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Who was and is behind the Dictator who is Pope?

There is anticipation about the ebook that is taking Italy by storm, Il Papa Dittatore, to be published in English on Monday through Kindle. OnePeterFive has an advance copy and excerpts. This is one that many will have already read:
In late 2013, the archbishop of Westminster gave an interview to the Catholic Herald in which he admitted not only to campaigning at the Conclave, but to gaining Bergoglio’s assent to be their man. 
The article by Miguel Cullen in the September 12, 2013 edition of the Herald says, “The cardinal also disclosed that he had spoken to the future Pope as they left the Missa pro-Eligendo Romano Pontifice, the final Mass before the conclave began on March 12.”
 Murphy O’Connor said, “We talked a little bit. I told him he had my prayers and said, in Italian: ‘Be careful.’ I was hinting, and he realised and said: “Si – capisco” – yes, I understand. He was calm. He was aware that he was probably going to be a candidate going in. Did I know he was going to be Pope? No. There were other good candidates. But I knew he would be one of the leading ones.’” The admonition to Bergoglio to “be careful” certainly seems to imply that Murphy O’Connor – and Bergoglio – knew he was at least bending the rules.
This is supported again in the same article in the Herald where Murphy O’Connor is quoted saying, “All the cardinals had a meeting with him in the Hall of Benedictions, two days after his election. We all went up one by one. He greeted me very warmly. He said something like: ‘It’s your fault. What have you done to me?’”
In an interview with the Independent after the Conclave, Murphy O’Connor also hinted there was a particular programme laid before the 76 year-old Argentinian, that he was expected to accomplish in about four years. The English cardinal told journalist[3] and author Paul Vallely, “Four years of Bergoglio would be enough to change things.” A fair enough comment after the fact, but this was the same phrase recorded by Andrea Tornielli in La Stampa in an article dated March 2, 2013, eleven days before Bergoglio’s election: “Four years of Bergoglio would be enough to change things,’ whispers a cardinal and long-time friend of the archbishop of Buenos Aires.”

Bergoglio knew. In his caution to Nicholls, "be careful" and Nicholls' "Si – capisco," they both acknowledge the conspiracy to elect Bergoglio as Bishop of Rome and they, at least in theory, may have already excommunicated themselves according to the Law in force by John Paul II.

I repeat below my blog post giving more damning evidence of a conspiracy to elect Bergoglio and undertake a great change in the Church. Change that is not of God, but of man. Evil. Vile, Despicable. Heretical. 

It is of the Antichrist.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Who was Cardinal McCarrick's friend and what was the role of Freemasonry in the election of Jorge Bergoglio?

Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, former Archbishop of Washington during a talk at Villanova University gave the following recollection of a conversation with an "influential" Roman during the period before the Conclave which elected Jorge Bergoglio as Bishop of Rome.

18:20 Just before we went into the general conversations when everybody can talk, a very interesting and influential Italian gentleman came to ask if he could come and see me, so I said “sure.”
He came to see me at the Seminary, at the American College where I was staying; and we sat down. He is a very brilliant man, a very influential man in Rome and we talked about a number of things. He had a favour to ask me when I get back to the United States, but then he asked,
What about Bergoglio?”
I was surprised at the question, I said, “what about him.”
He said, “Does he have a chance?”
I said, “I don’t think so, because no one has mentioned his name, he hasn’t been in anybody’s mind, I don’t think it’s on anybody’s mind to vote for him.”
He said, “He could do it you know.”
I said, “What could he do?”
He said, “He could reform the Church, if we gave him five years, he could put us back on target. “
“Well, he’s 76.”
“Yeah, in five years, if he had five years. The Lord working through Bergoglio in five years could make the Church over again.”
I said, “That’s an interesting thing.”
“I know you’re his friend.”
“Well, I hope I’m his friend.”
He said, Talk him up.
That was the first that I heard from people that Bergoglio would be a possibility in this election.
I hope that the new, that the one who is elected Pope, will be someone who, if he is not himself a Latin American, would at least have a very strong interest in Latin America”. “Was that part of it? Who knows?  What is it my friend said? “Push Bergoglio”?  Did he say it to a lot of people? I don’t know.”

Consider this then.

