Monday, 18 March 2019

You expect people to come to the Catholic Faith? Why bother?

All comments closed. You have slandered me and misread what I wrote. You have attacked each other in the combox. Now, you learn the hard way. Just like Rorate and Verrecchio, is it necessary to shut it down permanently?

The post below is titled, "Terrorism, is terrorism. Period." In this post, I made the point that the poor souls slaughtered in New Zealand, while being Muslims, are in the merciful hand of God. It is up to Him, not me, not you to determine their eternal destiny.

We, as Catholics, are bound by the Sacraments given to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ for us as our "ordinary means of salvation." They are the "ordinary" means. This means that there are also "extraordinary" means. I stated that there is "No salvation outside the Catholic Church." That does not mean that those who are not Catholics, cannot by some extraordinary means, be saved by God. God saves whom he chooses. He has told us how we must be saved, but to say that God cannot act outside this put limits on God. 

Ordinarily, Muslims, Jews, Protestants, Buddhists, and more must be Catholic to be saved. They must hear fully and reject the Gospel to be lost. The "Internet" does not count. Just because someone knows that the Catholic Church exists does not meant that it is enough to come to Her. I stated that we have failed and the popes and bishops have failed in the Great Commission. This is why Muslims and Jews and some Protestants and more will find on their deaths, particularly violent deaths when sincerely seeking Him, may indeed find Him. I was criticised by some whackos' for posting a picture of the Coptic martyrs slaughtered by ISIS on the beach in Libya. As they were Copts and not in union with Rome, they were in Hell. What disgusting poppycock. The last word on their tongue was "Jesus!" 

What Muslim, Jew, Protestant or Buddhist would think we, as Catholics, are serious about evangelising? Why on earth would any of them think we have something here? What purpose could they possibly see in joining a Church that is filled with sodomites, perverts, Marxists, malfeasants, cocaine-party deviants and malefactors. Does Jorge Bergoglio and Blase Cupich inspire anyone to follow them? We have a "pope" who now tells the world that God willed all religions, notwithstanding the meaningless, "correction" given out by Bishop Schneider. Nobody heard that one, only the original statement. 

This is why God will show mercy to those in New Zealand. They have not heard the Gospel preached to them. (Romans 10:17). They have not seen by example why they should come? (John 13:35)

Low and behold; look what Sandro Magister has sent out today proving me correct!

Catholic Church, Where Are You? The Cry of a Frontier Missionary

A missionary priest who has spent a lifetime on the frontier thousands of miles from Rome writes to me: “By now it is no longer possible to doubt where the Church’s leader is taking us: to a point at which one who is alive must of necessity react. How much longer can we remain silent?”
But meanwhile, he has broken the silence. With these sixteen dazzling reflections.
Convert… to what?
1. By now it is clear. The Catholic Church is no longer the same as it was before 2013. And I really want to see if someone succeeds in defining what the Catholic Church is today.
2. I pose this problem to myself all the more because the thing touches me personally. If I must present the Church to those who are outside, first of all I need to know to what kind of Church I belong. And in the second place, what must I say?