Monday, 16 May 2016

"Fundamental agreement should be established" with SSPX says Pope Francis

It has certainly been coming. What began with Pope Benedict XVI may finally be delivered by Pope Francis. May it be so. May it be so, soon. If any Pope can do this, if only because of his sheer will to do things out of the ordinary, and more than often enough causing us consternation because of it; if any Pope can do this, it is Francis. 

Francis will do it and some may fear it, thinking the Society will compromise. What is happening, in my view, is really quite simple; the Holy Spirit and Our Lady will bring this all together are bringing this all about in spite of the personalities involved. 

Pope Francis has his reasons for doing this, he certainly likes, "dialogue." Bishop Fellay and the other leadership know that it is not healthy to put another generation through the insecurity and isolation - it will not have good long-term effect. For those who fear what Francis or others might do to the Society, in my view, there is nothing which can be done to negatively affect the Society unless they "sell-out" which is not going to happen. They simply would refuse. Good heavens, have you ever met these priests? They are men of God, men of Mary, men of steel!

This is the work of the Holy Spirit right before our eyes. While on one hand we see much in the Church at near collapse, we see the work of the Paraclete actively preserving the Holy Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as I believe He did acting through Msgr. Marcel Lefebvre throughout the 1970's and 80's. The Holy Spirit also gave us Benedict XVI who was and is hated by many for Summorum Pontificum. From countless others, he is loved for this, and more. If they hate Papa Ratzinger for that motu proprio, then they hate the Holy Spirit and Christ Himself. 

As for explaining why Pope Francis seems prepared to reconcile, maybe it's just as simple as he wants to do everything for everybody or maybe its the active work of the Holy Spirit dragging all of them kicking and screaming to what must happen.

La Croix: You received, on the past April 1st, Bp. Bernard Fellay, Superior-General of the Society of Saint Pius X. Is the reintegration of the Lefebvrists in the Church once again being considered?
Pope Francis: In Buenos Aires, I always spoke with them. They saluted me, they asked for [my] blessing on their knees. They consider themselves Catholic. They love the Church. Bp. Fellay is a man with whom we can dialogue. It is not the case of other somewhat strange elements, such as Bp. Williamson, or others who have radicalized. I think, as I had expressed in Argentina, that they are Catholics on the path to full communion. During this Year of Mercy, it seemed that I should authorize their confessors to pardon the sin of abortion.[*] They thanked me for this gesture. Before that, Benedict XVI, whom they respect greatly, had liberalized the Mass according to the Tridentine Rite. We dialogue well, we do a good work.
La Croix: Would you be ready to grant them a status of personal prelature?
Pope Francis: It would be a possible solution, but, before, a fundamental agreement should be established with them. The Second Vatican Council has its value. We move forward slowly, with patience.


Mark Thomas said...

"We move forward slowly, with patience."

Bishop Fellay has acknowledged that the lack of trust exists on both sides of the Rome-SSPX "saga". Anti-Vatican traditionalists love to play the "don't trust's a modernist trap...Pope Francis wants to trap and destroy Bishop Fellay and the Society."

Conversely, as Bishop Fellay has acknowledged, there are Churchmen who are just as fervent in playing the "don't trust the SSPX...they desire regularization, legitimacy...then their radicalized elements will create turmoil..." card. They recall well that the SSPX reneged on the Protocol. They also fear that Bishop Williamson types remain within the SSPX, including laity at SSPX chapels. They also are Churchmen who are flat-out opposed to the TLM.

Pope Francis informed Bishop Fellay that he (Pope Francis) has to deal with anti-SSPX Churchmen in Rome. Pope Francis has to proceed cautiously in his attempt to regularize the SSPX. Pope Francis is performing God's work (Blessed are the Peacemakers) in attempting to change hearts and minds who oppose the Pope's desire to regularize the Society.

That is why Traditionalists should offer up prayers, Rosaries, even send letters of support to His Holiness Pope Francis to help strengthen the Pope in the face of anti-SSPX Churchmen who oppose the SSPX's regularization.

Rather than waste time and energy upon the discredited "it's a trap by 'modernist' Pope Francis to destroy the SSPX" conspiracy theory, Traditionalists should pray that God will strengthen Pope Francis' holy effort to regularize the SSPX.


Mark Thomas

Ana Milan said...

It would be an answer to prayer if the SSPX were regularised without any strings attached with regard to Vatican II. The reintroduction of TLM worldwide would boost everyone's faith including the Hierarchy's who would regain the fervour they badly lack in carrying out Christ's instruction to go and teach all nations. This certainly hasn't been the case since Vatican II and I greatly hope that catechesis is put back on the agenda, together with all seven sacraments & devotions. Vast areas within Europe have not been evangelised so there is a tremendous amount of work to be undertaken, but with God's will & Our Lady's help the CC can & will be restored.

Mark Thomas said...

What a fascinating turn of events in regard to the SSPX.

His Holiness Pope Francis, a supposed "modernist/heretic", has declared that the SSPX is "Catholic". Conversely, SSPX resistance types and Super Trad sedevacantists have declared that Bishop Fellay and the SSPX are "heretics".

Certain Traditionalists who view themselves as the only "true" Traditionalists on earth — Super Trads — insist that SSPX bishops and priests are liberal heretics. The Super Trads are vicious critics of the SSPX. Conversely, since his days in Argentina, Pope Francis has been the SSPX's loyal and great friend.



Mark Thomas

philipjohnson said...

SSPX.Can you trust this Bishop of Rome?

tommy0274 said...

Vox Cantoris, so you actually WANT the SSPX to be absorbed into the Conciliar Church?

It will be the death of the society.

Vox Cantoris said...


There is only the Catholic Church, with all the welts and wounds from being scourged, there is only One Church, there is no "Conciliar Church." There is truth and there is error. Yes, I want the SSPX regularised because it will be force of good and a manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit to build up the Church and right the barque. This is not a sedevacantist site, though I allow comments. This is not an SSPX site, though I have great respect for them. They have no fear of Rome, they have Our Lady!

Greg J Ben said...

Jesus can't, isn't, and will never be present among people who call themselves "Christians" yet they are divided, hate each other, fight each other, are not united, are not one.

Do all the Masses you want, say all the prayers you want, He is not there.

You (who call yourselves "Christians") might think He's there, it makes you feel good and certain that your Mass or prayers are valid and listened to. But God doesn't work like that.

Read the Bible.

Aldo & Josiane Mannella said...

God is where ever peace makers are! He is in our masses and our prayers. Lord Jesus said that when 2 or more are gathered in his name, he is there. It is a very valid mass. The Eucharist is Christ and we recieve Him daily.

To believe the seat of Peter is vacant and not filled is like saying the Holy Spirit doesn't have the power to keep the church going regardless of our human errors or changes. God has founded our faith. In this faith we must unite and become one catholic apostolic church. The way God intends it be. It was separated by our own hands and pride. May God strengthen and bless the work of Pope Francis in uniting the Catholic faith.

I too have must respect for the sspx but am saddened by sedavacantists. I pray Mother Mary opens there eyes. I pray she helps our church become one! God's will be done. GOD BLESS ��