Saturday, 2 March 2019

How the Bishops appointed by "Saints" treated the simple Catholic wanting a Latin Mass

Here is a gem from sodomite pervert Rembert Weakland who was outed on Good Morning America by his rent-boy lover who was mad because Rembertus Georgius did not embezzell enough for him from the people of Milwaukee. It was posted on Twitter by @CCityCatholic because this writer always attributes. 

There were many who were miscreants in this matter. 

Some of these rats became Cardinals.


Johnno said...

Papers, please.

No wonder the youth gravitate to the Latin Mass.

Feels so rebellious!

Freemasonry is for old sagging socialist sodomites.

Enjoy your novus ordo squarey-eyed compasses grandpa!

Dad29 said...

Yes. I was "admitted" to that Mass and it was very, very crowded. Ultimately, +Weakland became one of the first Ordinaries to allow a weekly (Sunday) EF Mass, to his credit... He also allowed the EF group to take over a church when that church's parishioners were unable to (financially) maintain the place.

I am not a fan of Weakland's, but he was not pure unadulterated evil.