Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Rosica lectures: What really happened at the Synod

The Windsor Star has a fascination with Father Tom Rosica. Their first foray together was whilst Father was still a Deacon in Amherstburg, Ontario at the Parish of St. John the Baptist. Perusing that old article reveals much about this man and his heterodox Catholicism, contradicting even then the clear teaching on the Holy Eucharist. He criticized his local bishop and promoted a disordered ecumenism then and even recently with Anglicans in Toronto. It may come as a surprise to Father Rosica, but Pope Benedict XVI was the true ecumenist with Anglicanorum Coetibus. If Tom Rosica wants to present on Salt + Light anything to do with Anglicans in Canada and ecumenism it should be to preach to them that the door is open and the place for Anglicans who want the truth and who find themselves within the dying and heretical Anglican Church is in the Ordinariate. Instead, Rosica chooses to continue with the same error, the same useless "sharing" of his days at Amherstburg.

Last year, in November 2013 Rosica gave an interview to the same newspaper where he opined that the Church was entering a "radical" period, he in fact applauded it. He later spoke on this theme as part of the Christian Culture Series.

In November of this year, Father Tom Rosica
appeared again at that same conference and gave a dissertation on the recent Synod on the Family. He again was interviewed by the same newspaper.

Let us remember the attempt by many to manipulate the synod in favour of an adulterist and homosexualist agenda undermining two millennia of Catholic teaching coming itself from Our Blessed Lord and the Holy Spirit.

Rosica tells the reporter that the recent Synod was perhaps the "most discussed in history," a short history I might add since it is a post Vatican II phenomena. Rosica indicates this in particular because of the impact it is "having on the world." 

The greatest problem in the world right now is Christian persecution and the beheadings and kidnapping of innocents by Islamist fascists. The Synod has had no impact on the world. Ninety nine point nine percent of people couldn't care less; others are simply trying to survive today. Even most Catholics did not know it happened but might have heard something about changing teaching. However, the changing of doctrine through pastoral stealth will have a deleterious affect on an already decaying and suffering world. As goes the Church, so goes the world.

"Having been the spokesperson (spokesman perhaps?) for the synod on the inside, this will be the first major public lecture in Canada to tell people what really happened at the synod, the implications for the Church and what is the process, the journey that we are on right now" said Rosica.

Priests and bishops conspired to distort Catholic teaching for their own ends, for their own visions. The Church and this Synod were infiltrated by modernists, heretics, adulterists and homosexuals with an agenda to change the doctrine of the Church through stealth, by changing pastoral practice. I do not believe that this was part of Father Rosica's revelation to the people of Windsor.

"Groups have it" I assume he means the final report to the bishops conferences, "and it is a really good rallying point to focus on important issues."

So what are these "important issues?"  

Are they the high rate of divorce and the abandonment of children by their fathers resulting from an incorrect understanding of Catholic matrimony because you and the bishops did not properly catechise? Is it perhaps the burdensome tax systems and urban expenses that cause mothers to leave the home to assist in the support of the family? Is it perhaps the homosexualist agenda of the corruption of our education system to take our children even further from our faith? Is it rampant contraception violating the sanctity of marriage or the use of abortion by Catholics? Is the problem in the Church really Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried or that we have no respect for individuals suffering from same-sex attraction? How about the affect of pornography upon the family?

Once again, Rosica's style is to issue little phrases and snippets of truth without explaining the reality and actuality of that truth. He goes on to say that "I feel that deep down something has to change here." 

I could care less about what this priest "feels." I care about doctrine and faith and what Our Lord expects of us and His Church. It is not about what Tom Rosica "feels" or anyone "feels." It is not up to him, it is not about what he feels!

"There should be a real dialogue, and that dialogue, that exchange was present in the early church, " says Roscia. Here we see again from that first article as a Deacon, he returns to that concept of "sharing." Where has the Church not had dialogue?: He speaks as if we've only now emerged from some dark age. What exactly is this dialogue that seems lacking? If Father Rosica or anyone else wants a synodal and democratic church then join the Church of England. How about a Romanuorum Coetibus from the Archlayman of Canterbury?

"A lot of people who were on the fringes have said, wow, there might be a place for me."..."I'm divorced and remarried and I felt disenfranchised and all of a sudden there's a place for me. Or somebody who's struggling with homosexuality and they realise that they have a certain dignity and value. The church is not saying anything goes by any means, it's saying every single person has an inherent dignity and value which cannot be underestimated."

This is poppycock!

Again, it is about "feelings." When did the Church "disenfranchise" anyone? People "disenfranchise themselves.

I was divorced, I was never "disenfranchised" for it. I followed Church teaching and when I failed, I had a remedy. I sought a decree of nullity and was granted it. I am now married to a beautiful and supportive Catholic woman. (As an aside, let me add something for my detractor who continues to express gossip and calumny in writing to others now even that my blogging means that I am "neglecting" my wife. I'm not good enough for his slander, he now belittles himself by going after my marriage and my wife. Well, her message to Barkin up the Wrong Tree is "if this is neglect, bring it on!")

