Thursday, 4 January 2018

An interview every Canadian must hear - the evidence against Justin Trudeau and the Joshua Boyle arrest for multiple counts of assault, sexual assault and forcible confinement

Joshua Boyle, the Canadian who with his 7-month pregnant American wife on a hiking trip in Afghanistan and recently reduced by the Americans, has been arrested in Ottawa. He is charged with multiple counts of assault, sexual assault and forcible confinement. 

Boyle was actually married to the sister of Omar Khadr, a Canadian who was a captured in Afghanistan after murdering an American soldier, held in Guantanamo and later released, imprisoned in Canada and then released and paid $10,000,000, by the Canadian government on the orders of Justin Trudeau, a man who pandered after the Muslim vote which helped him win the last election. Boyle his "trending" on Twitter #joshuaboyle.

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That same Trudeau who believes that returning Canadian ISIS butchers have something to teach us invited this disgusting man to the Prime Minister's office just before Christmas. Boyle, on his Twitter page @BoylesVsWorld features the pictures.

Other than Mark Bonokowski at the Toronto Sun and Alex Pierson of Global News (embedded interview below) Canadian media have betrayed this nation out of deference to their allegiance to the corrupt Prime Minister and political correctness. 

Now, Trudeau, and his media lapdogs are disgraced.

How did this visit happen? Did the RCMP drop the ball given the date of the charges? Did they know and set up this Prime Minister for a well-deserved boot kicking?

This who matter stunk from the beginning. Who goes on a trip like that with a pregnant wife? Why didn't he get on an American plane out of Pakistan?

What did America know about this Boyle that caused them not to disclose the rescue to the Candian government until two hours into it? 

How deceitful, corrupt and treasonous is Justin Trudeau?

This interview is a blockbuster and must be heard by every Canadian.

Justin Trudeau for many reasons is an evil and disgraceful Canadian. He is corrupt, he is a liar and he is treasonous.

Justin Trudeau, the Jorge Bergoglio of Canada.


Kathleen1031 said...

Why do Canadians put up with him. If he were up for election today, would they vote for him today? If so, Canada is gone.

Anonymous said...

This must be a translation problem, but what is it supposed to read?

"...and recently REDUCED by the Americans..."


Anonymous said...

Johnno said...

Kathaleen. Because believe it or not compared to the other candidates, Trudeau was the least crazy, that's outside of the conservatives. The Conservative vote remained the same. The liberal Canadians were split between the NDP and Liberals and NDP voters abandoned them to boost the Liberals. But we have America to thank for propaganda against the Conservative leader and for American intereference and collusion in our elections to demonize Harper and finance groups behind our backs combined with other foreign organizations who wanted to push the climate change scam which the Conservatives resisted. Also by this time the Liberals made a deal with the CBC for further funding in exchange for propaganda. And Trudeau was already being groomed by Bilderberg. As for the Conservatives, they're quite good at shooting their own feet. I refused to vote for them because the candidate of my area was pro abortion and pro sodomy. I returned my ballot. The Conservatives are not getting better. Their slogan might as well be "We're Liberals, but we'll be better." To hell with Democracy. May Christ give us a Catholic King.

TLM said...

These so called 'leaders' are diabolically insane. Their brains have been taken over by Satan himself. I'm not Canadian, I'm in the States, but listened to it as we here in the States should too. I put him in the same camp as Obama and Co., who used to decorate the White House Christmas Tree with ornaments of drag queens and Mao Tse Tung, and was also 'terrorist friendly'. All these people are diabolically perverted. They are all controlled by Satan.

Kathleen1031 said...

There is only one choice then. The people must raise their own political leaders, develop a platform, and run it themselves. It may take a few elections, but eventually it may pay off. Be counter-cultural, promote liberty and freedom, because from here it appears as if Canada has become a stifling nation of fascist control and all out libertinism. Diabolical disorientation? Surely. So the people have little choice, because things are going to get far worse for Christians, no doubt at all.
But when you say America interfered, please keep in mind, America did not interfere. America is fairly evenly divided, the conservatives are half, the radical Leftist are the other half. Or perhaps, the conservatives are 30%, the radical Leftists are 30%, the uninformed middle of the road are 40%, something like that. Many Americans would be on your side, many, there are surely more practicing Christians in America than Canada, and we'd be with you. There are millionaire and billionaire globalists who may live in America, but they spend their money around the globe to disrupt, cause chaos, and generally benefit every evil cause.
We had Obama, and he was a destroyer and a plague to Christian thought exactly as Trudeau is, same thing. Thank God our plague is sidelined (not gone), but only because God raised up a man who could take on this evil regime and overcome it, Donald Trump. May He do the same for Canada, but Donald Trump's don't grow on trees. Still, you may make inroads and start the process. Or, you can just give up and accept defeat and get used to mistreatment and a nation gone mad. I know this is no little undertaking and who's got time, but, what choice has Canada got?

