Thursday, 21 March 2019

Toronto Archdiocese pays damages to pervert victim - but made him suffer up to the court date

Oh, the shame of it. The rich and wealthy and oh, so holy, Archdiocese of Toronto where this writer resides, is as filthy and guilty of shaming victims and covering up perverts as all the rest. Decades of giving off the impression that "This just doesn't happen here" as I am told was the theme at the last round of priest meetings or "country club retreat" from a certain Laymen known as "His Excellency" has just been shown as a fallacy. Not that those of us with certain information didn't already know it.

But Toronto is good, you see, nobody will go "on the record." 

Pervert Sodomite Priest Alphonse Robert was at Sacred Heart parish in Windsor of the long suffering Diocese of London before coming to Toronto in 1963. How fortunate this writer was that he did not come to my parish. But where? Neither article mentions the parish.

The oh, so holy Archdiocese of Toronto where none of this filth ever happens has a chink in its armor. 

Brian Clough, a retired priest is quoted in the articles. Clough was Judicial Vicar in charge of dealing with all these perverts. Yet, it was this same Clough who was the James Martin, S.J. of his day. At this post, we featured an old newspaper column where Clough called for "understanding for gays" even those in the priesthood. Clough went on to become Rector at St. Augustine's Seminary and was later removed by Cardinal Carter under the cloud of controversy and scandal involving sodomite seminarians and a document calling for "tolerance' for the "straight" seminarians. All documented in Anne Roche Muggeridge's book, The Desolate City. Clough was removed sent off for reeducation and then brought back and put in charge as Judicial Vicar.

This is what happens when our Church is taken over by lawyers rather than Shepherds. 


MattM said...

Well, it serves that victim right.
These young boys have to learn to stop throwing themselves at our poor, Catholic priests just so that they can sue them decades later.

One wonders if that isn't really the thinking of some of our Neo-clerics.

Anonymous said...


I am rolling on the floor, cracking up, after reading your comment.
Hilariously sad but, perhaps, how some lost souls perceive things?

By the way, as an abandoned husband and father, since I was 35 and am now pushing 65, I have seen temptation. After all, I have a pulse, granted, I have lower testosterone than in my younger days, and a mostly functional left eye, so women REMAIN attractive to me!

I just can't seem to remove from my conscience that I promised fidelity, for better or for worse, until death. So, I press on.

Don't priests, at least sort of, have similar, consciously made attestations regarding chastity/fidelity? Or am I simply out of touch? If so, they made a deal, with God! Before witnesses, no less! As I did! Yes, sometimes people sin, but good heavens, is making a mockery of sexual abstinence, sometimes even with minors,
somehow, now, defensible? No, I AM NOT defending isolated transgressions. They are just as wrong. But, we seem to have gone off the deep end.


Irenaeus said...

They need to start going "on the record." Why don't they? Are they afraid of the immigrants going out West again?

Oh, and perhaps the worst bit of this is that "the diocese appealed." Come again?