Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo - Stinking Communist agitator. Christ-hating anti Catholic

It is difficult to know where to begin and to hold ones rage, righteous rage, righteous anger at a man so vile, so corrupt, so profoundly evil that to think that he is even a priest, let alone an Archbishop, leaves one to almost sink into despair that such a deceitful man could ever be ordained.

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It is men such as Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, another Argentine devil; a filthy, stinking old communist who has the ear of Bergoglio and with others, is about to sell out to the Communist government of China, the faithful Catholics, their priests and their bishops.

In a profounding disturbing report in the Catholic Herald, Sorondo praises China as the "best implementer of Catholic social doctrine." It is nearly too much to bear. He has said that the Pope could bind under penalty of sin, the denial of man-caused, global warming or climate change.
We were warned.

In a May 2015 published by C-Fam, he dismissed the primary issue of abortion as a "drama" when there were others of equal "drama," at least in his putrid mind. He praised Jeffrey Sachs and Ban Ki-moon, condemned, "climate change skeptics" and insulted American "tea party" activists. 

(Rome) Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, officially the Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences, is the "political arm" of Pope Francis. He is responsible for a new ambiguity and accommodation in matters of life, culture of death and sterilization as a solution to environmental problems and climate change. The policy had already been laid before the pope's political adviser. He comes from the Argentine upper class. His grandfather was Argentine Interior Minister and his father a well-known political journalist. Even now accusations have been voiced that the pope's political adviser does not live like a priest, since he "never celebrates Holy Mass, and neither does he pray the breviary," says InfoVaticana .

Interesting. When one puts in a search "Archbishop Sorondo celebrates Mass", not one photo comes up with him offering the Holy Sacrifice. His satanic comments and clear globalist and communist leanings reveal that it is quite likely that indeed, "never celebrates Holy Mass, and neither does he pray the breviary.

Sorondo is a devil. 

There was a time, that the Pope would have called in such malefactors as Sorondo, or Marx and demand that they explain themselves and then would promptly strip them of their office.

Sadly, we have a Bishop of Rome who is in league with them.

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Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...


I am glad that you still have the strength to report on these evildoers in the Church. There are many people, not yet awake to this, who will find your blog and benefit from it.

I look at the faces of these heretics and sodomites, listen to their ungodly, dumb, uneducated nonsense, and am repulsed. I find no words. The leader on occasion pays lip service to the Faith, but we know his heart by his friends and advisors, his non-Catholic projects, heretical words and cheap stunts. The demolition of the faith is progressing as planned. Too many have been fooled, and see it as progress toward the Kingdom of God. But we know that the Kingdom of God is not of this world. We don't get there via dialogue and peace with the devil.

These evildoers know of no other devil but us. We insist that God and devil are not ONE. We insist that love has no meaning without truth. They are out to destroy Truth. This is all so tragic.

Have you noticed - many of us are becoming increasingly tired and discouraged. I am not saying that we doubt God. Not at all. Life in our formerly Christian lands is becoming really sad. Bergoglio informed us that not being in a state of constant joy is not catholic. If HE were a catholic, we would not be as sad.

jim norwood said...

Every time one turns around another one of these bastard devils shows up. Where are the men in the church? The chastisement must be near. I have a son who has become an atheist, who throws the sex abuse in the Church in my face. How do I defend the Church to him? I know a good Catholic man who raised 10 children in the faith. He told me that only one practises the faith now.

TLM said...

There really are no words to describe this heinously EVIL papacy!! They will all FRY in the deepest part of HELL.

Ana Milan said...

These gnarled, hard-faced, perverse & disgusting monsters are the forerunners of the Anti-Christ. It is a tragedy for the parents & country that gave rise to them. The list of Argentina's Satanic Army is constantly increasing & it is urgent that Catholic investigative journalists get on top of the matter & expose them. They are all connected to PF in some shape or form which should make the job easier. The difficult question is how they have had such an impact on those prelates with no connection to Argentina. Loss of the True Faith amongst prelates is perhaps the answer. ++Müller said he only goes to confession once a year. Why? Others don't say Holy Mass every day & neither do a lot of parish priests, leaving the faithful without access to daily Mass as we always had in the past. Laziness in the clergy is rife &, IMO, Satanically directed. The Protestant lack of reverence to Our Blessed Lady has also taken root in our clergy as has the dislike of hearing confessions. As Sr. Lucia has said Satan's last stand on Marriage & the Family is being played out. It is also incorporating Holy Orders & the need for our clergy to strictly adhere to their vows & pray the Holy Office & celebrate Holy Mass daily at the very least. They should also pray the Rosary & encourage their parishioners to do the same.

