A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 19 December 2017

Archdiocese of Bombay states that Pope Francis has opened "communion to divorced and remarried Catholics."

The little-known homosexualist Cardinal Archbishop of Bombay, Oswald Gracias, has authorized a poster stating that Pope Francis has opened the door to "communion to divorced and remarried Catholics," -- those living and committing adultery. What can you expect from a homosexualist such as Gracias?

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Michael said...

Is Pope Francis making himself out to be greater than God but attempting to “allow” what scripture forbids? His persistence in this matter would not be because God has changed His mind. God, a spirit infinitely perfect, doesn’t change His mind. The Egyptians were free to pursue the Israelites into the parted Red Sea, and for a time, the land under Pharao’s horses and chariots was as dry as it was under the feet of the Israelites. For the Israelites, this was a path to new life. For the Egyptians, a path to destruction.

Anonymous said...

But no one needed Francis to open communion to divorced and remarried Catholics. Aren't you divorced? Didn't you marry again?

Vox Cantoris said...

No, as a matter of fact.

But you keep up that old canard.

Hell is waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

When one understands unjust divorce and remarriage as the REAL SAME SEX RAPE that it is, only then can one realize what unrepented SAME SEX RAPE means to JORGE BERGOGLIO.

He has elevated it to a SACRAMENT.


Anonymous said...

Babies out of wedlock should no doubt receive baptism, for it is not the child’s fault whatever their parents situation is. Why would anyone deny a child/soul their baptismal gift because their parents suck? Did they not let them before? That’s sad.

Patsy said...

RE: Anonymous, the Catholic Church has always allowed Baptism of children born out of wedlock. However, if the custodial parent does not attend Mass regularly...then there is no expectation that the child would be raised Catholic...so in that case, Baptism is supposed to be denied.

Patsy said...

Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried, without annulment, is the correct interpretation of Amoris Letitia, as confirmed by Francis. The homosexualist Bishop of Bombay is enthusiastic to join that sacrilegious practice...which will sadly increase worldwide due to A.L. and the many bishops who agree with it. Even the bishops who rightfully disagree with it will now have difficulty enforcing proper discipline.

Both Francis and the Bishop of Bombay are joining the Freemasonic goal of undermining the family and the Catholic Church. Francis is becoming more blatant with his anti-Catholic agenda. It is clear that Francis does NOT believe in Catholicism...which makes him no longer a valid pope...if he ever was.

I don't think Francis' election was valid, in the first place, due to prohibited canvassing for votes by the St. Gallen Group...who practically admitted to ousting Pope Benedict XVI.

And I don't think Pope Benedict XVI's resignation was valid, due to coercion...as evidenced by the Vatican ATM's being shut off...then turned back on the day after Pope Benedict resigned...and the lightening strike when he resigned.

Pope Benedict XVI only retired from the "active" ministry of the papacy. But the Chair of Peter cannot be divided...so Pope Benedict's resignation was not properly executed...making it invalid.

Francis' agenda makes a lot more sense when you recognize that he is not a valid pope. The New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia lists 30 previous anti-popes...so anti-popes are real.

Johnno said...

The Church is Bombay is in a terrible state. Last Christmas, Nativity scenes were dedicated to climate change and fighting poverty and pollution, so we had the holy Family in a manger surrounded by such messages and props. Absolutely disgusting.

The eulogy was delivered in the sense of not wanting to convert others but just be a good example. Utterly pathetic.

Once in a confessional, a priest was actually telling me that unless we actually intended to directly attack God, our sins didn't need to be forgiven. Naturally this was a Jesuit Church, St. Peter's in Bandra. The evil priest in the Confessional was trying to impress me with his education in America in psychology, then warped St. Augustine's confessions to claim that when he said, "God free me from my sin, but not yet" as if Augustine was saying it's okay to keep sinning in our lives. When I pointed out to him that Augustine was only humorously highlighting our own hypocrisy and attachment to sins, he tried to argue that this was just my 'interpretation.'

This is the horseshit Jesuit priests in Mumbai are telling gullible victims who come to Confession. When I insisted that I knew fully well that my sins offend God whenever I do them and thus I had indeed sinned against God, he seemed taken aback saying he'd never encountered anyone like me. Then he tried getting me to assign myself penance. When I finally bargained him into giving me something rather than assigning my own penance, which is wrong, I just left warning him about the errors of modernism, the warnings of Our Lady of Fatima and that I'd pray for him.

The last thing he told me was that when I had returned home, "Not to vote for Donald Trump." (He'd mixed up that I'd mentioned I came from Canada). Figures...

And with regards to Anonymous and the Baptism issue. Baptisms are Blessed Holy Sacraments of initiation and are NOT to be handed out like candy to any idiot demanding it. Even for their children, providing there is no immediate danger to their life, and especially to be withheld if they never intend on raising the child in the Catholic faith.

If that child should grow up and one day go to Hell because of their evil parents, then far better that they do not possess the mark of Baptism. They will suffer less. So in a way, it is an act of mercy to withhold it from them, just as it would be to withhold Holy Communion from defiant adulterers.

Cardinals like Oswald Gracias should be flogged and burnt at the stake. That poster is OPEN HERESY. Men like him are the reason why India is in the grip of fanatical Hindus and anti-conversion laws. These cowards have no faith.

Irenaeus said...

Well, they got one thing right. Pope Francis does freely express his opinion on socio-economic issues.