A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 9 December 2023

Happy Holidays from the Jesuits!



Thomas F. Miller said...

These sods were identified in a prior post does anyone have it to put up again?

Father John Matthew Duffy said...

In an age in which pederast priests are being imprisoned for buggering boys, why is Jesuit Pope Francis deliberately loading the College of Cardinals with his sodophile allies ??? In a diabolical modern world that is in full revolt against the Divinely-revealed Natural Order, why is Jesuit Pope Francis telling civil governments to legalize sodomy ??? Instead of telling souls to avoid relationships that are the near occasion of grave sin, the homocentric Jesuit-controlled Vatican says that sodomite unions can be blasphemously "blessed".

The present Jesuit/Globalist assault on the True Christ could not have been successful without the silent cooperation of "orthodox" bishops and Cardinals.

"The Success Of The Evil Stands On The Cowardice Of The Good".
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
'The Cost Of Discipleship'

As Good and evil cannot co-exist, orthodox prelates must not delude themselves into thinking that they will avoid this fight against the "synthesis of all errors".

"A Concession Will Be Demanded Of The Clergy That Must Not Be Given".
- Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

P. O'Brien said...

Is this a real picture of young Jesuits?

P. O'Brien said...

Is this a put-on, or are these really Jesuits?

Vox Cantoris said...

Had it for years. Just a put-on. I think.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I repeat myself, but some things should be known. When I contacted Jesuit James Martin, to whom the current occupant of the Chair of Peter sends personal letters of support even from a hospital bed (where said support relates to sodomy normalization, promotion and celebration) and asked: "Is there anything you consider sinful?", James Martin blocked me on FB. I asked the same of Cardinal Cupich - with the same result. I do not think the concept of sin has a place in the new world religion. Sexual morality? - I get mocked when I use the expression. Bergoglio himself sends away young couples expecting a child asking for the sacrament of marriage: "You have to marry for the right reasons, come back in two years, if you still want to marry." I wonder: What is a right reason for marrying? Most likely, according to Bergoglio who has no words of reprimand for "the little sins under the belt" the right reason to marry is lust that lasts beyond three years. First comes lust, and if children happen, oh well, Emma Bonino proud of aborting thousands of babies a year is according to Bergoglio "one of Italy's greats". Joe Biden, whom Bergoglio considers a Catholic in good standing, makes sure to impose abortion and sodomy celebration on all countries which are still resisting these evils. When I was a girl, we had a subject in school called "Preparation for life in a socialist family." Progress - very much pushed by Jesuits - has given new fruit: "Pleasure-centred sex education." All the fools who defend these people and their schemes, will have to give an accounting before the loving yet just God. Those sins are not, as Bergoglio would have it, "little sins under the belt." Those sins cause a degeneration of the soul. If this is progress, it's in the direction of hell. Do not harm the little ones, Bergoglio. Let them live, and let their parents marry.