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A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 15 November 2014

The False Ecumenism of Salt + Light and the CCCB

On the evening of Sunday, November 10, an ecumenical service was held in Toronto between Roman Catholics and Anglicans at St. James Anglican Cathedral. The service was attended by Thomas Cardinal Collins and the "Right Reverend Bishop" Linda Nicholls who preached a sermon. It was tirelessly promoted by Father Tom Rosica and Salt + Light. This is part of the Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue promoted by the CCCB.

To what ends? Visible unity? It is not possible!

Let's get something straight.

Linda Nicholls can call herself a "Right Reverend Bishop" but she is nothing more than a lay woman masquerading as a bishop. Women cannot receive Holy Orders of priest or bishop, there is a little problem of "matter." Anglicans possess no Holy Orders at all and have no apostolic succession because they do not have the "intent" to do or to believe what the Church believes and this was definitively taught by Pope Leo XIII, long forgotten in the modernist era of canonsiations of Vatican II papacies, (though don't ever expect one for hte martyred John Paul I or for ever for Benedict XVI) There are some within the broader Anglican Communion who do possess valid orders through the Old Catholic line or Orthodox. 

This service perpetuates the syncreticism of the false ecumenism of the distortion and hermeneutic of rupture by those who still flog the dead and diabolical "spirit of Vatican II."

Father Tom Rosica has long been an ecumenist and a promoter of this charade as is clear from this interview whist he was still a Deacon, he even called for Holy Communion for everyone, defying even the Bishop of London! He perpetuates this lie as do the Canadian Bishops with this false ecumenical outreach. 

If our bishops appear in the same sanctuary as the "Right Reverend Bishop" Linda Nicholls do they believe that she is actually a bishop?

If our bishops work towards this so-called "ecumenism" do they believe that women can be ordained to the priesthood or that the existing Anglican orders generally speaking, are valid?

Do our bishops ever say with clarity and charity, "you must come home to the Roman Catholic Church for your own salvation and you must stop pretending that you are a bishop or priest as it will lead to your condemnation?

Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness dealt with this head-on earlier this week.

He has also features another post of a comment left there. It seems from this commentator, and my own sources, that it was sparsely attended and mostly grey-haired.  

The most shocking part in all of this is the absolute snubbing and insulting of the actual fruit of true ecumenism, thanks to the Pope of Christian unity, Benedict XVI and Anglicanorum Coetibus. The two Ordinariate quasi-parishes in the Toronto area, Good Shepherd in Oshawa and St. Thomas More in Toronto were not invited and were it seems, mocked afterwards. 

True ecumenism is speaking the truth and calling the lost sheep back home, not letting them perpetuate in their schism and heresy. This goes for all in the Church, no exceptions. To do otherwise is to not do the will of Christ.

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