzinger and wotjyla.