Thursday, 22 February 2018

Heresiarch "Bishop" of Osório D. Jaime Kohl" concelebrates" Mass with protestant women ministers

We are in the realm here of blasphemy, sacrilege and heresy of the most vile and serious kind in the once Catholic nation of Brazil.

From FratresInUnum blog.

Two women "concelebrated" the Mass with bishops of the CNBB. Is this already possible or is it still a very serious crime?

By , February 21, 2018: It was on February 13, 2018 that 41th Earth Pilgrimage took place in the city of Mampituba, Diocese of Osório, in Rio Grande do Sul.
As if the preaching of Mrs. Maria do Rosário (PT-RS) and Monge Marcelo Barros, both known for their unorthodox positions, the bishops present admitted at the altar two Protestant ministers as "concelebrants" in the Holy Mass.
At the moment of the Consecration, the two pastors extend their hands and utter the words of the institution of the Eucharist.
In the video , from the minute 50'20 '', the Consecration of the Mass is clearly heard and one sees the two women, wearing robes and stole, extending their hands and taking part in the "concelebrative" act.
The Holy Mass was presided by the Holy Mass. Diocesan Bishop of Osório, D. Jaime Kohl. Concelebrating the Exmos. Bishops:
  • D. Jacinto Bergmann (Archbishop of Pelotas)
  • D. Carlos Romulo (Bishop of Monte Negro)
  • D. Alessandro Ruffinoni (bishop of Caxias do Sul)
  • D. Adilson Busin (auxiliary bishop of Porto Alegre)
  • D. Aparecido Donizeti de Souza (auxiliary bishop of Porto Alegre)
  • José Mario Stroeher (bishop emeritus of Rio Grande)
So is the parson of the place and a deacon.
It is a very serious sacrilege. In addition to communicatio in sacris being strictly prohibited by canon law, the public simulation of sacrament by women constitutes a serious violation of the divine and ecclesiastical law, a true attack against the sacrament of the Order and the Holy Eucharist.
Immediately write to the Apostolic Nunciature of Brazil, to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. These bishops need to retract and, if they do not, they should be excommunicated immediately.
Excellency Most Rev. Giovanni D'Aniello, Apostolic Nuncio 
Av. Das Nações, Quadra 801 Lt. 01 / CEP 70401-900 Brasília - DF 
Cx. Postal 0153 CEP 70359-916 Brasília - DF Phone 
: (61) 3223-0794 or 3223-0916 
Fax: (61) 3224-9365 
Excellency Most Reverend Dom Luis Ladaria Ferrer 
Palazzo del Sant'Uffizio, 00120 Città del Vaticano 
E-mail: - Tel. 06.6988-3438 Fax: 06.6988-5088
Eminence Reverend Father Robert Sarah 
Piazza Pio XII, 10 
00120 CITTÀ DEL VATICANO - Holy See - Tel. 06-6988-4316 Fax: 06-6969-3499 
e-mail: cultidiv @ ccdds. go;


Dan said...

Boy are those guys going to be in trouble when the Pope finds out...... oh wait..... nevermind.

Ana Milan said...

Truly horrendous. They simply don't care what sacrileges they commit in the name of false ecumenism. Trouble is, PF doesn't either. Have sent emails to ++Sarah & Dom Luis Ladaria of CDF. The CDF one wasn't delivered, so that address mustn't be correct. Hope ++Sarah gets his & does something about it. The consequences are mind-boggling!

Ana Milan said...

Just received back my email to ++Sarah. It seems the laity cannot contact Vatican departments via email. I know from past experience it can take weeks for a letter to arrive even paying registered/express delivery. Again it will be up to Traditional Catholic websites to expose this profanity & keep the pressure on until corrective action is taken.

Anonymous said...

