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A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 6 August 2021

Bergoglio to spy on all of us and punish bishops that allow the Traditional Latin Mass - LifeSiteNew sources. We have our sources too!


Dr. Maike Hickson not known for tin-foiled hat journalism is reporting from sources in the Vatican that Bergoglio will go further to suppress the Latin Mass in its traditional form through a network of spies and informants and will not tolerate dissent. The article is linked above.

As Hickson eludes, it is important to look at the past to see how Bergoglio has operated in order to see how he might act in the future. In all of these things, we can see a pattern of cruelty and vindictiveness towards individuals to an outright hatred of the faith proven by his actions many of which have been written on this blog for the past eight years. 

The spying will be carried out by Bergoglio's henchman, João Braz de Aviz a man born in 1947 making him 74 years of age and obviously one who colours his hair. The once famous commercial, "only your hairdresser knows for sure," is moot by the obvious myriad of photos of Aviz. What other "secrets" does the "Cardinal" have and why does a 74-year-old man, and a priest to boot, colour his hair? Enquiring minds wish to know.

I state again, I knew nothing of this man and had not heard of him before that tragic day. When he came out on the loggia it was as if an interior locution revealed itself through physical effects that something was wrong and would get much worse. The work by this writer against this man may have disturbed some, it has often disturbed me as a Catholic speaking against a "pope." Yet, the truth must be told. Jorge Bergoglio exhibits perfect possession based upon the evidence over the last eight years. From the failure to genuflect at the Holy Mass whilst he can happily grovel to kiss and wash feet to the heresy contained in Amoris Laetitia, the blasphemous worship of a pagan demon goddess, the betrayal of the faithful in China and so much more and now the plan to destroy the Holy Mass, it is evident for those who are prepared to see what many of us have seen these eight years. The man's works are evil as is he. He has no grace of office. He has betrayed the One, True Faith and must be resisted.

Bergoglio has overreached. It is clear. We will not comply with his order or his machinations. No Pope has the moral authority to do what he has done. Our job is to defy Bergoglio to his face in every way possible and to remain faithful to Christ and the Catholic tradition. 

We have our own sources in the Vatican and will report the information now for your consideration. The recent surgery was not for diverticulitis but for colon cancer and he is wearing a colostomy bag and is in his last months. Hence, the rush to destroy before he is gone. Perhaps the next fall going up the stairs for Mass will cause it to splatter for all to see. Just exposure to a corrupt and despicable tyrant.

"May his days be shortened and another his bishopric take."


Ana Milan said...

Your sources are correct. I have also been told that JB has only a short time to live in this world & that there are plenty of manueverings going on in the background. You can be sure that his henchmen will be doing all they can to bury the real news & get him to prolong their struggle to introduce the NWO Great Reset, godless religion, while he still breathes. As he isn't a valid pope this will have no legs & all can be completely overturned by PBXVI or another validly elected pope very soon. At least half the electing Cardinals will have to be expelled & loads of Bishops too. The cleansing is about to begin.

Anonymous said...

There was a spy at the first Mass,his name was Judas.

Anonymous said...

Where can I sign. Yes, yes, and a thousand times, yes. It is exactly as you say Vox, Bergoglio is evil, a destroyer, and he is intentionally killing the church and removing all Catholic content. All Catholics should understand the nature of this vile person. Vindictive, evil man, I did not think for a second he would allow dissent. Fellow Catholics, you have been fooled, probably through your good intentions to honor the man who sits in the Chair of Peter, but you must know my now that this man was falsely elected. Given all his terrible words and actions, he cannot be the Vicar of Christ. If venerating Pachamama on Vatican ground, breaking the First Commandment of God against false idols, does not convince you, or his refusal to kneel and show respect for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament during his demonic "papacy", his attack on the Roman Rite must.
This is hard to accept, but it is something all Catholics must come to understand, Bergoglio cannot really be pope, no pope would do what he is doing. We do not know the answer to this infestation of demonic men in the church, they are Legion within and without Rome, but God does know the answer, and certainly He expects you as a Christian to be able to hear and identify the bad shepherd as well as the good. At least do not help with your support, the men who are aiding "Francis" in destroying the church by not opposing him to the face, as St. Paul had to do.
Catholics love Jesus Christ, love Our Lady, love the church, love the faith. As hard as it is, it is imperative that ALL Catholics understand the times we are in, and that Bergoglio represents Satan, not Jesus Christ, as hard as this is to accept.
God, help us, open eyes to see the truth, amen.