Johnno said...


I did not mean to infer that all Americans are individually responsible for the actions of their government or other US-based globalist organizations.

I have indeed gotten involved with political action and with the Conservatives. The last one being campaigning on behalf of Monte McNaughton in order to stop a new sex-education program designed by a convicted pedophile and our Lesbian premier who abandoned her own family and children to live in sodomy and now tells other parents how to raise their children, or rather that the government will be incrementally taking over that role.

But Monte McNaughton dropped out, seemingly because there was one other conservative party member, a woman who was the favorite and was ahead of him, so he threw his support behind a compromise candidate, Patrick Brown, who swore he'd carry through on the anti-sex ed campaign, so we supported him to prevent the other candidate from winning.

Patrick Brown got in, thanks to our efforts and the growing frustration across the board over the immoral sex ed program. A program that they tried to push through a decade ago, and failed, and they were now attempting again.

Immediately after getting in, Patrick Brown immediately turned around and reneged openly on what he promised and championed for homosexuals and child-sex-education. Amongst numerous other things. And has been purging the party of anyone who disagrees. This is already after we knew that the Conservatives safe McNaughton were making background deals with the liberals not to oppose the sex ed for the sake of 'diversity' and 'tolerance' and why both sides were booing and hollering at our preferred candidate for daring to breach it.

This is how 'Democracy' actually works. In fact this is how it always will. Donald Trump is an anomaly. It will soon be corrected. And already Trump is shown to be taking America down the same path as every other candidate when it comes to the War Economy. Though even I would've voted for him, I'm under no illusions that the Deep State is what truly runs America.

Power is NEVER in the hands of the people. It is never bottom up. It's not this way in Heaven. It was not this way on Earth. it is not this way in the Animal Kingdom. And it is not this way in the nuclear family.

Democracy was always a set-up fixed game that is easily manipulative. It's time to stop being naive and recognize that all democracies inevitably go the way of democracies before it - into tyranny.

This is not a 'defeatist' attitude. This is recognizing insanity when we see it, where we repeat ourselves and expect different results.

I will only engage in it when it is convenient or absolutely necessary to do so. I'll throw my vote behind any genuine candidate, even if their loss is a foregone conclusion.

But I will NEVER depend on it. And if facilitating its collapse leads to a greater good, then I'm all for it.

Johnno said...


It increasingly seems that the only real solution is violent revolution. But people will never risk their lives for anything anymore like they did back then. They only want comfort for as long as possible. On top of that any actual revolution in the current prison state system of surveillance and false flag terrorism will fail. 2nd amendment or not, we are outgunned and outmatched technologically. What was suitable during America's founding days is no longer applicable in 2018. The principle remains true, but in practice it is not.

Only GOD and the Mother of God can help us.

They're informed the Pope and bishops what they must do.

Nothing else matters.

This is not to say you should cease doing whatever good you can, even through whatever political process you're allowed to have. But know that it is not the means God desires and will only allow it to serve Him up to a limit.

Chastisement is coming. It will be devastating. And we are democratically telling it to.

The total collapse of the modern state apparatus is prophesied and inevitable as is the total annihilation of nations.

It is not defeatist to understand why God is doing what He is doing and recognizing that there are conditions for survival - such as abandonment of the world and human means and total dependence on Him and supernatural means.

I intend to make the best of it preparing for death and instructing those I love as best I am able. This includes exposing the reality of the world government system. Why the Church condemned it, and why Patriarchal Monarchies are the only viable solution, beginning with the family clan, for the benefit of future generations who survive and where these glorious things will be reestablished. We've lost a lot of knowledge of the world prior to the Flood of water. hopefully we'll document enough to teach those who come after the Flood of Fire.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

Ezra Levant at Rebel Media has done a great job at covering this disturbing story that seriously questions the prime minister’s judgment.

Peter Lamb said...

Stunning comment Johnno!
"I intend to make the best of it preparing for death and instructing those I love as best I am able."
My philosophy exactly.