Monday, 17 November 2014

No let-up on exposing the adulterist/homosexualist heresy in the Catholic Church and the machinations of those at the Synod on the Family

The next year is going to be fierce. Lest anyone doubt the resolve of the manipulators to carry on they shall. Let they and their ilk not doubt the reality of the blogosphere and the resolve of faithful Catholics around the world to confront this evil, this heresy and expose it to the Light of Truth which comes from Jesus Christ for all to see.

It will not matter if the perpetrator of the adulterist and homosexualist heresy is a priest, a bishop an archbishop or a cardinal, the truth will not be obliterated. 

Two posts worth reading.

The Eponymous Flower has an important article translated from the original German from Katholiches based on Father Dariusz Oko and his warnings against the homoheresy and homomafia running rampant in the Church today. He reminds us that it was Benedict XVI who established a clear ban on the ordination to the priesthood of anyone with deep-seated same-sex tendencies.

The second is from Toronto Catholic Witness quoting newly ordained Father Leo S. I. Mwenda, O.P., where he contradicts the octogenarian German Cardinal Walter Kasper that the resistance in Africa to the adulterist and the homosexualist heresy is not because of "taboo" but because they are opposed to "right reason and contrary to God's intention for human sexuality."

This Synod on the Family held in October in Rome has clearly defined the issues and the sides. You are either with the perennial Magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church or you are opposed to it.

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