Friday, 7 November 2014

Cardinal Burke's full interview with Spanish magazine Vida Nueva

"It seems to many that the Church's ship has lost its compass"

The interview of Cardinal Burke with Spanish Catholic weekly Vida Nueva is now very well-known due to the expression, "a rudderless ship", but taken out of context. Below, you will find the full translation of the interview (we thankRorate's Spanish-language partners at Adelante la Fe - Rorate en Español for providing us the original text)

Raymond Leo Burke

"It seems to many that the Church's ship has lost its compass."

US Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke is considered one of the representatives of the Curial sector most resistant to change, as he demonstrates by deeming "critical" the current moment, in which for "many" the Church is sailing "as a ship without a rudder." Opposed to the theses of cardinal Walter Kasper on the admission of the remarried divorced to the sacraments - "marriage is indissoluble. If I marry someone, I cannot live with someone else" - he calls homosexuality "suffering" and he considers that there was an intent to conduct the Synod on the Family towards a position of laxity. He even denounced the "manipulation" that was tried with the information that was released from the synodal assembly, at the same time in which he laments the "confusion" and the "pastoral difficulties" caused by the debate on these hot-button issues. Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, the Vatican Supreme Court, his transferal to the position of cardinal patron of the Order of Malta, an honorific job without any content, is considered certain.


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