Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Francis Effect and what has gone wrong - Father Linus Clovis

Father Linus F. Clovis is a priest of the Archdiocese of Castries, St. Lucia in the West Indies.  He studied for the priesthood at the Angelicum in Rome and was ordained in 1983 by Blessed Pope John Paul II. He spoke last week at a forum for ProLife leaders in Rome. 

It can be found on Gloria TV and Steve Skojec has transcribed some of the main points.

Father gives a clear assessment of the current situation. It is profound and lays out for the hearer. His clarity is refreshing, his honesty is shocking.

Let me give you a few examples:
“When a bishop — a Catholic bishop — can applaud sin publicly, it causes us to tremble. But this is essentially the ‘Francis Effect.’ It’s disarming bishops and priests, especially after the Holy Father said, ‘Who am I to judge?’ I as a priest say Mass, preaching, and I make a judgment about a sin, one breaking the ten commandments, I would be condemned for judging. I would be accused of being ‘more Catholic than the pope’. There used to be a saying — rhetorical — ‘is the pope Catholic?’ That’s no longer funny.” (in reference to Dolan’s “Bravo!” comments regarding the coming out of football player Michael Sam.) 

“Obedience is owed to the pope, but the pope owes obedience to the word and the apostolic tradition. We have to obey the pope, but the pope himself must obey the written word. He must obey the tradition. He must respond to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Obedience is owed to the pope, but it is the duty of the pope to give the character of possibility to this obedience. The pope has to facilitate our obeying him, by himself being obedient to the Word of God. Pope Felix III told us, ‘an error that is not resisted is approved. A truth that is not defended is suppressed.’ So we have an obligation to resist error, and we must do everything that we can to promote the truth.”
Please visit OnePeterFive for the rest of the transcript.



viterbo said...

"Pope Felix III told us, ‘an error that is not resisted is approved. A truth that is not defended is suppressed." There would be no 'Francis Effect' if we all followed the sound teachings of Pope Felix III.

Anonymous said...

Wow! An amazing commentary for its candour and accuracy. Let's hope that certain cardinals who need to hear Fr. Clovis' testimony are listening!

'DIS & 'DAT said...

Thanks for picking up Fr. Clovis' outstanding truth revealing presentation. The Remnant also has it, probably other sites, too.

Michael Dowd

Brian said...

"...A truth that is not defended is suppressed...."

I like that statement. A widespread form of this suppression, is the refusal by clergy and laity to talk about heresy and schism. How can you clearly teach the truth without identifying the error? When the bishops of Rome refuse to talk about this then the suppression becomes all the more serious. An essential characteristic of the Neo-Modernist understanding of truth, is the correspondence of mind with one's lifestyle (adaequatio intellectus et vitae). This understanding of truth, worthy of the hippies, at Haight and Ashbury, in the 1967 summer of love, has saturated our Church. It has crippled our ability to defend our faith and morals. Fr. Clovis' understanding of truth looks sound and traditional; the correspondence of the mind with reality (adaequatio intellectus et rei).

Pope Benedict XVI, in his Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum, had a quote that really caught my attention: "What was Holy yesterday is Holy today." Equally true, of course, is: "What was heresy yesterday is heresy today."

I like this Fr. Clovis. He has some Athanasius and Borromeo in him.

TLM said...

1Peter5 also has it. You should hop over there just to read the combox. There are some that are calling the good Fr. anything but Catholic for 'bashing' the 'Holy Father', and saying he should be immediately sacked. Also those who agree with Fr. need to go to confession, they are in grave sin!

I wonder who these people really are? Interesting. I think just the opposite, if you listen to those surrounding Francis and even Francis himself and buy into their 'theology' I would think that would put you in danger of losing your very soul. Fr Linus was careful to state that in no way was he 'bashing' Francis himself, but disagreeing with his statements and actions that are in error. Fr. Linus is a very learned theologian so I'm confident he knows how to present his 'agrument'.

TLM said...

One more comment: You have to know that the good Fr. will pay dearly for his faithfulness in presenting the truth. Pray for him.

Unknown said...

God bless Father Clovis! This priest is knowledgeable and simply humbling to hear.