Sunday, 4 February 2018

Justin Trudeau compares Canada's Italian and Greek immigrants to the heathen and barbaric ISIS terrorists!

As a change of pace from the insanity of the Church, we take you to the insanity of Canad where our Dear Leader who admires "China's basic dictatorship" and that those who do not subscribe to the mass killings of babies in the womb are "out of step" has now compared the millions of Italian and Greek immigrants to Canada with the murderous ISIS terrorists whom this man is allowing back in to roam free on our streets.

Here we have Dear Leader congratulating the head of Planned Parenthood, who has blocked me on Twitter because she could not stand the truth of looking at the product of her work.

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Our good Dear Leader has apostasised to Islam and the shahada.

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Here is the apostate receiving the very Body of Christ from the Archbishop of Montreal. My sources tell me his advance staff were told ahead of time to tell him not to approach but he did anyway and the Archbishop did not want to "make a scene." Sorry, Your Grace, not good enough!

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May he reflect well on The Last Judgement.

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Kathleen1031 said...

What Canada has chosen for itself is truly a horror. My heart sincerely goes out to all Canadians who are pained almost daily by this diabolical person who governs them. There is only one thing to do, pray earnestly, and organize, figure out what Canadian law allows then go for it. Many Americans certainly understand that nightmare, having endured a Communist in our White House during the Obama Reign. This is exactly why Donald J. Trump was elected, we didn't want more years of that.

Unknown said...

Under justin trudeau we are truly under 'demonic oppression' he defends, pushes, enforces all that is evil - no longer are we in a 'free' country - this is a regime under an arrogant, prideful, evil, evil man

Jim J. McCrea said...

Here is my letter to the Catholic Register I sent a while back (they did not publish it).

To the Editor:

Re: Montreal's Catholic heritage celebrated.

It was Archbishop Lepine's duty to refuse Justin Trudeau Holy Communion given the manifold evils he supports. But the machine has to run smoothly. Had Lepine refused to give Communion, right then and there, the machine would come back and destroy him. This would probably assume the form of him being removed on a pretext. Those higher up know how to pull strings.

However, as a successor of the Apostles, Lepine is called to martyrdom when a just cause indicates it, just as most of the original Apostles were martyred.

Jim J. McCrea

Anonymous said...

If he received unworthily ,he brings condemnation on himself .

Unknown said...

Your nation has evidently been hijacked by liberal utopia, a utopia that perhaps will be even worse than communism.
If you want to come to Italy, we will welcome you wholeheartedly, as we still have some common sense and need people to counter the islamic invasion.
Greetings and prayers from Italy.

Anonymous said...