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You fundamentalist Catholic you. You "deny the incarnation"

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There are many opinions about what is in the mind of the Bishop of Rome. The nearly innumerable insults and inane comments make one wonder; is he stupid? is he deranged? is he suffering from some kind of dementia? In yet another slap to faithful Catholics recorded in Corriere Della Serra, Marco Tosatti is reporting on his blog the following words of Jesuitical wisdom emanating from the mouth and mind of Jorge Mario Bergoglio:

And we Catholics have the honor "to have fundamentalists among the baptized ... Fundamentalism denies the story, the person. Christian fundamentalism and deny the incarnation. "

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The whole article from Tosatti is below with a computer translation. If anyone can find the original article in Corriere Della Serra, please do leave a link in the combox.

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Marco Tosatti
Roman Curia Vulneratus (RVC for friends and enemies) was very impressed by the scoop on Civiltà Cattolica by father Armando Spadaro, the Director, and one of several media spin doctor of the reigning Pontiff. And that is the interview with the Jesuits that the Jesuit Pontiff had in recent trip to Myanmar and Bangladesh. There has been talk of fundamentalism. .. and this is on Jesuits today after the letter of RVC we have some little thing to say. Rather: to remember ... But behold RVC:
"Excuse me dr. TAM, but like a true pain in the ass, would like to ask you a RVC tiny intervention to comment on the interview to the courier today. Can't help it, it's getting a little exhibitionist media, envy Antonio Spadaro and then I seem jealous of big shot. Please be merciful.
The Pope says a Spadaro (Corriere della Sera, December 14, p 33): "look, fundamentalism they are everywhere. And we Catholics have the honor "to have fundamentalists among the baptized ... Fundamentalism denies the story, the person. Christian fundamentalism and deny the incarnation. "Wow, that statement misleading! and that sophisticated language used the Holy Father does not seem to him, this is not a language understandable to the poor and the marginalized, this is a Gospel talk too hard.
The field hospital what will understand? Maybe he wanted to address the "neo-referential Pelagians and Promethean purposes" for diffidarli? (diffardarli -- to caution???) But diffidarli to do that? To deny the incarnation? But who, with ambiguous language, confuses rather the incarnation was his teacher Karl Rahner when he decided to rethink the incarnation in new forms, from those used by St. Augustine and from schools, to make it more believable. And to do that he had to assume, instead of an unchanging God, a God, a God becoming, where mutable dialectically incarnation is just implementation of human reality premise of human nature (cf. Karl Rahner – Basic Course on faith, 1990). And more recently, who calls into question indirectly the incarnation, was its theological Adviser Walter Kasper, which brings out (in his "masterpiece": Jesus Christ-1974) all doubts about the credibility of the Gospels, on Biblical Theology Mary's virginal conception on the resurrection of Christ, the Ascension, the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the value of the confession, etc. makes me suspect, considering that anyone who questions dogma and doctrine (Incarnation included), are precisely the people closest to the Pope, which the powerful Antonio Spadaro this time may have had these people aim to punish. If not, you may be dismissed from La Civiltà Cattolica and appointed Director of Christian family (in receivership), with a commitment to relaunching it in 12 months with the collaboration of Luxuria and Vendola ".
To date RVC. But coincidentally, these days, where we talk about the Pope Luciani, whose cause of beatification was started, I was reminded about the message that Papa Luciani had prepared for the Jesuits and which was published posthumously (30 would be made public if ttembre 1978). I looked it up on the Vatican website that hosts the few interventions of Albino Luciani, but I did not find it. Cannot, alas, to say if there ever was, or if a providential hand did disappear over the past four years. As it seems to have happened to the document of the then Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Kolvenbach, who strongly advised against making Bishop Bergoglio for notes human features and behaviour. It certainly is impressive reading these lines now. It was not coincidental that the society of Jesus was Commissioner after not long from Saint John Paul II. 
We offer you a few sentences of that message.
The Pope recalled that the company was "Established primarily for the defense and propagation of the faith and for the profit of souls in Christian life and doctrine" (Formula of the Institute). For this purpose, spiritual and supernatural all subordinated every other activity, which must be exercised in a manner suitable for a religious and priestly. You know well and justly worry of major economic and social problems afflicting humanity today and a lot of connection they have with the Christian life. But, in the solution of these problems, its always distinguish the duties of religious priests than those proper to the laity. Priests must inspire and animate the laity to perform their duties, but should not substitute for them, neglecting their own specific task in the work of evangelization. For this work of evangelization, St. Ignatius demands by his sons a soda purchased through a long and careful preparation, doctrine ".
Pope Luciani recalled that the company was known for "calls to present in preaching and spiritual direction, teaching and publishing books and magazines, a solid and safe, fully in line with the teaching of the Church, for which the initials of the society constituted a guarantee for the Christian people and deserved the special trust of the episcopate. Try to keep this commendable feature; don't let Jesuit teachings and publications have to cause confusion and disorientation among the faithful; Remember that the mission entrusted to you by the Vicar of Christ is to announce, but suitable for today's mentality, but in its integrity and purity, the Christian message, which is contained in the deposit of revelation, whose authentic interpreter is the Magisterium of the Church ".
"This of course means that the institutes and faculties, where young Jesuits are formed, both equally taught a doctrine solid and secure, in accordance with the directives contained in Conciliar decrees and in subsequent documents of the Holy See regarding the doctrinal formation of candidates to the priesthood. And this is all the more necessary since your schools are open to numerous seminarians, religious and lay people, who are attending for the firmness and security of doctrine which they hope to tap into it. "
And finally recommended: "don't let secularizing tendencies penetrate and disrupt your communities, dispel that environment of recollection and prayer in which the Apostle is restored, and introduce attitudes and behaviors with secular, which does not befit a religious. The world does not mean assimilation to dutiful Apostolic contact world; nay, demands that the differentiation which safeguards the identity of Apostle so that he really is the salt of the Earth and yeast to ferment the mass ".
Just a photograph of the Jesuits today, bar none, right?


