Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Tom Rosica "threatened" the Catholic University President - First signs of plagiarism now date back to 1985!

It was not long ago that Dr. David Mulroney was ousted as President of St. Michael's University in Toronto. He was believed to have been the choice of the Chancellor, Thomas Cardinal Collins. It was also the conclusion that his ouster was engineered.

Now, we have the proof.

And yes, I am vindicated.

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Plagiarist Fr. Rosica threatened me during reforms at Catholic university, former pres. reveals
“Although a number of university presidents and folks from U.S. universities came up and said that the talk really resonated...Fr. Rosica was furious,” Mulroney recalled.
“He upbraided me and said that I had insulted the Basilian Fathers because I hadn’t thanked them and given them credit.”
Mulroney told Rosica that it wasn’t the kind of speech where he thought he could give them credit, as he was talking about problems and he wanted to stay on topic.
“While I was leaving, he said ‘There will be repercussions’,” Mulroney said.
There followed six weeks in which the president was “summoned” before different members of Collegium and, in Mulroney’s words, “really put through the wringer for having spoken like this.” 

And if that is not enough to ruin Tom's evening. It seems his plagiarist ways now have been found out as far back as 1985.

Good grief. What's next, High School?

Not only is the man a bully. He's a total fraud.



Anonymous said...

You are indeed Vindicate Vox, regardless we have always been on your side. God does not forsake good men!

Anonymous said...


See screenahots at botton of james martin fanboy, david Sylvester. He replaced Mulroney

Johnno said...

What a Mafioso!

Perfect fit for one of Bergolio's Henchmen of Mercy.

Francis sure knows how to pick'em!

Anonymous said...

Hmm I wonder if T Rosica had a terrible childhood, a dysfunctional family and an abusive father...

Dan said...

If we all took seriously our vocation to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ perhaps we would see a very different Church. Lord have mercy on us all