Tuesday, 5 March 2019

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Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

How is it possible that at a time of such serious accusations against him, priest Rosica continues to remain an influencer of all the little people, funded by the elites?
This is a time of false mercy and refusal to judge evil as such. Sure, people have always sinned, some more, others less, but every time we did, we felt ashamed, we asked God for forgiveness and then for grace to help us sin no more.

But now, as papa told us so many times, God's commandments are an ideal we are no longer capable of aspiring to (emerging insights and new realities of life). We do our thing, our sinning (since you are predestined to sin, sin boldly - commands papa's hero Luther), and God... allegedly follows papa's leadership. Priest Rosica was given the honor of informing us that we ought to celebrate papa changing the Gospel and Church Tradition as he desires.

Perhaps THIS more than anything else is the reason spokesperson Rosica enjoys such admiration and unwavering support at a time of public humiliation. Perhaps his sponsors and handlers realize that it takes a man of rare talents to make such proclamations about another man with such audacity.

In our face!
We can all see it, it feels surreal, and forward Vatican moves every day. Still much to do to get it all ready for the man of perdition.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

If humanity were not completely dumbed down and demoralized, barely able to tell reality from virtual reality, and unable to tell a crook from a holy man, they would never be able to pull this travesty off.

They are counting on us. Some worship papa (I have seen video), others (keyboard worriers like me) vent their frustration and disgust, while forward they keep moving unobstructed.

Archbishop Vigano is in hiding.

I do not even think that he hides in fear for his life. More likely, he simply wants to be able to continue to talk to us and at them.

Our public relations specialist Rosica is on stand-by, ready to smear and attack like a bulldog. Impossible to overestimate this man.

What a show.