While bemoaning the tragic events since VII & especially these past five years, one cannot help feeling called (& therefore stimulated) to live & be witness to these terrible crimes committed in the name of ecumenism & preservation of the environment. Ecumenism as promulgated by PF & cronies will never succeed, as there is only OHC&A Church, so all other so-called Christian man-made denominations are false. In order for Unity to be resolved those schismatics must publicly repent & return to God via His Church - the only one that can trace its origins back to Him directly. The fact that the CC is bending over backwards to accommodate infidels, schismatics & others is of the greatest scandal & demonstrates that none of our popes/hierarchies since VII have been truly Catholic, no matter whether they have been declared saints. Those canonising them may not even have the right to do so, especially if in the creation of these 'saints' they conveniently prop-up an administration that is not of the Holy Ghost. God will win in the end but we are going to be persecuted & all who preserve will be saved. Those who fly the nest possibly not, even if the reasons for doing so seem admirable at the time. Keep the True Faith.

Anonymous said...

My heart hurts. Lord Jesus, come!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Jim

My Father raised five children in the faith. He suffered for the faith under a communist regime, too. And yet, all of us at one point or another, denied Christ.

I did it after a huge dose of brainwashing in university. Begging for forgiveness, I told my Dad that I simply could no longer believe all that the Church has taught. It was true.

At this point, only one of is still insist on unbelief. It took many years, and a lot of prayers by my good Parents.

Though I still don't believe in all that the Church has taught (for example, about the infallibility of the pope), I can now appreciate the wisdom and goodness of our Church. Man can not raise children depending only on his own foolishness. I realize this now. Thanks to God, even my university-brainwashed daughter, whom I did not raise in the faith. is beginning to listen to the new me, renewed by my trust in God.

Do not lose hope, all is possible still.
The last one of my siblings still fighting, came home about two weeks ago, and falling to the floor, began to kiss it. He cried and begged my Mother for forgiveness. He said he was trapped in some awful hell-like place (probably after taking a substance he should not have taken), and was terrified that he was never going to be able to get out. Ha also said: I think, I am converted.

We hope he is not going to change his mind. The horror of that experience is wearing off. But we hope ad pray. God has given us what we asked for, through tremendous difficulty, but He did, and He does.

Anonymous said...

At least he avoids committing sacrilege if he does not say Mass.

Anonymous said...

You know, folks, I'm not having a good day. Several days actually. Life is hard enough without all this nasty mess in the Church. And then I read more disheartening news and posts. So sorry, Jim, about your son. I have to force myself sometimes to believe that God has chosen us to be alive during this time because he knows we will not turn our backs on Him, NO MATTER WHAT. That gives me consolation. And I'd like to share a message from the Blessed Mother given to Anne, a lay apostle:
"... The rosary also creates an unbreakable bond with me, your heavenly mother. Through this bond I keep you AND YOUR LOVED ONES attached to heaven. ..."
The capital letters are mine. I totally believe this and as the only Catholic in my family, it gives me the hope to persevere in prayers and sacrifices for them.
God bless you Vox, and all your faithful readers, too.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Jim. ABS was born into a large Catholic family and only one of his siblings , his sister, goes to church but she is a proud promoter of birth control and days "real catholic women use birth control."

His other brother and three sisters have all divorced and remarried and none ever go to Mass.

Why has become of this one great Church is beyond all telling

Anonymous said...

I am pleased that my mother died before she could see what a festering dung pile the Catholic Church is.


Anonymous said...

There is an old Ann Barnhardt piece out there which you should be able to access by googling "Bernadine Alinsky Obama nexus". Answers a lot of questions while at the same time raising even more disturbing ones.

c matt said...

Like ABS, I also come from a family of 5 siblings. Although all at least nominally profess Catholicism, one is twice divorced, the others stuck in NO land. I still believe i the infallibility of the Pope (within his proper sphere). Just not sure which of the two white cassock wearing gentlemen in Rome is "Pope".

Justina said...

Argentina is not only where Bergoglio and this particular bootlicker of his originally hail from; it is also (as others have pointed out before, and many more of us should be pointing out in the future) where Nazis fleeing justice after the Second World War both sought, and found, refuge. Why did Argentinians shelter them? What is it about the values of that country which corresponds so closely to the "Culture of Death"? When Vox calls Sorondo a "devil," it sounds like an insult to fallen angels.