Sunday, 21 December 2014

Prophet or Purveyor

Another interesting Tweet from the English language spokesman of the Holy See.

He refers to an article by Ann Carey in the National Catholic Register, though he probably has not even read it since he does not link to it directly on the Tweet but to instead, comments on it at the modernist Commonweal. The recent report on Leadership Conference of Women Religious, ordered by Pope Benedict XVI has been issued and the report is a whitewash which should not be surprising given the current crisis in the Church. 

As I wrote a few days ago, it really does not matter. Time marches on and the biological clock is ticking. In ten years they will all be gone or incapacitated. They have no progeny; their work was straw and they are "sterile" and their Orders will die out with them. 

The greater issue is that this is the Holy See's English-language spokesman. He has no business engaging in these tweets and insults of other faithful Catholics who happen to have an opinion other than his own.

This is the worst form of clericalism. The Pope should reprimand him for his constant barrages and send him packing.

As for being prophets of doom, better that than purveyors of the same.


Unknown said...

It must be a slow news day at the Holy See press office. Why else would Rosica need to tweet about his dislike of an obscure American blogger?

Luciano said...

Such a kind charitable comment to make about another person, especially someone who is a member of the clergy. I pray that Jesus sanctify this man and give him a true pastor's heart like His own Sacred Heart.

Unknown said...

Father Rosica causes tremendous scandal by his comments, past and present. He seems to relish in any attention he gets. I will continue to pray for this priest.