Gustavo Raffi, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy

"With the election of Pope Francis nothing will ever be the same again. With Pope Francis, nothing will be more as it was before. It is a clear choice of fraternity for a Church of dialogue, which is not contaminated by the logic and temptations of temporal power"
“A man of the poor far away from the Curia. Fraternity and the desire to dialogue were his first concrete words. Perhaps nothing in the Church will be as it was before. Our hope is that the pontificate of Francis, the Pope who 'comes from the end of the world' can mark the return to the Church-Word instead of the Church-Institution, promoting an open dialogue with the contemporary world, with believers and non-believers, following the springtime of Vatican II."
"The Jesuit who is close to the least ones of history," Raffi continues, "has the great opportunity to show the world the face of a Church that must recover the announcement of a new humanity, not the weight of an institution that closes itself off in defense of its own privileges. Bergoglio knows real life and will remember the lesson of one of his favorite theologians, Romano Guardini, for whom the truth of love cannot be stopped.
"The simple cross he wore on his white cassock," concludes the Grand Master of Palazzo Giustiniani, "lets us hope that a Church of the people will re-discover its capacity to dialogue with all men of good will and with Freemasonry, which, as the experience of Latin America teaches us, works for the good and progress of humanity, as shown by Bolivar, Allende and José Martí, to name only a few. This is the 'white smoke' that we expect from the Church of our times."  

Pope Francis on "dialogue"

"Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue!" This, he said, is the only way for individuals, families and societies to grow. He said fraternal relations between people and cooperation in building a more just society are not some vague utopia but the fruit of a concerted effort on the part of all, in service of the common good.

Pope to U.S. bishops: be shepherds in unity and dialogue

Pope at Mass: Those who do not dialogue disobey God

Pope's general prayer intention for November is for dialogue

Pope  Francis calls for solidarity and dialogue

Pope Francis Congressional Address: A Dialogue with Four Faces of America (13 times)

Pope Francis to Japanese students: 'Dialogue is what brings peace'
The whole video can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if PF has accomplished what cdl O'Connor had hoped for, since he is pope for more than 4 years. And what he has to finish in three months' time,13/3/2018, his fifth anniversary on the throne of St. Peter. Sigh...

Peter Lamb said...

Reading this makes staying on the straight and narrow a piece of cake!

Brian said...

This dialogue is a creation of the fake Catholicism that triumphed at Vatican II. Romano Amero in his great work Iota Unum talks about the "anagke stenai" principle being essential for intelligent discussion "It is necessary to take a stand" while discussing issues. The endless and utterly fruitless discussionism that is conciliar dialogue is something at which Bergoglio and friends excel. When I hear or read that word "dialogue" that is a definitely signal to beware. Caveat Lector!

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Barbara Jensen said...

So are we now realizing that Bergoglio is an antipope? He is trashing the Church. He is a heretic. On Life Site News there is a four-part article by author Michael OBrien who, in it, assesses well the present spiritual crisis of our time. At the end he states that 'staying at our post' as humble and good Catholics is what is called for. Yes that is true. But the time is now upon us where soon the Sacred Liturgy will be invalidated and the precious Body and Blood of Jesus will no longer be welcome in the 'nu church'. At that time, the true followers of the Living Jesus, will need to flee to the desert as predicted in the Book of Revelation. We are watching these events unfold before our eyes. Mass will be in homes and other places adn each of us will have to choose either Jesus or the false church.

Liam Ronan said...

As diabolic disorientation reigns supreme and as there will be no answer to the Dubia and no rescue from heretical ecclesiastics, I suggest a single (or series) of publicly announced Masses by willing cardinals, bishops, and priests (individually or collectively) throughout the world for the following intention:

“May Christ the King swiftly rebuke Pope Francis for his manifest doctrinal errors and pastoral negligence and deliver His Bride, Our Holy Mother the Church, from him and all those who violate her.”

(Ref. “But Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing judgment, but said, ‘The Lord rebuke thee’.” Jude 1:9)

(“And they came to him, and awaked him, saying: Lord, save us, we perish. And Jesus saith to them: Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith? Then rising up he commanded (rebuked) the winds, and the sea, and there came a great calm.” Matthew 8:25-26)

Since it apparently pleases Almighty God to allow all present human efforts to fail in respect of recovering the Church for Christ the King perhaps it is time to show our Faith in our King and Eucharistic Lord to deliver His Bride.

It only takes one cardinal, one bishop, or one priest to offer such a public Mass.

Perhaps someone knows a willing priest who would put such an intention in the parish bulletin or newsletter?

Dr. T.T.Coals said...

This despicable creature "Teddy" McCarrick is a notorious homosexual, part of the same circle of apostate perverts as "Wuerl the Girl." It's no wonder that Bergoglio has surrounded himself with homosexuals: they were responsible for his election!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Thanks for the information.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Barbara, Every thing you predict is true - but it has already happened. Those faithful Catholics in the desert are called sedevacantists. said...

Cf. The Pope is a Mason? -

Peter Lamb said...

Yes!!! The "pope" is a mason. He wears the satanic pallium. He is the "patriarch of the world" - a member of the "third luciferian trinity".