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A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 23 April 2018

No peace, no truce

Let us pick up here on a thought by Mundabor. In his post, No Rest for the Wicked, he writes; "Some FrancisShills have started to promote some sort of “truce” concerning the way this disgraceful Pontiff is treated by bloggers."

I've seen these calls as well. No. not at all, no truce, no peace, no letting up on exposing the corruption of Jorge Bergoglio. There will be no relaxation on the reporting of the manipulation of his election, which may ultimately be invalidated and he declared an Antipope. No retreat on exposing his evil ideology of globalism, communism and Masonic fraternalism. No retreat against rationalist attack on the supernatural faith. There will be no silence while Bergoglio and his filthy minions continue to attack Catholic doctrine at the same time denying it. 

Can the Pope change doctrine? asked Richard Gaillardetz in National Catholic Reporter and quoted often by many priests, including Thomas Rosica. "No, doctrine changes when pastoral contexts shift and new insights emerge." They don't quote this any longer because they were caught. Instead, these Bergoglians have just gone about doing it. 

In the video interview below and in the book, The Dictator Pope, Dr. Henry Sire reveals that the reforms sought by the ignorant Cardinals, ignorant of the Peronist boil they were putting on the Seat of Peter, have been trashed. Instead, what has emerged is a political, megalomaniacal tyrant, not a Shepherd but a hireling and an evil heresiarch.

Harsh words directed by a lay Catholic to the Vicar of Christ. Yes indeed. harsh words. Francis is the Pope, the Law states it, the priests of the Diocese of Rome verify its fact. The Catholic faithful have accepted it. He is Pope. 

Reality can be very harsh and what some of us have known since March 2013 is now becoming known by many more. That an evil presence has arisen against Holy Mother Church. The Holy Faith is under attack. History, however, can be very harsh and the judgement of future Pope or Council is going to be made upon this period, upon this pompous Peronist, upon bishops such as Coleridge, Cupich, Maradiaga, Danneels and minions such as Faggioli, Spadaro and dozens of others. They will be "judged and found wanting" and they and all their filthy work will be declared anathema.

May the good Lord show mercy upon us and deliver us from these malefactors.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Who are these people wanting reconciliation?

Ana Milan said...

The FrancisShills are a big problem for the Bride of Christ. They are divided amongst themselves as to how they can present the obvious without the charge of being disloyal to the Papal Office. There is no problem if they divide the holder from the Office & if that holder is supposedly the Vicar of Christ (the dual papacy is a scam that should be rightly vilified but hasn’t in the Catholic Press as a whole) no political opinions rendered on a continuous basis are acceptable, only the upholding of Catholic Doctrine, Magisterium & Tradition with clear unambiguous teaching from the Seat of Peter & the Hierarchy. Nothing less will do & if the Catholic media try to do deals with their largest backers who prefer the NWO agenda & threaten donor withdrawal, they will be found wanting & flounder.

This is not the time for shilly-shallying. Do we not all require the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary carried out according to Her wishes or not? Why shouldn’t we demand to know the Third Secret in full that should have been made available to us in 1960? Even the less political amongst the Cardinals have disgracefully reneged on their promised public correction followed by an imperfect council. Cardinal Burke has recently forwarded the excuse of excommunication being a real hindrance. This is absurd, especially as we have two popes, one who has lately refused to read & critique the eleven booklets sent to him & even rebuked the sender. Who would render the excommunication – a Marxist infiltrator or an abandoner, & what would be the necessary valid reason for so doing? José Galat is still waiting to hear why he has been excommunicated for upholding the True Faith together with countless suspended priests for staying faithful to the Holy Eucharist.

Without action resulting from all the conferences, press interviews, statements, books, etc. this pink Hierarchy has lost the confidence & loyalty of true Catholics. Where is their unity in opposing the betrayal of Chinese Catholics & PF’s proclamation on no Hell only annihilation for unrepentant souls, despite Hell being shown to the three little shepherds at Fatima & numerous referrals to Hell in Scripture? This is heresy yet I haven’t heard the outrage that should have accompanied such words & proposed actions. We are now in the never before situation of having to question the validity & legality of the last conclave having been put in that position by the dishonourable St. Gallen Mafia run by freemasons who couldn’t contain their glee when they got their man on the Seat of Peter. Where are the Resistance leaders among the upper tiers of our clergy who have been invested with the power to bring the attention of the laity to wrongful teaching of a treacherous pope? I can’t see anyone with the strong chests & spine to carry that cross amongst this lot.

