Friday, 14 November 2014

How far will Thomas Rosica and these others go?

Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness has an excellent analysis on Thomas Rosica's talk before the USCCB annual meeting. There is no hiding it now, the manipulation of the Synod is there for all to see.

They will go not too far my friends, but just far enough.

Good Friday 1622 - The Jamestown Massacre
Holy See Press Office priest - Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB - claims bishops at Synod drew analogy between separated brethren and those living intrinsically evil lifestyles
It is hard to believe that anyone could claim there be an analogy between separated Christian brethren, and those living an intrinsically evil lifestyle. Yet, Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, in an address to the US bishops, claims that bishops at the Synod drew such an analogy between sins of an "irregular" nature, (presumably e.g., homosexuality and adultery) per their falling short of holy matrimony, and the Catholic Church and - let us say - eastern Orthodoxy. This blog has already raised serious questions about the Holy See Press Office being a mouthpiece for the Adulterist and Homosexualist Parties within the Church. 

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