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The Legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins: From the Ambo - take the jab!

As the great celebration of embracing gratitude for His Most Serene Eminence, Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins approaches, it behooves us to recycle some posts from the past.

Monday, 15 March 2021

Cardinal Thomas Collins says you "need to vaccine" it is "common sense" and an "act of charity!"

In comments after the Postcommunion in an empty St. Michael's Cathedral yesterday (begins at 54:00), Thomas Cardinal Collins said from the Cathedra that "we need to vaccinate the population" calling it "common sense" and an "act of charity." Not commenting on the recent suspension in much of Europe of the Astra-Zeneca gene therapy, Collins said that "it is a sign of hope" and that it is a "sensible way to get beyond" the virus, a virus that originated in a laboratory in communist China and was released accidentally or intentionally and has spread throughout the world causing illness, death, and economic destruction. Collins mentioned nothing about the testing of these "vaccines" or in some cases the containment of fetal stem cells within it.

We have read and heard from various quarters in the Church, including the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and from many theologians and bio-ethicists that the fact that the HEK 293 stem lines from an aborted baby girl are not something that we need to be concerned about. As with Collins, the word "charity" is the theme heard from Rome to Toronto and beyond throughout the Catholic world. 

More reading on the debate can be found at: 

Let us make no mistake. These chemicals offered by Phizer, Astra-Zeneca (now being banned throughout Europe) and Johnson & Johnson and others, are not vaccines in the traditional sense. A little bit of SARS-CoV-2 is not in the serum as with polio or smallpox. This is experimental gene therapy and the long-term results are not known. The experimental testing is going on in the broader populace. There are documented cases of illness and death as a result of people taking these therapies. This is beyond the fundamental problem of fetal kidney cells from an aborted baby contained within or used to test these products. It also begs the question of how many other products we use daily are never reported as to their testing protocols using fetal stem lines. 

Fundamentally, the taking of these therapies is an individual decision. Should you take it, you must do so with full informed consent and that includes the perennial teaching of the Church, not just now but what She has taught before. I am not a theologian, not a bio-ethicist but it seems pretty simple to me, a "very remote cooperation with evil" is still cooperation with evil. I cannot answer the question of how many angels dance on a pin others have tried and let them continue. I will not subject my body to an experimental therapy that may cause the end of my life or significant negative consequences that do not outweigh the risk from actually catching the disease but more importantly, I will not benefit directly with full knowledge that the benefit is due to the murder of a baby girl by the crime of abortion. I will not be confronted or accused by that child at my particular judgement for benefitting from her death. This is what my conscience dictates, my sins are already grave enough.  Everyone must examine their conscience in this matter.

Returning to the commentary by Cardinal Collins, one must ask a few questions to His Eminence. The Cardinal or His Excellency Mr. Neil MacCarthy are invited to answer (yes, they read these.)

Was your promotion of these gene therapies tied to the niggardly increase of church occupancy to fifteen percent in the grey lockdown areas?

Do you believe that you should personally benefit from the murder of an aborted child?

Are you afraid of speaking against these genetic therapies and the connection to abortion because YouTube may remove your live-stream Mass and Facebook will ban you and thus prevent you from promoting it?

Are you going to demand on pain of suspension that every priest receive the therapy?

Will you punish any parish employee or contractor in the Archdiocese of Toronto who refuses to accept the alleged morality or medical efficacy of the genetic therapy?

Will a "vaccine passport" be necessary to come to Mass?

Are you so much the compromiser as to take the advice of the same "virtuous" public health official that limited church attendance to ten? It was YOU Cardinal Collins that closed the churches and shut down the Mass in November!

Are you prepared for the lawsuits from those who have an illness or the estates of those who may die from these experimental gene therapies that you are promoting and who may take them only because they were confident because "the Cardinal said it was an act of charity and I must be charitable?"

This is just another example of a weak and ineffectual Shepherd who only a few minutes before gave a homily about the Sacred Heart of Jesus and an upcoming pastoral letter. That Heart of Jesus has just been wounded again, not by a faithful shepherd but by a hireling who has sold us out to Cesare.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

There is a massive media attack on Saint John Paul II in Poland. Some sodomites demand that no school or building be named after him. Documents have been revealed which demonstrate the Saint's inaction or apathy in addressing paedophilia in the Church. A priest and professor Father Dariusz Oko, the author of "With the pope against the Homoheresy" (2012) who was recently sentenced to jail in Germany (I think he paid fines instead) for correctly and scientifically linking paedophilia (he makes a point of differentiating paedophilia from ephebophilia) in Church to homosexual priests (80%), made an interesting remark.

Father Prof. Dariusz Oko said in a recent interview related to condemnation of the Polish Saint that a rational person who applies logic in daily considerations fails to acknowledge that most people's minds are not a logically consistent system. Most people's mind are like a garbage dumpster where mutually exclusive propositions, false information and propaganda do not get challenged, organized, vetted. /This is my take on what Father Oko said./ How else do we explain that the same leaders in the new Sodom who demand the normalization and legalization of paedophilia (inevitably soon to come celebration) are so determined to vilify the Polish Saint who simply failed to clean the Church of paedophiles?

The Cardinal has a lot of garbage in his head. Perhaps when a man begins to compromise his own convictions, he avoids a natural need for organization of his thought and belief systems. It is not a failure of his intelligence, it is a moral failure and a flight from systematic thought. It is likely a rejection of Logos, all to enable persistent chaos. Had the man been willing to examine himself, he would have to condemn himself.

I am not just pointing to him in this judgement. When I think back at m life, I am often overwhelmed by guilt and shame. What must I do? Apart from seeking God's forgiveness, I must not leave everything as it is and accept myself unconditionally, I must fight evil.

P. O'Brien said...

Lesson learned from the last sixty years: Don't trust the Church in secular matters and get another opinion or two when the Church speaks about Catholic doctrine.

Horrible to say, but a lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

I’m saying this now, perhaps months, perhaps years ahead. Do not get the identity chip, regardless if the Church promotes it.