Saturday, 14 September 2019

Seeking one globalist system of Marxist education - Bergoglio declares war on Catholic families!

Using an obscured "African proverb" popularised by Hillary Clinton, Bergoglio, the Pontificating Peronist Pervert Protector who seized the Chair of Peter has called on the Marxist educrats of the world to join him in a Global Compact on Education.

Stating that, "“A global educational pact is needed to educate us in universal solidarity and a new humanism," in one sentence, Bergoglio destroys the rights of Catholic parents and the principles of subsidiarity. He continued that this conference, "will result in men and women who are open, responsible, prepared to listen, dialogue and reflect with others, and capable of weaving relationships with families, between generations, and with civil society, and thus to create a new humanism.”

Craig Brown tackles the Oxford Dictionary's newest word ...

After praising his own words of apostasy in Abu Dhabi, Bergoglio continued that “In this kind of village it is easier to find global agreement about an education that integrates and respects all aspects of the person, uniting studies and everyday life, teachers, students and their families, and civil society in its intellectual, scientific, artistic, athletic, political, business and charitable dimensions. An alliance, in other words, between the earth’s inhabitants and our “common home”, which we are bound to care for and respect. An alliance that generates peace, justice and hospitality among all peoples of the human family, as well as dialogue between religions.”

In a word search of the article there is no mention of "salvation." He refers to "Jesus" in the context of washing the feet of the Apostles, not as the instrument of our salvation. As to "God" it is in the last paragraph wherein he writes that we seek to nurture, “the dream of a humanism rooted in solidarity and responsive both to humanity’s aspirations and to God’s plan." He never states that God's aspiration for humanity is that we are "to know Him, love Him, and serve Him in this life, and be happy with Him in the next." This cannot happen without real "education" real "teaching" as the Apostle Paul tells us - that real "Faith then cometh by hearing; and hearing by the word of Christ."
How much more proof do Catholics need that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not a "Holy Father" but an abusive father? Not a prophet of God but a false prophet? Not a servant of Christ, but an antichrist? Not a lover of God, but a lover of power?

This man is a communist. A globalist. A power-hungry scoundrel who has, through evil men, seized control of the Chair of Peter.

Every faithful Catholic must resist this malefactor. Every faithful Catholic must call out this globalist monster for what he is.

A man who hates Our Lord Jesus Christ and you and our Holy Catholic Faith. A man who kneels to man but not to God.


  1. Even the most inattentive Catholic should be paying attention. There is no excuse for not realizing how destructive this man is and how successfully he has destroyed not only the Catholic Church, but is destroying the West, as well as negatively impacting the entire world. He is a one man wrecking crew, and there has been none to stop him but average, pew sitting Catholics in the West, primarily, America. The resistance has been duly noted! The pundits noticed it, the talking heads noticed it, the upper echelon of Francischurch noticed it, and now he notices it. Keep going!
    We cannot know how to topple such a man, how to end this attack on Holy Mother Church, only God can bring the remedy, but, we can be a pebble in this man's shoe. We can stop supporting Francischurch materially, and we can attend the Traditional Latin Mass, and we can be that pebble, relentlessly getting the word out about this grand apostate and his diabolical words and actions. Dear God, do send the remedy soon!

  2. Is Humanism not the goal of freemasonry, notice human aspirations come before God's plan.Not a word about infants been aborted up to birth, or surviving abortion and been left to die, their bodies and organs been harvested for sale, humanity is actually regressing into the barbarous practices of pre Christian times. Pagans were more civilised then the people of today, they did not know Christ, Its hard to believe we are living in the so called civilised 21st century, the humanist solution to poverty and hunger is widespread slaughter.

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  3. Jorge knows well what he is about. For some reason, known only to God, Jorge is being encouraged in his undertakings. It is very troubling and extremely corrosive to faith. Things are one day at a time for me.

  4. Bergoglio's laundry list of desiderata that are to be achieved by this globalist government schooling reminds me of the recurring skit on "Monty Python," "How to Do It," which consisted of lessons on "How to Play a Flute" (You blow in this little hole and move your fingers up and down on these other holes.) and "How to Achieve World Peace," etc.

    Bergoglio has NO CLUE how to achieve anything. But he does know how to smash and destroy, as he destroyed the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires.

  5. Not a Pope, but an anti-pope. Not the Vicar of Christ, but an imposter!

  6. Pope Francis is channeling Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. His mission is to kill the Catholic Church and bring the world to Communism. He is in league with the devil.

  7. The Cardinals are not going to act. Mewling sorrows, but firm defense of the oppressor,

    And so, humanism displaces salvation and holiness as the air we breathe in the Church. There is now almost no going back. Humanist Modernism is the language of the Church the air surrounding the Altars - because Cardinals who knew better insisted and protected the right of an antipope to take the Cornerstone Seat Of The Church. It did not belong to him, but these Cardinals and Bishops and Priests who knew better insisted, in our hour of need, that we had to accept this destroyer antipope. Instead of rising up in a forlorn hope act of martyrdom and loyalty to God in defense of the Holy, they protected the rights of an imposter to have his way with the Holy of Holies.

    And now, Modernist language and theology is the coin of the realm. Gospel salvation and Sacramental holiness is only a distant memory. Those in authority share the blame with Jorg√© Berg√≥glio. It’s on them.

  8. Pope Francis is not essentially different from other popes but he is different in terms of degrees of his blasphemy. All Catholic theology is about insulting and marginalising our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Pope Francis simply insults Christ with more audacity. It is none of the Catholic church's business to perpetuate Christ's once and for all sacrifice on the cross (by the Roman Catholics always referred to as the sacrifice of the cross), its promotion of Virgin Mary to become co-redemptrix etc. etc. I think that God has put Francis in the chair of the blasphemer in chief to warn everyone to get out of the blasphemous Roman Catholic church when it is still time.

  9. Oh boy. I wonder if "anonymous" who writes about the Mary as co-redemptrix has ever read anything other than out of context snippets about what the Church actually teaches about Mary. I'm guessing not.

  10. He's not a one man wrecking cruw... he has the help of many marxists infiltrators. This is just the next logical step to Vatican II and the pretext to the one world religion. Its also preparation for the coming anti-Christ.

  11. This was the next planned step after Vatican II, only to be interrupted by St J.P.II. What follows is the on world religion and the coming anti-Christ.

  12. Please everyone... pay attention to the ancient and still universally practiced occult 'LAW OF REVERSAL'. It is easily seen each day... via the media, politics, entertainment, religion, education and in the dark arts certainly. What is good is now bad... what is bad is now good and so on and on. And it must be noted.. it easily works. Perhaps now due to mans indifference, lazy minded, liberal attitude et al.

  13. Get out and go where Mr. 'Anonymous'?

    What cabal's fire are you dancing around?

    Identify yourself and your sect, coward! So that we may consider how far away you really are from Francis, who by the way, probably fully agrees with you a lot more than you know!


  14. We have a dark horse pope who cherry picks the ten commandmends and cherry picks St Paul's teachings to the Romans and ignores the bibles teachings on sodom and gorrmorah and distorted and misinterpreted the Gospels. This is not a Catholic never mind a Catholic Pope. Now he tells us to take our teaching and obedience from the United nations and China. This stranger to the true Catholic faith is nothing only a disobedient corner boy who sets out to destroy Jesus Christ's Church. And who will fail in his life long mission to do so.Catholics should start getting rid of him by going to the Traditional Latin Mass Said by Good properly formed traditional Latin Priests the formation of the Priests in th Catholic Church long before Vatican 11 is the only way back for those that accept this corner boy and those who plotted to get him elected.