Thursday, 21 December 2017

Bergoglio "Cardinal" Maradiaga on the money take!

In fairness to Don Maradiaga, here is his denial.

Oscar "Cardinal" Maradiaga, one of Bergoglio's fiercest supporters who once called Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke a "poor man" saying his thoughts "don't merit further comment" and again said, that Cardinal Burke was a "disappointed man, in that he wanted power and lost it" is now in for his own major disappointment and on the verge of lusting that power he has so relished and lusted after.
The pompous, arrogant thug masquerading as a Cardinal is Chairman of Bishop of Rome Bergoglio's "Council of Cardinals" and has been receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars/euros from the Catholic University of Tegucigalpa. Maradiaga, who preaches about the poor and downtrodden has proven to be just one more corrupt, hypocritical and heretical henchmen of the Bergoglio mafia.

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The filth and rot of this papacy are being exposed. Bergoglio brought this on himself, it is only a matter of time until he is trapped in his own web of deceit and corruption.

God will not be mocked.

And we His people will not sit idly by any longer with these filthy rats on board the ship.


NBW said...

This "gem" of a cardinal receives $41,000 a MONTH!!! $64,000 for December. That's a person's income for an entire year and this man recipes it in a MONTH! Why doesn't he give that sum to a several needy families each month?? And he dares to criticizes Cardinal Burke??

Anonymous said...

No wonder he called Cardinal Burke a poor man ,he obviously is compared to him.

Kathleen1031 said...

Back in the day, in America, people like this were treated to tar and feathers and driven to the edge of whatever town they were in, and booted out. It is the proper treatment for such scoundrels. But that was some time ago, when people knew right from wrong and did not cheer nor give standing ovations when their priests stood in the sanctuary and announced that they enjoyed sodomy.

Anonymous said...

There is no limit to the debauchery in the clergy.

The laity must take over the Church, or bankrupt it and close it.


Anonymous said...

And my guess is, the good Cardinal Burke is not gloating over this nor will he ever. That's how "poor" he is. And truly humble, not like the fraud on Peter's Chair.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that this news broke just after Bergoglio did his usual Christmas rant at the few remaining FAITHFUL in Rome. Oh, and that line about "martyr" was meant for Don Minutella, you can be sure.
When serving the devil, no matter how well you serve him, he'll turn and bite you on the ass, anyway.
Getting a little uncomfortable sitting on the Chair of Peter, Jorge?
The sad part is that so many of the "faithful" will still remain clueless. How much rain did it have to pour before the scoffers of Noah realized he was right? But it was too late for them.

Fr. VF said...

As usual, there's a young "boyfriend" in the picture, as well as crates of money.

The relationship of Bergoglio and Gustavo Vera cries out for investigation.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Modernism in poetry.

This jingle, with apologies to the Oscar Mayer Bologna Ad Campaign, fits with the happy feelings of the Advent Season

Maridiaga has a first name,
It's Oscar;
Everything he has to say is,

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

How wonderful that this news broke just after Bergoglio did his usual Christmas rant at the few remaining FAITHFUL in Rome

It was a Franciscus Festivus, that faux holiday invented by Frank Costanza (Seinfeld) and which purpose is for the host of the festivities to tell his guests the many ways they disappointed him during the previous years.

Not that there is anything wrong with that....

Besides, it is all mercy

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

As usual, there's a young "boyfriend" in the picture, as well as crates of money.

"The Cardinal's Catamite."

Yes, make it a musical.

Broadway is aching for some new sodomitic songs

Unknown said...

According to a newspaper from Panama, Maradiaga alleges that he was accused of the same scandal, can anyone provide more information? Bottom line is that the way he has explained it, it looks to me this is a kind of money laundering.....

Anonymous said...

Apparently he sent retired bishop Casaretto to investigate Honduras in May, and he found a lot of filth (accusations of pedophilia, money mismanagement, etc).

It must've been more than horrible if someone like Casaretto - known in his diocese for covering up pedophile priests (Gramlich, Mercau) - said it was catastrophic.