Anonymous said...


elpine flower said...

Yep his hair looks like the infamous Fr Anthony Cippola!
Remember according to genuine Exorcists demons hate Latin...........Hmmm, I wonder of Borgoglio knows that?

Barona said...

We can definitively conclude several facts regarding Francis' medical conditions based on 1) the rush into surgery on a Sunday is indicative of peritonitis; and 2) colon re-sectioning. This procedure is followed by reattaching (if possible) the colon to the rectum or the creation of a colostomy.

Given his age and frailty the appropriate medical advice would be a colostomy as rectal reattachment many times fails and requires additional surgery for a colostomy. One does not perform a second major operation on an overweight old man with one lung, high BP, and diabetes. Other preexisting conditions I am unaware of, but that does not preclude their existence. This is not a healthy 84 year old man. If he does have cancer he will not last the year. Pray that he repent.

JKE said...

How long before “recognize & resist” types pull their heads out and realize that the Novus Ordo religion, now headed by the rabidly anti-Catholic Jorge Bergoglio, is absolutely no part of the Catholic Church but is, rather, the diabolical anti-Church foreseen by saints and theologians?

If the Novus Ordo religion is the Catholic Church, then the Church has defected. But we’re divinely assured that the actual Church is indefectible. Thus the Novus Ordo religion is no part of the Catholic Church.

Yet R&R types insist there can be multiple religions within one Church: actual Catholicism alongside the Novus Ordo religion. This is insane “traditionalist” ecumenism.

Equally insane is Vigano’s and his fellow R&R adherents’ preposterous idea that there can be a “non-Catholic pope.” In reality, if one isn’t Catholic, like the anti-Catholic Bergoglio, then he can’t possibly be a pope. No “square triangles,” no “non-Catholic popes.” One cannot be the head of a body of which he is not a member. Bergoglio heads the Novus Ordo religion, not the Catholic Church.

M. Prodigal said...

Have been reading rumors that the bishop of Rome actually has colon cancer and is wearing a bag. He is in a hurry to further the reset agenda. In charity we should pray he repents of the idol worship and other grave sins he has been approving of before he enters eternity. And... pray for a saintly man to be the next pope. Nothing less will do.

susan said...

Better be praying HARD for the death of Benedict (or his miraculous, public self-delared revelation that he IS (and has been) the ONE reigning true pope since 4/19/2005) before bergoglio dies, cause the last...THE ABSOLUTE LAST thing we need is another invalid conclave and another demonic anti-pope (I prefer the term 'NO-pope', or just 'NOPE' for short), only this one will be worse....younger, stronger, more emboldened and even more diabolical.

Benedict is pope...whether he likes it or not, and he remains on the seat of Peter, and Peter has only ONE head. PERIOD. ...there is no sedevacant. And if he is living after bergoglio has gone onto his...'reward'....and another sham 'conclave' is held, the results will make what we've been thru for the past 7 years look like Disneyland of the 50's.

Seriously, start praying like you've never prayed before.

Neofito said...

Well... if this could be true, that means that there are a figth between factions, just to select who will controll all when jmb gets off...
and trying to make/finish him the "dirtiy work", so the next one could begin as the "good cop"

MmeScherzo said...


Irenaeus said...

Internal cancers, especially when hidden deep inside the body as with colon cancer, are an ugly business. The pontiff must be in incredible pain.

The novena in preparation for Our Lady's Assumption (and Coronation) begins today. Let us recommend the pontiff to Her. Christ can refuse Her nothing, if She asks Him to pardon the sinner who has great devotion to Her.

Mary, Our Lady, be an advocate of mercy for Pope Francis!

Anonymous said...

This guy won't leave us alone even in death. Prepare yourselves for the next ordeal; canonization by AntiChurch. The moment he dies we'll hear "santo subito!" from the likes of McElroy, Cupich, Jimmy Martin, et al.

TheFlyingTigers said...

If B16 passes away before Bergoglio, how will we have a validly-elected Pope?

Unknown said...

Our 'freund' the Novus Ordoer Benedict appointed Aviz.

Why is it the constant nonsense about the wonders of Benedict among so many..
Stop begging in the wrong directions.

Keith S

Anonymous said...

Francis is the Judas-Pope and he is in for the final betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church before his last breath. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus in the first Century, and 2,000 years later, Francis the Judas-Pope betrays Christ’s one true Church in the 21st Century.

