Sunday, 18 February 2018

Saint Jorge Bergoglio - Patron Saint of Pervert Protectors

Every Pope since 1958 is to be a Saint. This includes the current two.

How blest is our generation to have so many holy popes!


The whole process of proclaiming saints has become a fraud. It is about as credible as the Nobel Peace Prize since it was given to Hussein Obama. 

At one time, it meant that the person was in heaven. Now it is nothing more than a publicity show for a political agenda.

It is as much a fraud as the papacy of Bergoglio.

Now, Bergoglio declares his own canonization!
“There are two [recent] Bishops of Rome already Saints [John XXIII and John Paul II].  Paul VI will be a saint this year. One with the beatification cause in progress, John Paul I, his cause is open.  And Benedict and I, are on the waiting list: pray for us!”

Image result

Look at the self-satisfying grin on his face. 

Such hubris. Such arrogance from this boil on the seat of Peter. 

Behold, Pope Francis of Rome, Patron Saint of Pervert Protecting Bishops


Anonymous said...

Wow Vox...where did this picture come from, tell us you did not "photo-shop" it?...Pope Francis is actually kneeling...I'm speechless.

Peter Lamb said...

The canonization of saints is an area in which the Pope exercises the charism of infallibility. Obviously, this applies only to true Popes and not to sham ones. Consequently, whenever perfidious jorge, or one of his sham conciliar predecessors, “canonizes” someone, who definitely couldn’t have been a saint, he provides yet further conclusive proof that he, nor they, enjoyed the protection of the Holy Ghost and therefore are not true Popes. Let them be anathema!

Wolverine said...

Unfortunately, for those of us who consider ourselves Catholic, we have two (actually three) unappealing options.

Option #1 We MUST accept this complete and utter BS since...

"With a canonization, the Pope mandates (rather than permits, as is the case of beatification) that a saint be venerated in the Church's liturgy and especially with the Eucharistic celebration in his honor. Considering that the Mass is the highest and most perfect form of worship, it is logical that the Holy Spirit would guard the Pope and the Church from any error regarding a canonized person's definitive state."


Option #2 We, via the proper ecclesiastical authority, MUST declare that Benedict's resignation was invalid and therefore Bergoglio an anti-pope and assign his five years of abominable desolating words and actions to the pit of hell.


Option #3 If no proper ecclesiastical authority declares Bergoglio an antipope THEN the papal perogatives, as definitively declared in Dictatus Papae - 1075 A.D. & Vatican I - 1870 A.D., were heretical errors requiring the faithful remnant to acknowledge that the Bishop of Rome is what the Orthodox Churches have been saying over the past two millenium. Namely, that the Bishop of Rome is "the first among equals" and has "primacy of honor" BUT does not have universal jurisdictional authority and infallibility.

Anonymous said...

I'm breaking one of my Lenten fasts of posting on websites this one time, because of all the things Bergoglio has done and said that make me want to scream, this has got to be the worst, most brazen thing yet - and we all know there are plenty!
"And Benedict and I, are on the waiting list..." to become Saints. P.R.I.D.E. - the exact opposite of humility and the devil's number one "virtue". EVERYTHING about it opposes God.
Forget everything else, THIS and THIS ALONE is 100% absolute proof that he is NOT FIT FOR ANY POSITION OF POWER in Christ's Church - OR THE PRIESTHOOD. Remember that report that was done on his being unfit for the office of bishop by his superior that he's since destroyed after occupying the Vatican? If the author of the report is living, he HAS to be saying to himself, and I hope and pray as many others as possible!! - "I tried to tell them but did they listen?"
Oh well, it's all in God's hands and His Will be done.

Brian said...

This guy has nothing but contempt for anyone who attempts to maintain doctrinal integrity and liturgical solemnity/sobriety. He has a middle finger that stretches to the sky. Where are the bishops opposing him? He reminds me so much of listening painfully to a Church bashing Gregory Baum disciple at a gathering of Catholic teachers. Jorge knows he can get away with it because there are, except for a few, no bishops who will shun him. Lots more destruction is coming from this Modernist freak show.

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre pray for us

Ana Milan said...

This usurper displays on a daily basis that he is, in fact, mad as a hatter who enjoys the publicity & power that goes with the position he was raised to five years ago by similar-minded political Masonic/Marxists who knew his previous history & were only waiting for the right moment for his investiture.

