Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Irish seminarians and priests at Maynooth caught grinding away and playing Poke-A-Man - Diarmuid Martin said to be "somewhat unhappy!"

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Wasn't there and investigation of this horrendous place a few years ago conducted by Cardinals Collins of  Toronto and O'Malley of Boston and Dolan?

Did the Irish bishops do anything about this nest of bundled sticks?

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is somewhat unhappy that the next generation of molesters, buggers and sodomite rapists has been found out.

Priests and seminarians  on an app called Grindr. Do you know what it is? You register and through GPS, another  who wants to play Poke-A-Man near you uses it to "hook-up." 

It's like "cruising."

Priests and seminarians playing Poke-A-Man.

What an utterly useless, effeminate excuse for an Apostle!

You filthy, rotten sodomitical bastards. You have no business even considering priesthood.

Get out!


Anonymous said...

From reading the story, it seems Martin was more upset about the faithful seminarians' letters in which they exposed this filth going on, rather than the fact that the behaviour itself was happening. According to him, anonymously complaining about this crap (justified given the seminarians kicked out for blowing the whistle) is what creates an "unhealthy environment". What a useless prick. Martin is one of those bishops who seems to get particularly worse every year.

Rab said...

It seems we have a rather serious case of faggot infestation in the Church.

Ana Milan said...

It's good that this practice in the Irish seminaries (and many more seminaries) condoned by the Irish Hierarchy which led to the Child Abuse Scandal, not only in Ireland but around the world, is finally being exposed. The administrators of these seminaries have had no interest in straight men or the quality of those presenting themselves as candidates for the priesthood. They were only interested in boosting the already overwhelming numbers of the homosexually active mens' club which the CC has now become. This is demonic & has been the death knell of the Catholic faith in Ireland, a once vibrant source of missionaries, & demonstrates the necessity of completely overhauling entire Hierarchies & exorcising all seminaries globally to get Satan out of them. If the Vatican reeks of Satan, how can our seminaries be otherwise.

Kathleen1031 said...

This rot of our church is going to continue unless and until someone starts to rip it out. If there are a few isms and diseases infecting the faith, here is one of the biggest and the worst. Certainly these homosexuals have caused so much suffering among boys and young men. It is despicable that they have been allowed to continue. God deliver us from these vile predators and false priests.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, good bishops, do remove your seminarians from the terrible place! Oh my, how wise of you. Yes, "send them to Rome" instead! Ah, that solves the problem!

Lynda said...

We prayed it would be closed down after the Visitation five years or so ago - but it was a complete whitewash.