The Roman Catholic Church and humanity are faced with the Satanic Covid Communists takeover of all nations (http://historyreviewed.best/index.php/fantastic-jews-are-behind-the-pandemic-chant-crowd-at-polish-anti-vaccine-protest/ and no Catholic website dare speak about it. https://fitzinfo.net/hoaxid-19/

The Roman Catholic Church and humanity are at war against the devil and his minions https://fitzinfo.net/jq/ and Catholic websites are so oblivious about it.

Francis always hide the crucifix of his necklace under his wide belt whenever he is in the presence of the anti-Christians who own CPAC and the ADL (photo https://mauricepinay.blogspot.com/ ) and the (http://historyreviewed.best/index.php/video-great-jewish-mask-part-1/)

Judas was one of the Apostles, he was the only one who could do the inside-job to deliver Jesus to the devil's minions

Likewise, Francis is the Judas of the end-times, the only inside-job for the final kill of the Tridentine Mass which is equivalent to stabbing the Heart of the Roman Catholic Church and delivering Her to the children of the devil.


The biggest sign Francis is the son of Judas is he has the hereditary biological ailment and cause of death of Judas -- because both Francis and Judas were born from the bowels of the devil.

Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into Hell, Satan and all the other evil spirits, who prowl throughout the world, seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

peasant said...

"May his days be shortened and another his bishopric take."
a piece of wisdom:
Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know.

St Malaki wrote a list of popes to the end but not all were mentioned. The list begins with numbered popes from his time all the way thru till Pope Benedict XVI. As numbers follow one after the other so too all of these popes until Pope Benedict XVI. He also states the last pope Peter the Roman, a good Pope who is not numbered. Not numbered means he does not directly follow Benedict XVI. Between Pope Benedict XVI and Peter the Roman is the false prophet as mentioned in the Apocalypse of St John. Being that he isn't mentioned in St Malaki's list and Peter the Roman is not numbered there can be any number of false prophets. His job is to prepare the church and the world to welcome the antichrist. He, the false prophet, will do so by ending the Holy Mass (all forms and rites), including all private mass and making it unlawful to keep or preserve the Sacred Species. The Novus Ordo will likely remain in a changed form such that transubstantiation is impossible and those who are not paying attention will be able to keep going to church every weekend and walking up to get their bit on the hand from a "priest" with their head in a face diaper (just like today). If this false prophet 1.0 is removed from the scene another will take his place until the church and the world are made ready to welcome antichrist .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous:9:46 am said:
"It is exactly as you say Vox, Bergoglio is evil, a destroyer, and he is intentionally killing the church and removing all Catholic content. All Catholics should understand the nature of this vile person. ....This is hard to accept, but it is something all Catholics must come to understand, Bergoglio cannot really be pope, no pope would do what he is doing."

My comment:

Your are now expelled from SSPX chapels! Do not come to our mass. We will throw you out of the building as we did to others, because you disturb the faithful. Our mass IS with the Pope in Canon, who cannot really be Pope, but because he is Bergoglio of Rome, we are with him. OK?

Anonymous said...

I certainly do hope and pray he repents and that God has mercy on him. I wouldn't wish colon cancer on anyone at all, I've seen it and it's rough. In addition I don't wish to hurt my fellow Catholics who are sensitive and care about him. But we need to see him it seems, for what he is. A man facing his own imminent demise who doubles down brutally on getting rid of the Roman Rite, the Mass of the saints and the ages, our Catholic heritage, what charitable thing can be said about that person. Leave him to God's perfect justice.

Liam Ronan said...

Ah! But who are what will 'take his place'?

Anonymous said...

What you are witnessing is the mischief of the Prince of darkness who is seducing "even the elect" if that were possible. The Francis church is an illusion. It is the system left behind from the Anti-Christ 20th century. To make sense of it all one must pray, pray, pray and study from old Catholic books. Try searching for books on archive.org. Saint Thomas Aquinas pointed out a time after anti Christ in which the wicked would lord it over on the good (example:vaccines) and the wicked would act like since their actions appear to go unpunished, they had "peace and security."

Throw out everything you believed from the 20th century, including the destructive and dastardly Fatima debacle. How long will people continue us to take that bait which coerced you into adherence with the Satanic system in Rome where Anti Christ once sat and now his minions are finishing the job. Wake up before the Lord Jesus comes back like a "thief in the night" and followers of the baited deception are caught unaware and involved with the drama the minions of He'll would rather you take part in instead of praying to the Holy Ghost daily for answers and seeking to k ow, love and serve God.