But it is not only this man that is infecting the entire Church, it is his hand-picked sodomite-upholding prelates & their rent boys within the College of Cardinals who are glorifying in the leadership of this wanton, devious & unfit person they combined to elect to the Seat of Peter. Their collusion & connivance in the voting procedure & protective silence since points to the fact that his elevation to the Seat of Peter cannot be proven as valid. The entire Team Bergoglio comprising of sodomites, blackmailers, debasers of the Word of God, His Sacraments, Ten Commandments & Holy Liturgy, are disciples of Satan & praying for their conversion is like praying for Satan's conversion. It is not going to happen & these men of ill repute are on the road to Hell & eternal damnation. Our prayers should IMO be directed towards finding a loyal Catholic prelate who is immersed in Catholic Doctrine & Tradition, is in the state of grace & has the health & vigour to carry out the necessary restoration of the CC back to Tradition - revocation of VII, AL & other post VII ambiguous papal pronouncements, reinstating TLM ad orientem, ousting false ecumenism, restoring ecumenical churches to Catholic, taking control of Catholic schools, universities, hospitals etc. The entire Apostate Hierarchy will have to be excommunicated as of urgent necessity & younger men of proven faith installed in their place. The SSPX & other Traditional Orders must be fully reinstated & supported.

Michael said...

I will NEVER, EVER acknowledge Pope Francis as a saint. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who would attempt such a blasphemous canonization would not be a true pope. It is clear to anyone who is not either foolish or evil themselves that Francis is an enemy of the Faith and nothing more.

Francis is useful in that he separates those who truly believe the doctrine of the Faith from those who simply worship the pope or their own careers, however, being useful does not make a person holy. God uses everyone and everything to accomplish His will. If He truly could not use it, he would not allow it to exist. It is much better for us to be holy as instruments of God’s love and mercy, rather than to simply be useful as instruments of His Justice.

Where did this quote come from? An audience? A plane interview? I don’t doubt its authenticity, but knowing the source really helps.

M. Prodigal said...

I will never acknowledge Paul VI as a saint. I would acknowledge him as a few other things first. It all makes the saint making machine a joke and no longer to be trusted. Will God allow this and another sham of a synod to take place?

philipjohnson said...

Vox .This piece is short=i can't stand the very sight of The Bergoglio!!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

It is very hard to look at him, and to listen to him.
Nonetheless I forced myself yesterday to spend some time reading some of his angry speeches. There isn't much to them except for an unrelenting attack on wealthy Catholics, who treat their servants as though they were subhuman - all self-righteous and free of remorse.

Suddenly I realized the main reason why an SJW Latino (a Jesuit, too!) should never have been elected to play a pope. In South America many people still have servants, more so than in Europe or North America. Therefore, when we, people of Europe or North America defend the true Church and her doctrine, this angry SJW's primitive and ignorant mind immediately assumes that it is the extremely privileged speaking, who do not respect or appreciate the simple people, and who fear and reject him to preserve our unjustifiable privilege and abuse of hungry, poor, hard-working servants.

I have met many South Americans in Canada, who complain that "help" is too expensive here. They find it demeaning to load the washing machine and later to fold the laundry.

I think the clown has no idea that most of us have always done these things without complaint. Most of us do not feel entitled to cheap help. We don't speak of other people as our inferiors due to their lower social status, while confessing to Bergoglio. This is what he projects on us based on his experiences in Argentina. He frequently speaks of what he has heard while the privileged confessed to him.

Kathleen1031 said...

When the Church was still Catholic, about ten years ago (even though it was festering underneath and we just didn't know it), I remember a well known prelate who some said had made it clear he would accept being pope. He was thereby pushed to the side and it was made known he would NOT be pope, because as it was said at the time, popes must not have the ambition to be pope. There was even a saying about it, but I can't remember how it goes. In other words, if your ambition is known, you are no longer papabile.
If I were shocked by anything this monster does, I guess declaring yourself a saint would qualify. His making Paul VI a saint is not shocking, and we all know his beatifications are nothing but political shows. Of course he would declare him a saint. Number one, he hates his detractors, knows we're out here, and that galls him to no end. This is a fist in our eye. This week's fist. He went so far as to try to let us know he doesn't "read" his detractors, and that means this liar does read them or know about them.
Once Paul VI is a "saint", he can do away with Summorum Pontificum since the Council will therefore be beatified.
I'm not sure there is much more to say about any of this, friends.
God is allowing it.

Anonymous said...

'I'm on the waiting list to be a Saint.' And this from the man who calls good and faithful priests "clericalists"!!!
Bet you lost your breakfast on that one, Vox.

Michael Dowd said...

Could it be beyond imagination that Pope Francis would canonize himself? This would be as legitimate as his other canonizations.

Anonymous said...

