A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Thursday 13 November 2014

German Bishops' wealth and pornography publishing continue to be questioned!

Victim of mustard gas
The evening before Remembrance Day my wife and I sat watching a documentary on The Great War. When the report began on the use of poison gas for the first time in warfare and the intense suffering that the British, French, Canadian, American, Belgian and Dutch troops endured, I explained, "There is an unexplained evil in Germany." I then said to my wife, "No, I am wrong, it is not unexplained, it is Luther."

It was not only the poison gas used in World War I with 10,000,000 dead; it was the rise of the occultist satanic philosophy of national socialism and its deranged and evil leader, Adolph Hitler that continued the evil culminating, when one takes into account the intense suffering of China, over 110,000,000, souls offered to Satan.

Martin Luther was a devil. Many of the German bishops today specifically Kasper and Marx are following in his footsteps. 

The Illuminati, on which modern Freemasonry is modelled began in Germany. The Kulturkampf of Otto von Bismarck was an attack on the Catholic faith; it is clear for all to see, that these German bishops of today have been corrupted by it and have sold out to it. 

Earlier this month, I asked the question, "Why is Pope Francis blind go Germany's rich and pornography producing bishops?" The link was seen worldwide and read by tens of thousands thanks to Pewsitter and others.

Their egregious wealth, their lies and dissent, and the issue of the porn publisher straight on. We cannot let this issue be hidden. The scandal of Kasper and Marx and the German bishops right under the nose of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, must be brought out in the open. 

There is an evil emanating again from Germany; the original question remains unanswered.

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Barona said...

What diabolical force did these men use to force Pope Benedict out?