Saturday, 13 March 2021

Bergoglio's unleashed demons in full rage in St. Peter's Basilica

As you gaze upon this abomination that took place in St. Peter's Basilica in October 2019, reflect for a moment on what has happened in the year and a half since. Think of the diabolical experimentation on bat viruses that leaked out from a laboratory in  Wuhan whether accidentally or intentionally. Think of the deaths of people, the suffering and the economic toll on hundreds of millions because of the actions
of a Satanic regime whom the man in white in the above photograph, and his minions, laud. Remember, for a moment, how this malefactor, Bergoglio, sold out the faithful Catholics of China and how it has worked out for all Christians there since. It has not gone so "well." Think of the infringement of civil and religious rights imposed by our governments and worse, adhered to by our corrupt, weak, effeminate and ineffectual Shepherds. Contemplate for a moment how the Bishop of Rome, the alleged successor of Saint Peter, the alleged Vicar of Christ, presided in the garden as shown at the right where people bowed down in worship to pagan idols. Look at the backside of the Satanic priest in brown robes, a Franciscan, but not a son of St. Francis, more a son of Satan - for no priest of Jesus Christ truly called would ever bow down to a pagan idol and no Pope would ever tolerate it, let alone be present at it. 

Now consider this event, the actual enthronement by the Bishop of Rome on a symbol of the Pachamama idol on the High Altar of St. Peter's Basilica, an altar over the very tomb of Peter and dedicated only for the re-presentation of the Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ, not the worship of a demon, "For all the gods of the Gentiles are demons but the LORD made the heavens."

As the pagan brought this abomination up to the Altar of God, the Master of Ceremonies, a weak and cowardly man named Guido Marini, looked at the Bishop of Rome and took the idol and placed it where you see it above. If Marini had any courage he would have dropped it to smash into a thousand pieces. (As an aside, it even violates the General Instruction on the Roman Missal (GIRM 305) and the traditional liturgical rubrics, flowers are not to be placed "on" the mensa of the altar as distinct from a gradine.)

Did you know that since that Sunday in October 2019 the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has not been offered by the Bishop of Rome on that High Altar of God? Not one. 

A demon has taken over the Temple of God because of evil men. That demon is now in full flight. 

On the demand of the new Archpriest of the Basilica or Bergoglio himself, the Secretary of State has issued a directive that "private" Masses (they were never private, people could attend), are no longer permitted at the many side altars in the Basilica. This effectively renders the offering of the Holy Mass according to the traditional Missal impossible. One chapel below, the Mass can be offered, but for how long. Concelebration is the norm. Regular and normative concelebration is wrong in every way. It is fewer Masses, fewer atonements to the Father by the Son through the Holy Spirit for our sins. Fundamentally, this is the elimination of the traditional Latin Mass in St. Peter's Basilica. 

Bergoglio is not our friend, not our Shepherd. He has inflicted enormous harm on the Church and on the faith. May God deliver us. 


Maudie N Mandeville said...

good points, Vox. I'm surprised no one else has noticed the connection.

Evangeline said...

Rightly said. It is a horror that the church continued to pretend as if everything was the same, that Bergoglio was just present at another pagan ceremony, just another example of his infernal "fraternity" with other tribes and religions. Yet it was not that, it was an enthronement of a demon on the altar of God, and surely intended to be so. What was witnessed that week, the week-long celebration of the installation of Pachamama, was the apex of evil that has issued forth from Rome since this vile papacy began. How could things ever be the same in the church or the world, after that. And right after it, within so many days, a virus was released and the world has not recovered. How many times have we said and heard, God will not be mocked. Indeed.

Ana Milan said...

We greatly mourn the usurpation of the PO by infiltrators who are now fully ensconced in the Vatican & its Episcopates put there by evil men who are the products of corrupt seminaries valuing the rules of Satan over those of God. Sodomite Modernists, of which our ancestors were warned about by various pre VII Popes, have now taken over the administration of the OHCA Church & are actively engaged on pursuing the godless church of the NWO in which they see themselves as better & more knowledgible than God Himself.

