Sunday, 11 September 2016

Eternal memory and rest unto their souls

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Ana Milan said...

I pray that God will take care of their souls & Our Holy Mother console their bereaved.

So many of our own countrymen caught up in this diabolical disaster plotted by Al Qaeda, yet Cardinal Madriaga blames the West for the crisis in the ME saying the West should have exported education etc. not war. Apparently bombing, beheading & dreadful persecution of innocent Catholics & Christians is acceptable, even justified (also the decapitation of a priest while celebrating Holy Mass) although such innocents have no say in the decisions of their governments with regard to oil exploitation etc. that has unsettled many in this region.

Maybe he should talk with George Soros (Schwartz) who is at the centre of the crisis, just as he has recently stated he was involved in VII. But that would be acting against the wishes of PF, so we won't be expecting such talks to ever take place.

We must defy Marxist/Masonic/Modernism wherever it shows its face - The Vatican, UN, EU, US Congress etc.etc. & support those who are at least trying to stop its progress - 45 Academics, VeriCatholici, Traditional Catholic websites & the very few Spanish Bishops & Cardinal Cañizares who are actually standing up for Christ in this diabolical mess PF has brought upon us.

Anonymous said...

I remember what I was doing 15 years ago. My manager had it on TV, and it looked like a scene from a movie. Peter Jennings reported about the first tower being attacked. Then my sister picked me up to go to my doctor's appointment. When we got there, the office had CNN on surround sound speakers and the local all news radio station on speakers as well. When the doctor had me in the examination room, that's when we heard about the crash of Flight 93.

If you think about it, this is a serious lesson for all of us to live and die in the state of sanctifying grace.

From a sudden and unprovided death, deliver us, O Lord!

Only chaste and Immaculate Virgin, who gave birth to God without seed, intercede before Him for the salvation of their souls.

Theotokion, Panakhyda