Wednesday, 13 December 2017

LifeSiteNews interviews Marcantonio Colonna, author of The Dictator Pope and to the Catholic Herald, "They will unmask me, eventually"

 The Vatican is reportedly seeking your true identity. Why did you use a pseudonym? And are you afraid of reprisals? 
Sadly, what emerges in the book is Pope Francis’ tendency to vindictiveness. The present-day Curia lives in a state of fear that any criticism of the Pope will lead to dismissal, as it did in the case of three officials of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith who were summarily dismissed by Francis without explanation. Those who wish to tell the truth are therefore compelled to anonymity, to protect not only themselves but those around them.

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“A person in England was misidentified as the author at one point and immediately received threatening telephone calls from Rome,” Colonna said. “I now hear that Vatican officials have laid before the Pope a shortlist of six people who they think may be the possible author. I suspect that it’s not for the purpose of awarding a literary prize.”

There is much new in this book that fills in many details and brings them altogether from various sources, formally and definitively and puts forth the facts about the man who evil men thrust upon the Chair of Peter.

When we recall the issues and history put forward in this damning expose on the life and times of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, it shows us truly how far from the Catholic faith, how far from supernatural belief and how far from Our Lord Jesus, this man truly is.

From the shaming of people through name-calling to the firing and intimidation of staff to the fact that even as Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires he refused to genuflect before the Lord Jesus in the Most August and Blessed Sacrament on the Altar. Only a man who does not believe would refuse to kneel "At the name of Jesus, every knee should bow on heaven, in the earth and under the earth."

This book must be read by every priest and bishop and cardinal and as many Catholics as possible in spite of the warnings by some against "curiosity." Knowledge is power, the truth is right and just at all times. It must never be hidden. 

It is in the hiding of truth that allowed homosexual perverts to infiltrate the priesthood and episcopacy and sodomise boys. It is in the hiding of truth that covered up these crimes. It is in the deep and dark conspiracy of filthy heretics such as Danneels, Kasper, Nicholls and McCarrick that put this arrogant, rude, vulgar Argentian boor on the throne of Peter and as Vicar of the Christ's Church.

You silly fools who think that every scent emanating from the papal corpus is heaven sent as if his flatulence is frankincense. You fools that put a man above Our Lord Jesus Christ. You fools, you leeches who prey upon the ignorant faithful who you keep in their darkness; the likes of Cupich and James Martin, and Massimo Faggioli and other sycophants of this deranged and evil papacy. You papolaters who give the Orthodox every reason to stay away from us and Protestants every indication that they are right.

All you Cardinals who in your own laziness and lack of faith, in your desire to be on the winning side and to be with the inside team who voted for this Argentinean boor need to repent of your actions. You will be held accountable for thrusting this man upon the Catholic faithful.

And yet, as Hilary White has frequently said, the Church could not have endured another "conservative" pope, another Wojtyla or Ratzinger. The festering puss of James Martin and the sodomite and masonic mafia would have persisted in undermining the faith in stealth. Now, it is out in the open and every Catholic is duty bound to get to the truth and save their souls from these wretched, rotten, evil shepherds.

The Dictator Pope needs to be translated into Spanish, Polish and French and distributed widely. 

Read it, and read this interview.


Anonymous said...

I second that emotion!


Anonymous said...

"Only a man who does not believe would refuse to kneel." (before the Blessed Sacrament)
I have to disagree with you here, Vox. It is precisely because this man does believe that he refuses to kneel. It is also why he works feverishly to change everything so that the Eucharist will be profaned by many, many more.

Irenaeus said...

That bit about the list of six people being placed on the pope's desk reminds me of the fictional assassins in comic books and the professional hitmen of the real world. Scary stuff. Mr. Colonna had best take care of himself.

Ana Milan said...

I gather that most of the detail in this book is already known to us & the fraction that wasn't has been known in Argentina for a long time before PF found himself in the Papal Office. As that is the case, stalking people whom they consider might be a 'transgressor' in their own view is ridiculous & only serves to add fuel to the flames in the eyes of the Laity that this pope & hierarchy are not fit for purpose due to their apostasy & must be removed with great urgency.

Tom A. said...

Or, he realizes that the NO eucharist is only bread. Why should he kneel. No one in any NO parish kneels anymore.

Michael said...

When Francis' faithless, malicious vision for the Church is destroyed, it will be a truly glorious sight to behold. The longer it takes for that to happen, the more damage is done done, the more glorious the victory will be.

I suppose what matters now is that we make sure we stay in a state of grace, that we remain in the truth, and that we proclaim the truth. It is clear that Francis is in serious error. He pridefully attempts to appear more merciful than Jesus by giving to dogs that which is holy, in direct defiance of Sacred Scripture.

Peter Lamb said...

Great comment Michael and if that is young Michael, especially great. :)

Anonymous said...

If they do unmask the author,it will give them an excellent opportunity to exercise mercy ,if they do anything else ,it will put them in an extremely bad light.

Anonymous said...