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A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 28 April 2018

Old Happy Hands Hodgson has cost the Basilians, Bazillians

The very idea that the famous Basilian spokesman would say that the "Basilian Fathers have not yet decided on an appeal" is repugnant and a disgrace. The answer should have been, "the Basilian Fathers WILL NOT undertake an appeal!"

No homosexual must ever be admitted to the priesthood.


Any in the priesthood should be removed and laicised.

Every. Single. One.




Complaints were made about this filthy sodomite as far back as 1947. Multiple times. Yet the Basilian masters shuffled Happy Hands off elsewhere to do it all again.

They were not only sexual perverts, they were sadists as Barona writes

However, I did witness one incident of physical abuse. I saw Fr. Cecil Zinger, wrapping a tie around a boy's neck so tightly,chastising him that he had his tie off.  The result of Zinger's actions was the young man developed a nose bleed. With blood pouring out of the young man's nose, Zinger immediately changed tactics, and took the boy into his classroom. I had a class of my own, and moved on. Sadly, since Zinger remained at the school, the priest was not charged with assault. Zinger is now dead: and lauded by the Basilians. May readers reflect on his assault on this young man, and draw their own conclusions.

I have my own story of these brutes and one day I shall tell it and name, names.

Hundreds, thousands of lives ruined.

Millions upon millions of dollars in reparation.



Brian said...

Once again my blood begins to boil. Bishops, year in year out, decade in decade out, generation in generation out, have knowingly ordained homosexual men. Many of these men are active sodomites and some, of course, hunger and lust after those pubescent (hebephilia) and post pubescent (ephebophilia)boys. I do wish that journalists would start using the correct terminology. That vast majority of the sexual abuse cases are not pedophilia. The main stream media won't tell you this and neither will our bishops. Such frankness will, of course, help to alert readers to the real source of this problems: gay men in the priesthood of Jesus Christ. Is this what Cardinal Ratzinger labelled as "Filth"? What is it that bishops and those in charge of priestly formation cannot get through their thick dense skulls? Bishops are reaping what they have sowed. They have sowed gay seed they are reaping and will continue to reap a bountiful harvest.
Excuse me Vox. I have to go find a bucket.

Anonymous said...

You'v gotta be kidding. A 67 year old man walks away with 2.5 million on a complaint over half a century old. For god sake this is nothing more than war on the church by other means.

Kathleen1031 said...

What a challenge it must be for the media to criticize priests while at the same time cheerleading sodomy and pederasty. Can't be easy.

Justina said...

It is being widely reported that the judge who ordered Alfie Evans put to death is in favor of homosexuality, and likely a homosexual himself.

So much for the idea that legalizing gay marriage "isn't going to affect" the rest of us.

BillyHW said...

Does God have any commandments for us for what we should do to homosexuals in the Bible?

Southern Cross said...

The sexual abuse of a child by clergy is satanic , it takes a consecrated soul from God & inflicts what is often mortal damage to the soul of the victim . Even now there is precious little being done to counter the effects of these sins .Much needs to be done , many rosaries & Masses of reparation are needed , financial compensation places the material needs ahead of spiritual needs & in the end obscures spiritual needs altogether . Compensation has a role to play but let`s not lose sight of the objective of the salvation of souls which , as far as can be determined is not being addressed .
Pax et bonum .

Peter Lamb said...

The infiltration of fags into the former Catholic Church is by design and not by co-incidence. A masterly judeo-masonic strategy to cause many to leave the Church and promote its destruction. Listen to a straight Catholic young man's experiences upon trying to become a Priest at "conservative" St. Peter's seminary in Canada. A psychologist "nun" was employed to reject straight candidates and to retain fag ones.


Peter Lamb said...

**PARENTAL WARNING: Mature Audiences Only**

On this episode of the the Flagship Show, join us for one of the most lengthy and in-depth programs we have ever done on the Restoration Radio Network. This show will introduce a gentleman who tried a vocation in multiple modernist seminaries of the Novus Ordo sect in the Archdiocese of Toronto, Canada in the 1980s, only to find out the evil and unspeakable reality behind them. Mr. John Thomson will explain in great detail the places, events, heresies, evil, unbelief, unnatural vices, modernism, Marxism, atheism, and scandal beyond imagine revealed by both seminary faculty and seminarians alike, while he stood in disbelief as he watched what he thought was the Roman Catholic Church demonstrate a complete abandonment of the Catholic religion before his very eyes.

Mr. Thomson will guide the listener through the entire process, from discerning a vocational calling, to visiting the seminary, to being admitted and the process which that required, the hatred for anything other than Vatican II, the unbelieving seminary professors, the heresies taught, the abominable acts occurring, and much, much more. If you have a loved one in a Novus Ordo seminary, this episode is a must listen.

He will then tell us about his time, having left the modernist seminary, in the seminaries of the Society of St. Pius X during which time, Archbishop Lefebvre died and he witnessed a tidal wave of changes after that event.

Vox Cantoris said...

Peter, calling St. Peters's Seminary in London conservative would come as a surprise to those of us here in southern Ontario. As for St. Augustine's, it was a perverted lavender palace, it is much better by Novus Ordo standards today.

I shall listen eagerly to this.

Brian said...

To Peter Lamb
Peter, you said "infiltration". This is true but a better word would be "infestation". I, during the 1970s, was a seminarian at St. Peter's. Many of my class mates went on to become good priests, some should never have been permitted within a light year of the seminary doors. Many of them got ordained. Looking back, after all these years, clearly, the bishops, desperate for numbers, were taking almost anyone. Ultimately, lazy bishops, who abandoned their episcopal vigilance are to blame. They sold their souls to the conciliar genie.

Domine libera nos a neglegentia episcoporum.

Irenaeus said...

"No homosexual should be admitted to the priesthood."

Well, add to that, "and neither should those who are homosexualists or have same-sex attractions."

Priests who are homosexuals, homosexualists and/or have same-sex attractions do more damage than they realize. They stunt little boys in their care, as if the schools aren't doing enough in that stream.

The Church is meant to be a haven from the madness of the world, not a means of affirming what the Church has always held to be objectively disordered.

Unknown said...

I have to say that your comments about Father Cecil Zinger are frankly misrepresentative of the man. I went to St. Mikes and knew Father Zinger well. I saw no such "abuse" and to lump him in with pedophiles is simply unconscionable. He was a very good man. Humble, generous of spirit, kind, thoughtful, selfless, and devoted to his faith and to serving others. You really should not make sweeping and damning statements about someone based on one incident that you might have misperceived. A nose bleed? You should be better and apply far greater rigour to your assessment of a man.