This is not something that is new. There was a nun who concelebrated Mass in Rochester, NY in the early 1970’s. She stood up at the altar, right next to the priest. The reason given was that “they” were going to allow women to be priests soon and she needed to be ready. I witnessed this but, I was too naive at the time to realize that this was a sacrilege. I thought that since the priest allowed it, it was OK.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Not only will they not be excommunicated, they will be elevated as men led by the spirit (some spirit, for sure) in implementing the vision of self-appointed saint Bergoglio.

If Bergoglio hasn't ordered it, he will definitely rejoice in it.

Don't you know - we no longer have anywhere to go with our complaints, but to our Father in Heaven directly.

jim norwood said...

These miscreants don't believe, they use the church as their playground and cash cow.

Anonymous said...

Jim Norwood, I think you've summed it up perfectly.

TLM said...

And.............DRUM is the very latest......

German Bishops have approved Communion for Protestant certain 'discernible' circumstances of course;)

(hoping I pasted that link correctly so you all can click in.)

Michael Dowd said...

Here we an example of the 'New World Order Universal(formerly Roman Catholic) Church' celebrating diversity. Can fertility rites be far behind?

Unknown said...

So not just women RC priests, but Protestant women priests? And with no censure?

Tell me now how the gates of hell have not yet prevailed.

Seattle kim

Anonymous said...

Between this, the Papal Foundation scandal, and the Tobin "mis"-tweet, I am no longer convinced these are just misguided theologians trying to Protestantize the church; these usurpers are outright frauds!

Praying that this Eclipse ends soon . . . cracks of light are beginning to shine through. Viva Cristo Rey and His Church!

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

Thanks for bringing this latest heresy to our attention.

What can be said? The episcopacy of Brazil has gone awol, and are concelebrating black masses with protestants.

I urge everyone who reads Vox's excellent article to make their views known clearly to "religious" authorities in Brazil at the email addresses supplied by Vox.

God Bless you Vox and the great work you are doing.

Peter Lamb said...

For Goodness sake people, stop whining and writing emails and letters to satanists, naively complaining of their ways! Stop pathetically waiting for "somebody to do something"! Start facing well known facts! Read about masonry. Study their symbolism. They worship lucifer! Lucifer is the devil. Talmudic jews are their masters who pull their strings. Read about talmudic judaism and understand what it is. They hate Christ and they hate you! They are the disciples of caiphas. They have succeeded in invading and taking over the physical trappings and properties of the Temporal Catholic Church.

Face the facts or face the consequences to yourself!

There are no Catholics in the NWO church. The truly Catholic Priests, Nuns Prelates and Laity have long ago left the evil NWO conciliar church.

Holy Scripture and Catholic Doctrine have told you to let them be anathema. Obey, or face the consequences to yourself! Pack your bags. Venture out to the fields with St. Athanasius, St. Thomas Moore, Bishop John Fisher and the legions of brave, faithful, Catholics before us and be truly Catholic again. Let the minions of satan be anathema!

Burke, Schneider, Fellay, Sarah - the whole lot of these so-called "conservative clergy", acknowledge perfidious jorge as the Vicar of Christ! They have sworn allegiance to him! They confect his invalid "sacraments" and are members of his satanic church. They give desperate laity false hope and keep good, ignorant, souls within the ambit of the evil church. They are the "orthodox" arm of the modernist army. They consort with hitler, but are not nazis! They consort with modernists, but are not modernists! Saint Paul did not say "consort with them"; He said "let them be anathema"!

Anna said...


Anna said...

The Byzantine Catholic Church responded by excommunication of Bishop of Rome:

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy.

Face facts and then do what, Peter? You're a man without any sort of plan to address this problem.

You're free to sit by cursing the dark, doing nothing, to your hearts content. I, on the hand, chose to take my fight to the enemy by letting them know that I know their game.

Will letting them know that their behaviour is being watched change things? I don't know. But sitting there cursing the darkness AND DOING NOTHING will solve nothing.

If you have a plan, tell us!

Michael Dowd said...

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy.

Check out Novis Ordo Watch to a little more about Peter's point.

Anonymous said...