Where is the lack of dignity for those suffering from same-sex attraction?

Has our good priest heard of Courage or what they thought of Archbishop Forte and his homosexualist shenanigans?

I have a friend who was a serious gay activist for many years. He came home to the Church and I was honoured to have been a lector at his marriage to a Catholic woman! He was always treated with dignity and respect by everyone in what some would consider to be an "extremely" orthodox Catholic community where both Forms of the Roman Rite are celebrated. I may be wrong but certainly, I know of nobody who ever chastised him or insulted him because of his former ways. As the Psalmist wrote, "my sins are always before me" and in reality, "who am I too judge?" as I have so many of my own of which I am not proud. This lie that the Church hates homosexuals must be put to rest. If a person truly repents and endevors to live a Christian life, even falls but gets back up through the sacraments, that is what we all strive for. This is not new, it is what the Church has always taught. For Rosica to suggest otherwise is a fallacy and an attempt at manipulation of the facts and is evident of the machinations in Rome.

At the conference, Rosica said "You may have heard or read that this Synod has been about changing the teaching of the Church on marriage family life or sexual morality. This is not true! It was about pastoral care that we try to offer to each other..."

It was exactly about changing the teaching through stealth by changing pastoral practice. 

How did belief in the Real Presence change? By changing the practice with communion in the hand and standing. How did belief in the Mass as a sacrifice change? By changing the practice so that it resembles a communion meal and is a commemoration of the Last Supper.

If you wish to read the rest of Father's address, it is posted at Salt + Light.

As I've written previously, those of us that see through what was happening at the Synod, through the manipulation and the spin, even from highly-placed clerics are not going to let this go unchallenged. Every article they write, every speech they give that we can find will be responded to publicly.

We are in a fight for the truth, there will be no let up from those who will seek to change doctrine and teaching through pastoral manipulations and there will be no let up from those of us who believe what our Lord taught and the Holy Spirit has revealed.

Our Lady of Wisdom, pray for us.


Brian said...

"I feel that deep down something has to change here."

Ah yes, "feelings", that Modernist lair into which so many, like Rosica, retreat when they promote their heterodox operating system. Sentimentality replaces faith.

"There should be a real dialogue, and that dialogue, that exchange was present in the early church."

There again, that word, "dialogue", another conciliar buzz -word This word, appeared, for the first time, in magisterial history at Vatican II, 28 times to be exact. It is a word, which, used in its conciliar sense, hides a wretchedly dishonest sham catholicism. This "dialogue" is endless, where the "anagke stenai" principle(it is necessary to stop somewhere) does not apply. Everything is "dialogue-able", even supernatural truths. "Dialogue" like "feelings" is used, by Neo-Modernists, to confuse, obfuscate and ultimately crumble any authentic Catholic understanding of the doctrine of faith and morals.

When Rosica, a disciple of Gregory Baum, speaks...."Warning! Warning! Will Robinson."

Unknown said...

pete salveinini

Unless a denomination has Apostolic Succession, it is better to called them ecclesial communities. The Anglicans ecclesial communities across the globe DO NOT have Apostolicity, thus there is no supernatural grace to keep them faithful as a community to faith and morals. The exception among them is the Evangelical Anglican Church, which sought and obtained Apostolic Succession from the Old Catholic Church and the Jansenist line

Therese Z said...

You seem to have skipped an example - you talk about the former gay activist who was not rebuked for his former activities. How about finding a space in the Church for the gay activist before he repents and reforms? Greeting him with truth, yes, but joy and welcome, so he feels there is a place for him to safely reassess.

Your take is pretty cold for the sinners out there, of which we all are.

Brian said...

"How about finding a space in the Church for the gay activist before he repents and reforms?"

This "space" smacks of "gradualism". Let me get this straight. While this gay activist "reassesses", he/she can continue, unabated, in the homosexual life style, without any moral censure, of this very lifestyle? Does this "space" involve reception of the Blessed Sacrament, a reception without any contrition, confession and satisfaction? How about this person putting a halt to the gay activism in order to make the reassessment a little more credible?

Yes, we are all sinners. Should all sinners have a "space", approved by the Church, so they can continue in whatever sin, while they "reassess"? Or is homosexual activity a special type of sin that warrants a special "space" for its practitioners?

Vox Cantoris said...

Therese Z.

Be very careful about what you assume that I meant.

That man came to Mass before he was a Catholic. He did not demand that the Church change to suit him. He dared not presume to receive the Holy Eucharist.

You have forgotten what these malefactors in Rome attempted to do -- admit adulterists and practicers of sodomy to Holy Communion!

I specifically referred to my own sinful past, perhaps you should go back and read it again.