A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday 29 November 2023

Bergoglio confirms he has stripped Cardinal Burke of his Roman privileges

Bree Dail, Rome correspondent for The Daily Wire is reporting that an alleged journalist is now on the record having recevied a note from the ailing Bishop of Rome. Bergoglio confirms the actions to remove Cardinal Burke's salary and Rome apartment but that he didn't call him his "enemy." The blog where the alleged journalist went on record states that Cardinal Burke "has spent a decade publicly attempting to undermine Church unity and the papacy." 

We all know that statement is an outright lie. Anyone can go back and read any statement by Cardinal Burke - in interviews, on his web page, live speeches. If anything, he has gone to great pains and suffered criticism for not being firmer. Lies, all lies. 

Will the next move be to strip Cardinal Burke of his red?

Is Cardinal Mueller next?

Motus in fine velocior - movement is faster at the end. 

Get the popcorn and your rosary.


P. O'Brien said...

"Motus in fine velocior." Except in the last couple of minutes in a professional football game

Robert said...

When the vaccine hesitant Cardinal Burke was receiving care for a respiratory virus in 2021, Pope Francis was quick to throw shade on His Eminence's concern of the link to fetal cell lines. Pope Francis called it "an irony of life."
Now that the Dubai trip has been suspended because of a respiratory infection, the Cardinal who is still waiting for a response to his Dubia is having his apartment rights suspended, yet he seems to be living rent free is the Pope's head.
Alanis Morissette could not have written better lyrics, don't you think?