@Paul Morphy

Dowd- clickbait holds no interest for me.

Lamb - if you have a plan, post it here instead of cursing the darkness and doing nothing.

Peter Lamb said...

Hey Paul, A response at last.
Yip, I have a plan. My plan is to be as faithful a Catholic as I can be; To defend the Faith to the best of my ability against judeo-masonic modernist heretics and to lead a Catholic life; To get to Heaven. That is my plan.

This is what I do:
1. I acknowledge and obey the injunctions of Saints John and Paul to let those who preach a gospel different to that of Christ, be anathema. I fight them, criticize and denounce them with all my might, as do you, but I do not falsely recognize them as Catholics, thereby giving them their power; I do not set a foot in their false church; I do not munch novus ordo cookies.

2. I submit to the teaching of Popes, Saints, Vatican I, Doctors of the Church, Catholic theologians and Canon Law, that an heretic is automatically excommunicated from the Mystical Body. I do not give scandal by calling an heretic "pope", or "cardinal", or "bishop". I do not consort with modernists, or recognize their false church as the Catholic Church.

3. I say the Rosary every day; Read Holy Scripture and pre-1958 Catholic literature; I hear Holy Tridentine Mass every day, either on my DVD from St. Joseph's, or live webcast from St. Gertrudes. I make a Spiritual Communion daily. I am a virtual member of St. Gertrude the Great Parish in Westchester, Ohio.

4. I lead a Catholic life exactly as my forefathers and all sincere Catholics did prior to 1958. I hold the Faith as it always has been and will be - pure and unadulterated. I communicate with Catholic brethren all over the world and consult real Catholic Priests when needed.

What more can any layman do? Nothing! What more is required of a Catholic layman? Nothing! This is not "cursing the dark" Paul - this is being Catholic!

Fighting them is good and important Paul and I fight them as hard as you do, but saving your soul is essential.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Peter Lamb

As the sodomite Montini or phenomenologist Wojtyla, Bergoglio is simply continuing on the path of a new religion. Jesus no longer is the Way, the Truth and the Life, but one of many. Whosoever shall deny this new truth, will be cast out as the evil fundamentalist he is.

This has always been irreconcilable with the Catholic Faith, but since it was applied via gradualism, as not to alert the sheep to the presence of the wolves among them and in charge of them, the fruit of the long and - until recently - carefully designed process, Bergoglio, is supposed to take all the blame. A sacrificial lamb.

No, he won't. He takes pride instead. He speaks openly of what they plotted in secret. Anyway, the kissing of the Koran was performed very publicly. And no, it was not simply an expression of politeness. How can someone put "in place of Christ" give honor to a word denying Him?

Only those who want to be blind, can stay blind.

You are attacked much, because you haven't refused to think, and accept the consequences of thinking. What is Christianity without the Logos? It is not Christianity.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy,

@ Peter Lamb, thanks for your reply. Good post and fair dues for doing what you say you're doing. Praying is important and adhering to Tradition and Scripture is also important and trying to remain faithful to the teachings of the ages is crucial.
I try to adhere as best I can also.

But if folks such as Vox bring clear evidence of heresy to the world's attention, it is my view that the faithful not acting on that evidence by calling out the heresy would be pointless.

If folks are going to the trouble of providing evidence to the rest of us, the least the rest of us can do is act on that evidence.

I'm sure you have come to your conclusion that by adhering to what you outline is you acting on the evidence. And I agree that it is. On the other hand I'm acting on the evidence by calling these people out publicly and privately. Will my way work? I don't know. I can only hope that it might work.

Paul Morphy

Anonymous said...

@Peter Lamb

Thank you for your mention of St Gertrude the Great live Mass webcast. I searched for them on the web, found their website and bookmarked their live webcast page.


Anonymous said...

It's because "ecumenism"! Ecumenism, ecumenism, must worship the god ecumenism. TS

Tom A. said...

Fortunately this false ecumenism did not happen in a Catholic Church, but in an NO anti-church.