Monday, 4 December 2017

The Dictator Pope - a quick review

I've read chapter 3 and I've had to put it down. That's is enough for one night.

When Bergoglio came out on the loggia, I sat there at my office watching it on my computer, my staff gathered around and behind me. As I stood watching him with that empty gaze and then his "good evening," I wanted to vomit. Cold chills came over me and nausea lasted for hours. I did my best to give him the benefit of the doubt, I prayed for him and prayed to be open to him. The answer to my prayer manifested in the realization that my desire to vomit was not without merit.

Now, this book is the most valuable ever written on this papacy. It ties together in one place most of what we already knew but fills in many gaps. In order to understand this Bergoglio, one needs to understand Juan Peron, because he has modelled himself on the Argentinian dictator.

The information is not secret, most of it is already readily available but it is pulled together and sequenced in a way that makes one see clearly the evil that has fallen upon his with not only the election of this man but the departure of Ratzinger.

I am now more convinced than ever, after a few points previously unknown to me, that Ratzinger was forced out of the papacy and that Bergoglio knew it would happen and knew he would benefit from it.

What is also crystal clear is that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a lot of things, but a man serving Our Lord Jesus Christ he is not. No man filled with the love of Christ and the grace of the Holy Ghost would say or do that which he has done.

The Cardinals who continue to sit by and allow this man now to formulate public heresy in the official Acts of the Apostolic See will rue the day and be held accountable for their betrayal of Christ and His people.


Justina said...

"That Ratzinger was forced out." How, and by whom? Jorge Bergoglio may be a sociopathological fraud, but I have always considered the former Cardinal Ratzinger to be--flaws admitted and notwithstanding--a man of integrity. Does this book offer any explanation of his resignation (beyond the "protecting his brother" conjecture)? How careful is the documentation throughout?

Ana Milan said...

Cardinals, Bishops & Canon lawyers will be held to a terrible judgement if they don't get their fingers out & publicly insist on PF's resignation. pronto. They are all marvellous at making inane excuses for every pertinacious act of his while not in any way explaining why we have two popes. Only one of them is official & can claim the title Vicar of Rome & holder of the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, but it would be too risky to their careers to point to the legitimate holder of the Papal Office. Anyone forced to leave, as PBXVI obviously was (he still wear white & resides in the Vatican under what most people call duress) by Obama's henchmen hell bent on getting their man elected. The putrid scum is now beginning to ooze from the swamp involving topmost Vatican officials who are reported to have, with PF's consent, fraudulently supplied financial backing from Peter's Pence to Hillary Clinton's campaign. Remember two high-up officials were recently ejected, Cardinal Pell expelled to Australia out of the way & the assault on the Knights of Malta. Never before was the Vatican seen to be involved in politics to the extent of actual theft from funds given by pew-sitters for charitable works.

TLM said...

Indeed Ana....everything we see going on in the 'Deep State' involves Bergoglio and his henchmen. They are 'one' working toward their evil end. Bergoglio doesn't permit George Soros' men inside the Vatican for nothing. And George Soros is the head honcho for the Clinton/Obama cabal and for all of the progressive left. They are in this evil enterprise TOGETHER.

For those who weren't aware of this little tidbit......LET. THAT. SINK. IN.

Anonymous said...

Vox, your next-to-last paragraph says it all. And that was obvious from the beginning of his "papacy", whether one was familiar with him or not.
I don't remember if you said before if you'd ever heard of him BEFORE his election. (I'm asking because of your *vomit* reaction when he appeared on the balcony.) I'd like to know if it was PURELY a spiritual reaction Uninfluenced by prior information.
I gotta tell ya, mine was the hair standing on the back of the neck - either to see him or hear him. And I'd never heard of him before!

Vox Cantoris said...

Anon @ 3:01

I had no idea who he was. It was purely a spiritual reaction. The urge to vomit that went on for hours and a cold chill. Jorge Mario Bergoglio? Who the heck is that said I?

Vox Cantoris said...

Justina, so far, it does not claim he was forced out, but I've not yet finished. However, it does claim that Bergoglio wanted to retire again and was told not to because Ratzinger would be resigning.

The whole thing was a scandalous, sinful, evil act.

Donna Ruth said...

The Kindle edition is not yet available on Where can Canadians get an ebook copy?

Johnno said...


You aren't the only one who had a reaction to witnessing Bergolio's appearance on the balcony.

I myself remember I was praying the rosary while kneeling behind my couch anticipating the announcement live on TV to see who was elected. And as soon as he stepped out and I saw his face, I felt a strong sensation of sickness and dread! I didn't know why I felt this, as I didn't know who he was nor had I ever heard of him. At the time I just chalked it up to hunger and from kneeling for so long.

But many others have also said they experienced the same thing... Read this and the comments below:

"Yet, strangely, when I first saw the new pope, a terrible, ominous feeling came over me. A feeling of...well, not dread, but a deep, heavy and oppressing sense of trouble - foreboding. In fact, my stomach kind of sank and I felt sick. This reaction was a mystery to me then and continues to be so now"

"I thought this was just my own private reaction, but over the past year I have heard countless stories of people sharing the same anecdotes. Common phrases to describe that moment are "ominous", "foreboding", "sinking feeling in my stomach", "sick" and so on. I have been honestly shocked at how many people I have run across who explained feeling a similar sensation on the eve of the Holy Father's election. It seems to be something of a phenomenon."

"I had exactly the same reaction watching on a pop up screen on my computer. I would also describe the feeling as "praeternatural" and my stomach sank as if was dropping down the bottom of an elevator shaft at high speed."

"Finally he stepped out, and when I saw him I just felt my heart sink. He looked so weak, nervous and incompetent. I never wanted to have negative feelings about him. He's the pope. I'm a Catholic. I have to love him. But that moment sent a shock through my system. This entire past year since his election has had a devastating affect on me."

"I had sick feeling in my stomach, i felt just awful. I knew right away something wasn't right with this pope.. sure enough."

"When he came out - (I repeat the same thing many of you have said here) - I felt as i I had been punched in the stomach...and then the sinking feeling. It was a shadowy rainy evening which didn't help. Then the strangenes of his attire - which I only realised later was bereft of papal signs of authority added to the sense of alienation I experienced. "

Even Steve Skojec mentioned it: "You're not alone. I felt sick, and I also had no idea who he was, either. I heard a voice in my head say, "This man is no friend of tradition."

I've written about my impressions, and certain Catholic bloggers of note have not ceased since I revealed them last October to poke fun at my instincts.

Fortunately, I've heard from countless others who feel much as we do. I know there's something to this intuition that caught so many Catholics by surprise. As time goes on, it makes more and more sense."

I believe Hillary White also mentioned that she felt the same thing, but I can't find the quote...