Sunday, 7 March 2021

It's the Third Sunday of Lent and the Toronto Star writes that the "Archbishop" says that it "Makes no sense" but in spite of that, Collins still says that there is

No doubt, Toronto Archdiocesan communications expert Neil MacCarthy has been hard at work cajoling the usual anti-religious and anti-Catholic Toronto Star to give a little publicity over the "Archbishop's" letter to us, his "Friends," particularly if it goes against Doug Ford as  conservatives. Even progressive ones like Ford are not the Star's favourites. The Toronto Star features an article based upon the letter issued Friday by Cardinal Collins which you can read one post below. The Star highlights the comments that the continued restriction on religious services "makes no sense."

Oh dear, we've put down the glass of gin, woken from our stupor only to clutch our pearls. 

No, it makes no sense.

It makes no sense that the Archbishop of Toronto who now is afraid of being irrelevant and that this last year and what is to come is his legacy, is the same one that threatened in a leaked webinar to "shut you down... I will shut you down," to any priest who would defy him or the "virtuous" public health officials on the rites of Holy Communion.

It makes no sense that the same episcopal shepherd who waxes on in a homily in the empty Cathedral about persecution and being "cancelled" does it to his own priests.

It makes no sense that the Cardinal went along with the closing of churches in March 2020 for more than two or three weeks to "flatten the curve." 

It makes no sense that Collins cowered in fear to the "virtuous" public health officials who demanded to control our religious rites on how Holy Communion is administered. 

It made no sense that the Cardinal should arbitrarily eliminate the right to our rites without considering any creative alternatives such as this. - No Holy Communion at Mass, by appointment only, in private as an individual or a family group, on the tongue if requested with all sanitary precautions taken before and after. Simple, no? Some Catholics have not had Holy Communion now for nearly a year, especially those who attend traditional Latin Masses, when they can, if they could.

It makes no sense that the Cardinal agreed that when churches opened at thirty-percent, people could not sing, even whilst wearing a mask. 

It makes no sense that when the Premier dictated the non-sensical diktat to limit services to ten persons that the Cardinal shut down the public celebration of Holy Mass. entirely. That was the Cardinal, not the Premier. Yet, he says now, "it makes no sense." He could have followed the communion manner above, ordered every priest to offer two or three Masses a day in every parish. Do you know how many priests are at St. Michael's Cathedral? Nine. That's right, nine, plus him. That is ten Masses per day, or twenty, times nine people. As ridiculous as that limit is, he did not do it. He locked the doors completely. He did not say to Doug Ford, "I'll see you in court." That, makes no sense.

It makes no sense that Cardinal Collins suggested that parishes should be open daily for private prayer but did not order it. Many, maybe most, stayed locked up and shuttered. 

It makes no sense that Cardinal Collins has let our few Protestant brethren who at least have zealous faith be alone in going to court in Toronto, such Peter Youngren Ministries while others in Ontario face massive fines or even jail, such as Pastor Jacob Reaume.

It makes no sense that Thomas Cardinal Collins did not use his position a year ago, or at least, four months ago, to garner the whole Christian and religious community, evangelicals, protestants, and others to confront the Premier in the public square and the courts and to stand up for our rights.

Your Eminence, I agree with you, your leadership and reaction and lack of action over the last year, "makes no sense."


Brian said...

" the Archbishop of Toronto who now is afraid of being irrelevant". Catholicism, to a great extent, has been socially irrelevant for decades. The political, judicial, medical, and journalistic elites are perfectly aware that there is no effective opposition from Catholic quarters. For example, long gone are the days, of the entertainment industry production code, when the Catholic Church still had some culture shaping influence. Consider the sewage that saturates our big and little screens, or how about Catholic (so called) school boards which long ago threw in the towel to secular modernity, while the likes of "Timid" Tommy Collins did nothing to reign in these boards. Wow, I sure do feel relieved that the Health Officials are virtuous. It is scary to think how things would be if they were actually "vice-ish" (vicious).
When Bishop Fisher and Thomas More went to the block, there were, in England, no shortage of bishops who bowed in slavish obeisance to their liege Lord Henry. Gee Tommy how about following, at least, to some extent, the example of these 16th century heroes. Are you terrified of any legal repercussions? OR worse still is it the scorching ridicule you will receive from the secular press?

Vox, keep on-a-punching

Johnno said...

Texas, Mississipi and other places have opened up and have dumped the useless slave-masking rules. Good!

And yet, the Democratic arm "Catholic" US bishops in these states still insist on curtailing attendance and forcing masks.

Collins will be no different. If anyone is confused as to why it's because the USA/Canada Church are marketing arms of the government to whom they have been bought with bail-outs and tax-exempt statuses.

From LGBT to this non-demic, they pretend to be Catholic while willingly tying their hands and pretending they can do nothing about anything.

This morning it was sickening to hear that alongside the showboat letter-writing campaign, they are pushing another advertising public relations gimmick for the government to encourage people to light a lantern for the PCR-said-it-was-covid-dead. AKA - the majority of whom likely died because of the government and that bastard Tory, and now want to still try and spin this as a sob story.

I'll be writing a letter too, but I won't be sending it as part of Collin's little campaign. He can expect something from me in due time too. Or at least the secretaries and interns whose job it is to filter/ignore the mail and summarize it for the boss as nothing lengthier than a notepad memo.

Anonymous said...

This letter writing campaign is another exercise in futility, not unlike others over the decades now. They are always a day late. Getting the gullible laity to write gives the semblance of action taken. Meanwhile, the bishops are silent when and where it counts. But they come by this silence naturally, as it were. In their lust for power, when many of them began their ascent, they learned to say nothing as their mentors betrayed the faith, silenced and disciplined good and faithful priests and left the laity to the mercy of the wolves in schools and parishes. The bishops sad to say, but the situation must be assessed as is, are in collusion with the leftists who control the country. They have made common cause with the health dictatorship and churches when open, are like i c u rooms. Too bad the clergy on the whole masked up without a peep. Don't expect too much from them. They are slightly less ignorant than your average liberal Catholic and have received no ascetical formation. Hence the clutching of pearls at the thought of visiting a hospital or nursing home or even opening a church for prayer. Why would the churches be open for prayer when belief in the Real Presence is weak among the clergy? It's elementary. You can pray at home, just like you can watch the Mass from home....
Many faithful Catholics have rightly dismissed this campaign as a year late. Does the Cardinal really think that the average lazy Catholic will actually take time to write a letter to his MPP? The Church's most faithful members have been betrayed for decades and in the last sad year, most have been deprived of Holy Communion, at lest publicly. The bishops have lost all credibility. Many people have written many letters about many things and they have been routinely ignored. The health dictatorship has become a sacramental tyranny and the tyrant has acted like a tyrant. As the end approaches and events are expedited there will be a retreat to the bunker and non existent forces will be called upon to put up resistance against an ally turned foe. All this is the sad consequence of making common cause with the world. Our Lord was ignored, the true Church was betrayed and soon all that will remain is rubble. The Remnant Church however, will be revealed and the work of God will continue, no thanks to anyone in the hierarchy or the movements and orders and personal prelatures that in their lust for power have "obeyed". As for the hierarchy, for decades their glory lay in their flaunting of liturgical law most especially. Now their epistolary diktats are being flaunted. Good on them. What goes around comes around. The future is in Sacred Tradition.

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Collins is a hireling. He is a Traitor to God and his flock.