Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Where is Salt + Light - where is the Catholic Register with regards to Mary Wagner

Mary Wagner sits in prison in Milton, Ontario for counselling women about to have their babies murdered in their wombs under the eyes of the Province of Ontario and our nation, Canada. She sits there because of an unjust law - a 35 year old "temporary injunction" preventing protests, prayers, vigils or sidewalk counselling outside an abortuary. 

Mary made her choice. She new the consequences of her actions. She is a prisoner of conscience in our Canada.

In Poland, it is all over the Catholic media. She is a heroine there and a petition is circulating and a demonstration is scheduled at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw.

Now an American blog, Christ's Faithful Witness, has picked up the ball.

Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness has posted consistently on Mary Wagner and in particular, has been responsible for getting us the news from Poland.

I have written twice to the Editor of Toronto's Catholic Register and still there is nothing on their web page to indicate that they have even noticed. Will there be anything in their print edition later this week?

We still await a Tweet from Father Tom Rosica or Salt + Light.

Nothing, not a word.

But when Francis issues an encylical on the false science of man-caused global warming and climate change and the absurd proposition that we can actually control the climate for good or ill, well; these modernists will be all over that.

Yes. Our Church leaders have fallen for the secular liars and the god of environmentalism 

Happy New Year to all you sour-faced, Promethean, neo-Pelagian, rosary prayers trying to save babies.


Barona said...

No one betrays you like your own. The spirit of Judas seems to gaining in popularity amongst deluded churchmen.

It is indeed a scandal that while the "official" Catholic media sits silent (much, or all of their funds coming from the "widow's mite".... one may ask: is THIS an example of the "Family" of "Faith" Campaign claims to need millions to promote the Faith in the "public square"??).

We are advocating and promoting Mary and Linda's cause for pennies. The Faith was advocated in the public square at the Acropolis by a tent-making Roman citizen-Jewish convert without money...

This silence is deafening. Catholics, act accordingly.

Freyr said...

The difference between Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner is that Linda protested in the bubble zone defying a civil injunction while Mary went onto private property to speak to the women in there thus violating the law. I suggest you watch Mary Wagner's interview to get her reasons for this tactic.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

Unless the Church addresses boldly the main problems of our times such as abortion, euthanasia, the constant attacks on traditional marriage, human sexuality, pornography and other deadly sins, it will become an irrelevant church. It may have wonderful buildings and raise millions of dollars but the faith will be dead. It's time to truly evangelize or die.

Vox Cantoris said...

Freyr, could you attach a link to the interview?

John said...

I am not surprised that many of the larger Catholic entertainment enterprises are silent about Mary's witness.

Mary and others like her are the inconvenient truth, the light that exposes the timidity and sophistry of the liberal religionists in the Catholic fold.

Unknown said...

The Catholic establishment in this country is silent because Mary's type of activism is an EMBARASSMENT to them. They have made peace with abortion and that peace requires that they pretend it is not here and none of their business.

Barona said...

You hit the bull's eye, ALoysius.