Sunday, 30 November 2014

No pope should ever visit a mosque, period!

No pope should ever kiss another religion's "holy" book because there is no other Holy Book other than the Bible. While we cannot know what was in his mind when he did it or if he even thought about the implications, that photo to this day would have potentially aided the now non-existent "Devil's Advocate" to stop or slow the canonisation of John Paul II.

No pope should ever visit a mosque. Benedict XVI did this in his visit to Istanbul, once known as Constantinople. While in the Blue Mosque, he stood holding his pectoral cross, He did not bow his head, nor did he pray in contemplation. He could be seen moving his lips, perhaps invoking the Lord's Prayer or a blessing to convert the Mohammedans, one can only hope.

No pope should ever pray in a mosque with head bowed and eyes closed as Pope Francis did. By doing this, one is creating scandal and affirming heresy. Islam has been called the "worst Christian heresy" and has been condemned by many Saints. While modernists suggest that they "profess" the God of Abraham, at best they have a distorted and false view of the Triune God and at worst they worship the ancient god of the moon (hence the crescent) which was the norm throughout Arabia.

Did I write, "no pope should ever visit a mosque?

There would be an exception as was pointed out by a reader on Twitter. He could visit a mosque to proclaim Jesus Christ and Him crucified. He could do the same in a Synagogue as St. Stephen did in the Temple of Jerusalem. He could visit a Hindu temple, no doubt as St. Thomas the Apostle did in India two thousand years ago.

However, that is the problem.

This Pope and all others since Vatican II have all visited mosques and synagogues and not proclaimed Christ and we all suffer for that today, especially the Moslems and Jews and Hindus and all others who do not hear from our Popes that there is no salvation outside the Church and no other Name on which we can be saved.

Pope Francis, left, bows to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I during an ecumenical prayer at the Patriarchal Church of St. George in Istanbul on Saturday.

On other note, when we go to greet our host in his house can we dress for the occasion?


Brian said...

No pope should ever visit a mosque.

Right on Vox. I wish there were bishops (outside the SSPX) who had the courage to say what you are saying. Francis is the Modernist gift that keeps on giving, one scandal after another. Lots more coming I'm afraid. Francis is the full incarnation, at the Papal level, of the New Theology that triumphed in 1962. Is there an appropriate musical accompaniment to Bergoglio's actions and F-bombs? Perhaps the Looney Tunes theme "And the Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" is most fitting. On the other hand, some might select "Imagine", John Lennon's repugnant anthem, to neo-paganism.

henry said...

No Pope should ever visit a synagogue, either. Or a protestant temple.