If Bergoglio declares all previous Popes are saints, then he is simply legitimizing his own actions. If all Popes are saints, guided by the Holy Spirit, then HE, HIMSELF, is also a Saint, guided by the Holy Spirit. See? Who dares go against a Saint? Only the Devil and his minions...Last week he told us that it is clear that he is on God's side because so many detractors have risen up against him.


Anti-pope Francis let his ego show by saying he is on the waiting list for sainthood. I never bought into his supposed humility, which he carefully advertises. There is much evidence that Pope Benedict XVI's resignation was coerced...making it invalid. The ATM's being turned off...then turned back on the day after the resignation is one piece of strong evidence. And the St. Gallen Mafia practically admitted to illegal canvassing for BerGOGlio's election to the papacy...making that election invalid. Conclusion: Francis is an anti-pope and the False Prophet of Revelations.

Justina said...

Doesn't the fact that Bergoglio "protects his mental health" by not reading blogs that accuse him of heresy prove that he is pertinacious in said heresy? For pertinacity to be proven, a person must know that a charge of heresy has been lodged against him (CHECK) and he must freely and publicly refuse to recant thereafter (CHECK). We can't look to the writings of the saints or to Church councils to determine whether blogging is an accepted means of offering such accusations, because blogging didn't exist until recently. Still, the main things--that the heretic realizes he has been "served," and that he refuses to do anything about it--are clearly present and undeniable.

Anonymous said...

Austrian Diocese Allows Gay Shooting in Famous Basilica .

Peter Lamb said...

Rosica fired!

Anil Wang said...

Wolverine, you have a few false inferences. WRT option #1, remember the novus order is a wholesale synthetic liturgy that has decreased reverence and placed the priest at the center of worship rather than the holy sacrifice of the mass. A new false saint in the liturgy is trivial in comparison. Granted, it time this will self correct and either the N.O. will die out or it will be brought back into line, but the same can be said for a false saint. If there is no devotion to a saint, it will be ignored in favour of the regular readings. WRT option #2, even if no Pope can never resign, the fact remains that Pope Benedict XVI implicitly accepts all of Pope Francis's "reforms" by not disavowing them. It's effectively the same situation when Pope Saint John Paul II let Cardinal Ratzinger ghost-write some enyclicals and coordinate the new Catechism. WRT option #3, if infallibility is false then we have a bigger problem. Currently the Orthodox have no objective way to declare that Catholics are wrong but the Copts are also wrong. Both sides in either conflict claim Tradition. The only objective distinguishing factor in either schism is Peter. So if infallibility is false then we need to doubt even the Nicene Creed.

There is another option, namely Cardinal Newmans' development of doctrine, meaning that no new infallible doctrine by Pope or Council can be made unless it does not contradict existing Tradition. Tradition can be made more specific, but it cannot be changed. In the case of choosing a saint, the ancient criteria was that there was a popular devotion and miracles. It's still used in the East. The process was later tightened up and restricted to the Pope, but the basic criteria is ancient. By that ancient criteria, Pope John XVIII and Pope Paul VI are not saints and if Pope Francis were beatified, he'd be more qualified to be 'beatified' as a 'saintan' than a saint.

Leo D. Lion said...

Save your soul
Say Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Oh BLOOD and WATER which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus, as a Fount of Mercy for us I TRUST IN YOU.

Personally you need to "wrap your soul in those words" , "carve those words into your thoughts" , "repeat those words in a perpetual contemplative prayer", in your "minds eye" hear those words and see the "Divine Mercy Image" that was given to St. Faustina along with the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon immerse yourself into Our Lord's ocean of Mercy, unfathomable in depth, at 3o'clock our Lord's Heart was pierced and His Blood and Water poured out as saving Mercy for us sinners. ALL MANKIND, ALL SINNER'S, know that your souls were beautiful at Baptism... now deep scarlet red from sins, can be saved from Eternal Punishment by veneration/ devotion of the Divine Mercy Image/painting and the words JESUS I TRUST IN YOU. Do it now, pray It, say it,
live it, spread it, especially for the dying.
Our Lord's Promise "You'll not be judged"... even though your soul be deep scarlet in sin. What an End Time Promise.

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

Would you please provide a link to the source. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Corrected link to financial scandal.

Anonymous said...

Source for Byzantine Catholic Patriarch excommunicates Pope France .

Irenaeus said...

Memento mori.

This has been occurring time and time again in my mind as the month moves along, and I deal with some members of my family who need my attention.

It would do well for the pontiff to think the same, and make sure his affairs are in order - as well as his house, the Church - before he dies.