Don’t be Anonymous 10:03 said...

@ Anonymous 10:03 Get behind us, Satan

Athanasius said...

No matter how wicked or evil Francis is personally, he is still the legitimately elected Pope. When the entire Church recognises him as such, and when there are no whistleblowers to say his election was achieved by fraud, we must accept, for good or ill, that he is Pope regardless of his attempts to destroy the Traditional Faith.

Benedict XVI made it perfectly clear, both prior to and after the election of Francis, that his "abdication" was of his own free will, so the old "Benedict is still Pope" argument doesn't hold water. Nor does the argument that subordinates in the Church have the authority from God to judge and depose a Successor of St. Peter. That's what Protestants do, not Catholics. We have to bear with this unjust Pope and hope to God he converts before his death. The Church will posthumously make its judgment on his Pontificate, as it did with Honorius I, but in the meantime, for Gods' sake, let's not go down this road of bitter zeal declaring Francis to be an antipope. Only God knows the interior thoughts and intentions of men - we have no such divine insight. If Francis over-reaches himself in trying to harm the Mass and the Faith, then we likewise over-reach ourselves when in response we claim to know his soul and have a right to depose him and wish him off the face of the earth. There is nothing remotely Catholic in any of this and it certainly is not in accord with Our Lady's Fatima request that we pray much for the Holy Father.

Vox Cantoris said...

An excellent reminder, Athanasius. Thank you.

Paul Dale said...

At Athanasius.

Go to fromrome.info and learn from a latinist the total illegitimacy of the antipope that is Bergoglio.

You have just called Christ a liar. Repent!

Anonymous said...

If he miraculously recovers, he’s the false prophet. Otherwise it’s his successor.

Charmaine said...

An excellent reminder, Vox Cantoris?

But this is what you said on July 2:

"Benedict XVI was and remains the Vicar of Christ..."

"This is still my belief. Josef Ratzinger is Pope Benedict XVI, the "sweet Vicar of Christ on Earth," to quote St. Catherine of Sienna."

"I came to this conclusion years ago. I just did not say so publicly."


Athanasius said...

Paul Dale,

You may point me to as many websites you like, it will not change my view on Sedevacantism. I've researched and debated with sedevacantists over a number of decades, so I am already familiar with all the armchair theological arguments.

Now, you're response to me is: "You have just called Christ a liar." Is that so?

Well, Our Lord told St. Peter that the Gates of Hell will never prevail against His Church. If we accept the sedevacantist argument, however, which is that the Pope is not the Pope, and let's face it, the sedevacantists generally reject all Vatican II Popes as valid, then the entire College of Cardinals are not actually Cardinals. Indeed, assuming that they recognise these Vatican II Popes as valid Pontiffs, they too would presumably be judged by sedevacantists to be excommunicated apostates. Hence the Gates of Hell have in fact prevailed since there is now no practical way to elect a true Pope. It is this mindset, not mine, that gives the lie to Our Lord Jesus Christ, not to mention that it is simply so ridiculous that I cannot believe that so many otherwise intelligent Catholics could ever fall for it. No, sedevacantism is the product of bitter zeal that craves vengeance - it is not remotely the spirit of Our Lord

peasant said...

response to Athanasius :
"he is still the legitimately elected Pope."
Pope Benedict told you who he, the next "Pope" would be by changing the rules for the next conclave to require a 2/3 or 66.6 % majority to confirm the the election of the next pontiff. 2/3 is the man over God number. 666 is the number of the beast.
God gave all man free will. This applies to all men at all times. God never takes this gift away from any man during any time during their mortal life. This also applies to every Cardinal during conclave. The Holy Ghost is available to advise, inspire, direct, and correct if the Cardinal(s) choose to accept His pleading. At least 66.6% of the cardinals at the last conclave did not ask or accept the direction the Holy Ghost was showing them.
You would be foolish accept Poop Francis and his teaching. This will also weigh heavily on your immortal soul, judgement, and where you spend your eternity.

Anonymous said...

All the bad popes were sinners, not heretics or apostates. Heretics or apostates are not members of the Church, so how can they be it’s head?

