Monday, 11 March 2019

Jack Chick or Dan Brown had nothing on the realpolitik of the UnHoly Bergoglian Church

The Catholic Church is the spotless Bride of Christ. It cannot sin. It is pure.

The filthy heretic Bergoglio, has recently compared Her to being "surprised in flagrant adultery."

What an evil man. what a filthy disgrace to the papacy. What a wretch. What an apostate. An "Evil Clown" as Mundabor has labelled him. 

Now, we have this report from Crux.

“They quietly remove the bishop once the risk of exposure is extreme, give them a soft landing while a supposed investigation takes place (the results of which are never made public), then reinstate them in a top position far away from the original post, where the process likely repeats itself.  These resemble the actions of a criminal syndicate.”

Jack Chick and Dan Brown have nothing on FrancisChurch which most certainly is not, the Bride of Christ.

It is Bergoglio and his minions who are the adulterers and sodomites.


Peter Lamb said...

I thank God for you Vox. One man who has the guts to stand up for the Faith and say it as it is. Your reward in Heaven will be great. Cursed be these foul NWO heretics!

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Vox for keeping us up to on the evil ministrations of this Black Pope of Perversity and Heresy.

Anonymous said...

Correct. It cannot be the Church. Lets not kid ourselves and be deceived any further. Bergoglio knows exactly what he is saying and doing. IT is caught in adultery because IT is the Whore of Babylon (Rome).

Rome has (decades ago) lost the faith and has (decades ago) become the seat of the Antichrist, per Our Lady of LaSalette. "Come out of her my people." (Apoc)

Irenaeus said...

Neither Angels & Demons nor The Da Vinci Code had anything close to this level of corruption.

Aqua said...

@ Ireanarus:

Agree with you here.

In ref to how we Catholics respond to this malformed state of affairs within the Church and Papacy, I found this link to be the best summary of concise guidance.

Every Pope who ever lived has authority over us to the extent they submitted to and were guided by Jesus Christ and Catholic Dogmatic Truth. They are in union with Christ, each other, and us. Catholic. Any Pope who is outside that unity, to the extent he is outside that unity in Christ, will lack authority to rule.

A Pope cannot command sacrilege. A Pope cannot admit sodomy into praxis, nor transform sin into virtue. A Pope cannot make gender change a Holy option for those who choose. A Pope is carrying his Cross like us all. He cannot put his cross down, ask us to put ours down, and run off into fair fields with him for a smoke as Christ is crucified. He ceases to be Catholic if he does, as do we.

The Communion Of Saints does not rise or fall with a fraud. We are only harmed by a fraud if we choose to follow them away from Christ’s Communion Of Saints. The Blessed Holy Communion (Catholic Church) stands apart from the fraud, and the worse the fraud is, the easier it is to remain True. Because, after a while, it (the contrast between right and wrong) just gets obviously, stupidly silly.

I find it easier, not harder, as time goes by to remain faithful.

Irenaeus said...

Oddly, Aqua, I am the same when it comes to my faith. I have found it easier to bear the longer I have been aware of the filth in the Church. Strange, is it not?

Anonymous said...

Bishop recycles Body of Christ into a clock.