Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Fierce wind blowing from Kazakhstan

Hats off to Toronto Catholic Witness and for daily scouring of the Polish press. This is not something which you will read in the Catholic Register or Tablet.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan has called the recent Synod on the Family a "manipulation." with a "prefabricated text" containing a "radical neo-pagan ideology." He accuses Rome for the first time in Church history of publishing a "heterodox text" at "an official meeting of Catholic bishops under the guidance of a pope" notwithstanding that the original text was only an interim report. He accuses those behind it of displaying "an attitude of clerical arrogance" and of being neo "pharisees and scribes."

He goes on to talk about this being a "purification" and gives credit to Catholic journalists and bloggers for being "good soldiers of Christ."

Please visit Toronto Catholic Witness for a more complete summary of the translation where you can find an link to the original Polish and their complete translation. 


Aged parent said...

Thank you - with all my heart - for alerting readers to this. I've been wondering how Msgr Schneider was going to react to the debacle.

Thanks again.

Pedro Erik said...

Another Athanasius "Contra Mundum".

God bless him.

Many thanks for posting this. I think I will mention in my blog tomorrow to Portuguese readers.

Brian said...

Whoa!! Talk about a Catholic voice crying out in the Modernist wilderness. Where, among conciliar bishops, does one find such faith? Well said good and faithful servant.