Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Mary Wagner - Heroine for Christmas, heroine for Christ!

While we are busy preparing all our Christmas treats and gifts, yesterday on December 23, someone else prepared some gifts. Her name is Mary Wagner and she is a heroine for life. In the early hours of the morning, Mary prepared roses and little cards which she would give as gifts to women causing her to be placed under arrest for violating a 35 year-old "temporary injunction" against the civil right of standing in front of an abortuary. Mary crossed into the so-called "bubble-zone" and entered within its doors. The zone is to keep any person from counselling or praying or quietly standing within it away from any abortion mill in Ontario. Three burly officers "as cold as December" to quote Father Paul Nicholson, arrested Mary and led her away.

This is not the first time, Mary has spent time in jail before for protecting children, aiding women and trying to force the courts to overturn this unjust injunction. She is a champion of human and civil rights and lawful civil disobedience.

Mary has chosen the better part. She has chosen to spend her Christmas in jail from where she does her best work counselling and praying for the women there and helping them resist the temptation to kill their babies.

While many of our priests and bishops refuse to speak of this evil from the pulpit; whilst many have made compromises with the state and continue to provide Holy Communion to Catholic politicians who advocate for the killing of babies in contravention of Canon Law; while our Church experts and even some of Her "loyal sons of the Church" mock those who stand out in front of abortion mills because of their "sour faces," and their "rosaries" -- this woman, Mary Wagner puts them all to shame! 

Mary Wagner confounds the Province of Ontario, Mary Wagner confounds every priest, every bishop, every cardinal, she confounds all of us who have not an ounce of the courage that this woman possesses.

You and I will sit in our warm homes this Christmas. Mary is in jail.

The paragraph below is from the Facebook page of Father Paul Nicholson.

Early this morning, I was with the remarkable Mary Wagner, as she prepared to rescue mothers from committing the abomination of abortion. She enters the abortion mill and presents each tragic mother with a rose, gently admonishing her to think over her scheduled abortion. She is direct, but she is very gentle. We were only a small little group, as we went out to support Mary. She was eventually arrested and taken into custody. The three big police officers, who came to collect, seemed to be as cold as a day in December. But I am sure something inside them felt, that this was no ordinary prisoner. She, like the unborn child, was an intruder. She, like the unborn child, had to be removed. Mary expressed the radical form of solidarity. She will be spending Christmas in prison, as a prisoner of conscience. Will you spread the news that Mary has made herself a victim with all the little victims of abortion? Or are you too concerned about what people will think of your Facebook posts? Look, we all are subject to human respect, but at least we should be brave enough to publicly praise such a modern day hero. Think of Mary Wagner when you are with family and friends this Christmas. She deserves your respect!Remember the babies who have no one to speak for them.

Let us remember Mary Wagner this Christmas in our prayers that God will protect her and comfort her and aid her in her every need. Let us also thank Our Blessed Lord that He has given to our city and to our province and country someone of such courage and fortitude for the truth and who shames the rest of us in her faith and bravery.

God bless you Mary Wagner; and Merry Christmas to you.

Mary Wagner, as a previous guest of the Province of Ontario

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