Even if seddevacantism is false Benedict still dresses in white. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Benedict said he was not leaving ,but remaining in a "new way",that the Papacy was an indelible mark.He obviously believes he can remain Pope in the spiritual realm,while his successor does the active role.The Holy Spirit operates in the spiritual realm .Benedict introduced a situation that's never existed before in the Church, Christ's promise rests on Peter,it can't be split between two men.

peasant said...

There can not ever be to popes or two half popes.
Jesus said to Simon BarJona: "And I say to thee: "That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church," Matthew 16:18
If one builds a house on two rocks one will eventually move against the over, the walls will crack and the building will fall on those therein.

peasant said...

If one could twist the arm of a reigning pontiff such that he proclaims " I resign! I resign!" , then applying more of the same method will have him claim publicly "and I do so of my own free will."
Since a half resignation of a reigning pontiff can never be valid all statements including his own in support of the same are equally so.

Anon said...

At Athanasius.

Sorry, no I am not a sede. Never have been. I believe that a legitimately elected pope, JPII, changed how a pope was to resign/renounce the papacy in the New Code of Canon Law in 1983. That law was promulgated by the pope and ergo is accepted by Almighty God. The declaratio that Benedict issued on 11th February was riddled with over 40 errors and he failed to carry out the demands laid out in 332,2. That is a fact; ergo HH Pope Benedict XVI did not renounce the charge that was handed to him when elected. Why? Yes that is the story which cannot be expounded here. The cardinals ran with unseemly haste to have their conclave which was illegal, failing to verify the validity of the renunciation. Hence all of them are guilty in electing an antipope. Everything they did was and remains guilty in law, and has no legitimacy.

It is masonic to say that universal acceptance is the what makes Bergoglio the pope, an affront to the Most Triune God. The see is not vacant, Benedict reigns gloriously as Supreme Pontiff. And it is pure deviant sophistry to argue that anyone who doesn't uphold Bergoglio as the pope to be a sedevacantist.

You sin when you accept a pertinacious heretic as pope - when Christ prayed otherwise and Vatican I affirmed - and you fail in your duty to use the critical skills of reason informed by facts to know that the law that was laid down by John Paul II was not fulfilled. Your argument proves that you accept that the Gates of Hell have prevailed, oh intelligent Catholic. I say again, repent!

Neofito said...

"Being that he isn't mentioned in St Malaki's list and Peter the Roman is not numbered there can be any number of false prophets."
Peasant dixit...

And seems to be that u have a good, valid point there... ratzinger was THE LAST ONE...so, the REAL SHOW will begin when he ¿pass away? ¿how to say it?

the hell will erupte then...

peasant said...

Quite right Neofito.
And there can not be a valid conclave after the death of Benedict XVI with the vast majority of cardinals not willing to accept direction from the Holy Ghost as we saw in the last conclave. Two saints will proclaim a lay catholic man to be the next and last pope who will reign to the end of the new era.

And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
These words of Our Lord found in Matthew 16:18 we hold true and in them we place our faith and trust.
Jesus here says that He will build His church upon this rock, but the church even as a building is not one mere rock but many rocks, stones, bricks and other materials and pieces. It is to this church planned and assembled through divine doctrine that Our Lord here states that the “gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” It is not to Peter or to the rock that is the foundation.
So today the hope given to all the Remnant Catholic faithful from the verse above is not found in the Pope, nor is it to be found in the hierarchy of the Catholic church, nor even in the Catholic clergy. The hope and trust that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church rests on you the lay Remnant Catholic faithful holding to the true doctrine of the faith as it has been handed down to you.
Pray for the priests, the bishops, and the pope (Benedict XVI).

Neofito said...

Dear Peasant...
As a layman can not provide JURISDICTION and/or ORDER SACRAMENT does not seems likely that it could be a layman

All jurisdiction in the Church emanates from a Bishop/Pope... "pope" for the Supreme Decisions, "bishosp" to transfer the Sacrum Order...

Or the unlikely and miracle event that this layman became a priest AND a bishop by Heaven itself ???? does not fit in the picture...

peasant said...

Any Catholic man can be chosen as pope. If they have not previously they are immediately made priest and bishop.
Miracles don't fit in your picture.. does tribulation fit in your picture? that is up next weather you see it that way or not. Pestilence, famine, wars and rumors of wars.

Neofito said...

"Parusia" and/or "end of times" or maybe "end of the present world" fits on the picture... and could be a few years away... not decades... months or years...