Anonymous said...

Vox, As much as it pains me to say this, whatever rambling comes forth from the mouth of this man, it does not amaze me anymore. I hate to turn a blind eye to the interminal insults spewed forth from the Vatican hierarchy because we as laity need to see what is going on so as to inform others. I know many Catholics who are good people with good intentions but they are truly ignorant as to what is going on within the Church. When I try to tell them the horror stories about the liturgucal abuses, the homosexual orgies, or even Bergoglio's latest insane remarks, they look at me as though I've lost my mind and dismiss me as a conspiracy theorist or a rebel of sorts. When I try to inform others, it is not to lead souls away from the sacraments, but rather to tell them that they need to get back to the basics or "fundamentals" of the faith, rather than placing blind trust in a man who has been more faithful to other religions than his own. I only donate enough to my own parish to assist with the bills. I've been making it a point to donate elsewhere to traditional religious orders. I am from the diocese of Altoona-Johnstown and as you know, Im sure, things are not looking up even though the clergy will try to have you believe otherwise. We used to take up an annual Catholic appeal in every parish in our diocese to raise thousands upon thousands of dollars for supposed diocesan programs. Back in 2006, there was a very modernist sister who told my best friend at the time not to donate one cent. This baffled us at the time coming from a "religious sister" who was very liberal and progressive. Why would she tell him not to donate? Well, over a year ago Attorney General Kathleen Kane blew the doors off the diocese and exposed what is probably one of the U.S.'s biggest abuse scandals to date. Our bishop at the time even had a chart in his office of how moneys were being dispensed to abuse victims depending upon the type of "touching" they received by ill fit clerics. It was also revealed how these wolves were being moved around like chess pawns in an endless game. And this is coming from the diocese that is not too friendly about the traditional Mass. Thank you for letting me ramble on Vox. I always appreciate it. Keep up the good work! Ill be sure to keep you in prayers.


Ana Milan said...

John 14:15 Is you love me, keep my commandments.

Is such a fundamental statement from the Son of God too difficult for PF to understand, or does he really consider himself greater than the King of Kings who gave His life so that all might be saved?

What exactly has PF done to confirm the Brethren in the True Faith? His ignorant & vile outbursts are not compatible to a successor of St. Peter who was crucified upside down for his Master, as he said he wasn’t worthy to emulate Him. Can’t see PF ever submitting to his Lord in this way, yet he believes he has the power to change every doctrine he doesn’t like in order to appear merciful, giving the impression that Christ wasn’t. The Sacraments, which were given to support His followers through life’s journey, are also now branded not necessary as there is no Hell, so Penance, Holy Eucharist, Last Rites & Holy Matrimony are not relevant anymore. All can get to Heaven – infidels, atheists, abortionists, depopulation controllers, communists & even thieves of charitable donations (Peter’s Pence) for the purpose of supporting anti-Catholic political party manifestos.

What has he personally done to assist the release of incarcerated Christians or intervene on behalf of those Pro-Life witnesses who are constantly harassed & charged by evil legislators for just talking to would-be victims & reciting the Rosary outside vile abortion clinics? What has he done about admonishing & defrocking deviant priests? What about asking for the resignation of ++Coccopalmerio who allowed the drug-fueled homosexual orgy to be held in a Vatican apartment? Instead of demoting Archbishop Paglia for commissioning & appearing in a blasphemous homoerotic mural in an Italian cathedral, he appoints him to the position of President of the PJPII Institute for Studies on Marriage & the Family. Archbishop Paglia was also responsible for launching a sex-ed course for teenagers containing explicit images, greatly alarming their parents whose approval was never sought in its formation.

What about all the recent evictions of Catholics reciting the Rosary from churches & cathedral to allow Protestant services to take place? Silence also on the blasphemous crucified cow displayed in a consecrated Catholic church & the issuing of a Martin Luther stamp commemorating the Protestant Revolt while ignoring the centenary of Our Lady’s appearances to the children in Fatima & non-compliance with Her requests.

It would seem to many that PF is himself an unabashed fundamentalist Peronist Marxist politician who is solely bent on destroying Christ’s Church on earth & replacing it with godless totalitarianism. His reign must be terminated by those who elected him & who bear grave & culpable responsibility in so doing.

Anonymous said...

I belong to the Altoona Johnstown diocese. If you desire the Extraordinary Form Mass, go to Queen of Peace in Patton. The Holy Sacrifice begins at 11am every Sunday. It may be a drive, but it is well worth it!

Somewhat Confused

Anonymous said...

I will have to look into that! Thank you very much!