Those prelates who encourage this disorder & those who are complicit by their silence will pay a horrendous price for standing by & allowing such idolatry, heresies, blasphemy, sacrilege, scandal, simony etc. to occur in the One True Church which the Son of God came to found upon St. Peter & the First Apostles. By their continuing silence & obedience to a false 'pope'& their dishonesty in claiming there is nothing they could do (although Canon Law says otherwise), they are actually causing Him & His followers a replay of the Passion & Death by Crucifixion enacted by similar fiends over 2,000 years ago. They must not be excused for they have miserably failed the community of Christ on earth whom they were ordained & consecrated to serve. They closed our Churches last Holy Week in conformity to the elite NWO & are now reaping the whirlwind.

They must collectively be driven from their high positions as they have proved themselved unworthy of them by their unholy obedience to an Antipope, their silence on the enablers of sodomy in our seminaries & curia, dishonourable wringing of their hands (Pilate) while issuing the spiritual death warrant of a colossal number of Catholics (China), supporting NWO agenda for the annihilation of mankind (including heinous abortion & SSM). Let them all be Anathema!

mazara said...

If that's not the Abomination of Desolation in the Holy Place,I dread to think what is.That all those present were happy to take part in it is shocking.It began with Assisi,at least there one Dominican protested,he was promptly arrested.

Anonymous said...

Tom A. said...

If the hierarchy is giving you idols to worship, it is a blessing they are also closing their churches down. Stay away from the NO V2 hierarchy, theiry masses, their clergy, and their buildings. They are poisoned with modernism.

Anonymous said...

1) Bergolio is not the Bishop of Rome. He is not pope. He is an antipope and heretic. Benedict is pope.
2) Everything evil happening in the world, including Covid, is because of this.

Melanie said...

Dear unknown 7:02, I do not at all understand where all you people who believe Benedict is Pope are coming from. You all were here on Earth prior to 2013 right? Did you not notice that these fake popes took away our Mass long long ago, before I was even born, actually? Oh, Benedict called the Mass the EXTRAORDINARY form. How quaint WOW, what a saint. It is THE MASS. Ratzinger was a fake pope and a heretic and you think he’s a heretic too splitting the Papacy. Whoops, what an error, what a substantial error. Silly silly, terrible pope, he doesn’t understand the Mass or the Papacy. Too bad the Holy Ghost doesn’t protect him from destroying the Church, splitting the Papacy with his more revolting heretical thug frenemy. Nobody is Pope! Doesn’t anybody, for the love of all that is good in this world, think that we need to get a Pope? I will tell you what a real Pope will do immediately. He will take the Documents of Vatican II and burn them, he will give Catholics back the Mass, all our Sacraments as they were prior to the destroyers, we will have Bishops and Priests and Nuns and religious who are Catholic. We will have Parochial schools and Universities and hospitals that are Catholic. We will have Nihil Obstat and imprimatur that mean something. Maybe we’ll flourish, maybe the dumpster fire will flame on but we will have the Sacraments whether they’re received in catacombs or cathedral.

Anonymous said...

To Unknown ( 7:02)

You are now excommunicated from our NovusOrdo church, according to Canon Law 1364 §1. Without prejudice to the prescript of can. 194, §1 , n. 2 an apostate from the faith.

You are now excommunicated from every single FSSP parish because Bergoglio is our Pope by the Law of Infallibility of Corruption.

You are now excommunicated from every single NeoSSPX Chapel
because Bergoglio is our Pope and our Grand Master (ok?).

It is ONLY US, who absolutely love Pope Bergoglio, are the true Catholics !

You are also excommunicated in advance from every Sedevacantist CATHOLIC group ,
if you dare to say that Schismatic Orthodox Churches are Christians. Your right hand from now is left, ok?

MOREOVER, Your are now deprived of your citizenship according to the State Law No_666, $66 n. 6 of the Village Idiot of your country.

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice.
Indeed, the Lord is near.

nazareusrex said...

Persecution of Christians in St. Peter's