Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Toronto Bishop's email hacked.!

Well, this is interesting. 

On February 9, 2020, Neil MacCarthy Director, Public Relations & Communications for the Archdiocese of Toronto wrote a memo to all clergy, parishes and staff regarding the email account of Bishop John Boissonneau. It had been "compromised" or hacked, the day before. It was a "Rogers" account. Having my email service from them myself, I know the security is pretty good. For example, the password one uses to log in through Yahoo is not the password that one uses to manage the account. Further, the password for Outlook, if one is using that as one's email program, is actually provided by Rogers, so the security seems pretty sound.

Anyone who wishes to write to the Auxillary Bishop for the Northern Region can use these emails.

northern.region@archtoronto.org or office@bishopboissonneau.com 

To all those in Simcoe who now find themselves again in the situation where there is 

You're welcome.

Odd, no? I mean, where would someone be browsing or visiting that something might infect their email? 


Anonymous said...

Write to him? Surely you are joking! One defensive and arrogant response from him was all I needed. In a circumstance where a priest refused to offer holy communion on the tongue (pre-lockdown) he actually took the side of the priest.

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes, joking.

Yes, that was my experience.

Anonymous said...

This particular bishop typifies the upwardly mobile clerical animal who will say and do anything or conversely utter nary a word if it serves his ambitions. Though it is now in vogue to speak of knowing the smell of the sheep, hierarchs of this kind (most of them, including the latest addition to the Toronto junta) wouldn't know a sheep if they tripped over it. Useless to consult or report anything to them, at least as it concerns the integrity of the faith. Invite them for some fine dining or send a bottle of choice vintage and you will surely receive a response. Snitch on a faithful priest and their responses are prompt. Praise a faithful priest and wait... The whole sorry lot needs to be ignored by faithful Catholics. Anathema sit!

Anonymous said...

An email can be hacked for any reason. But this is a good opportunity to ask readers who still attend a diocesan parish if they are aware of Toronto's auxiliary bishops doing anything to advance the mission of the Church.

In the pre-COVID era were any of Toronto's auxiliary bishops active in the following activities:

-reforming the TCDSB so that it conforms to Catholic teaching in all areas (no evidence of such activity by Toronto's bishops).

-starting new Catholic schools or post-secondary institutions? (No evidence of this at all).

-advancing the message of the Gospel in the media, either Catholic or otherwise (no evidence of such activity by Toronto's bishops - think of how easy it is to start a Youtube or Twitter account - they just can't do that either).

-reforming existing Catholic religious orders or starting new ones? (they are literally all dying due to attrition and no one shows an interest in starting new communities in this archdiocese, or inviting new ones to come).

-advancing the theological and liturgical formation of the faithful? (No evidence of this at all. An occasional appearance on the "televised Mass" doesn't count).

Let's hear from people ...

Anonymous said...

They were made auxiliaries precisely because they did none of these things, proved themselves unwilling and incapable of doing such things and because they would ensure that no meddlesome cleric would ever attempt such a thing under their watch.

Anonymous said...

“ This particular bishop typifies the upwardly mobile clerical animal”

This one is not going anywhere, The only mobility he has is further away from downtown!