Peter Lamb said...

bergoglio is arguably pope materialiter, i.e. he was legally elected and designated pope. However, he is a formal heretic and has consequently been excommunicated automatically by Divine Law. He is not the Vicar of Christ and is not Pope formaliter. Catholic doctrine makes these facts indisputable. Vatican II is heretical and all of the conciliar "popes" were heretics. None of them have been Popes formaliter. This according to immutable Catholic doctrine. bergoglio is not Pope. bergoglio is a judeo-masonic anti-Christ. Recognition as Pope by the clergy of Rome and some misguided Catholics, does not mean a row of beans. He heads the judeo-masonic novus ordo church of satan. Let him, his minions and his church be anathema. Saint Thomas Moore, Cardinal John Fisher, St. Athanasius, pray for us.

Vox Cantoris said...

Joseph D'Hippolito said...
Who are these people wanting reconciliation?

Massimo Faggioli is one example of recent shills on Twitter, etc. We see an upcoming conference in the United States with Cupich and Gomez. There are other examples.

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

All TBFC, terror bloggers for Christ, never, Never be silent. Our patron saint: St. Dismas, hanging in pain, dying next to Jesus, knowing better than any other human being what Jesus was suffering, in the face of the scoffing Jewish priestly hierarchy that schemed to have Jesus crucified, and before the Roman soldiers who were executing him, , despite all this he proclaimed Jesus as Lord. So must we do. Our Yes is "Yes, Lord," and our No is "No, Jorge." I do not forget the words of Wm Barrett Travis from the Alamo in 1836: I shall never surrender or retreat, victory or death! Guy McClung, Texas

Justina said...

I believe that Louis Verrechio makes a good point: if the See of Peter wasn't vacant when Bergoglio was elected, then he can't hold the office validly, not matter how widely he is recognized.

Much of the discussion of Benedict's startling abdication focuses on whether he stepped down of his own free will, and so lapses into conspiracy theory--because clearly, he did. The question is whether or not an attempt to relinquish part of the Petrine ministry alone can be legitimate--which it can't. It's like the old joke about somebody being "a little bit pregnant"--either you are, or you're not. And yet here are two men dressed in white, residing in Rome and each claiming to be "a little bit pope."

And we're all supposed to be like: "Nothing to see here; donuts for everybody, in the Parish Hall!"

Ralph Engelen said...

There can't be a ceasefire when PF's attacks on the church continue. On the contrary, bloggers should increase their efforts now we have him on the run. The best proof that he is feeling the heat, is his pathetic attempt to abuse the authority of pope Benedict with his forged letter. Never, never, never stop fighting. Fight till he dies, resigns or is removed.

Unknown said...

No Surrender.

Lee Gilbert said...

Peter Lamb, Is this statement of yours ex cathedra, or only part of your ordinary magisterium? Lee Gilbert

c matt said...

A truce is what you ask for when you are losing or fear losing.

c matt said...

not a Shepherd but a hireling

Not even a hireling, but a wolf itself.

Anonymous said...

One way to defeat the enemies of Christ is the daily Rosary.

The UK is having a Coast to Coast Rosary on Sunday 29th April, please join us in this much needed prayer.


Keep up the great work Vox Cantoris, where would we be without our faithful bloggers

Dr. T.T.Coals said...

Francis has the role of Judas, the betrayer, in the Passion of the Church. Yet this is only the Minor Chastisement, a foreshadowing of the time of the antichrist. Key word: chastisement, as in, we deserve this nightmare.

That said, there are too many people, including Louie Verrecchio, falling into the trap of declaring Francis a heretic of one sort or another. That decision is up to a Council of Cardinals, who alone can try him on charges of heresy. It's not up to any blogger or any of the faithful, to grant themselves the power of judge and jury.

Anonymous said...


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Aonymous at 5:06

Very upsetting.

@ Holier-than-thou at 3:55

I am not pope, I know, but I will say - Bergoglio is a heretic. It is enough to know some Catechism to establish this fact.

Kathleen1031 said...

After five years of pain and horror, and having to observe our silent Bishops and Cardinals, the laity have had enough. Capitulation is not in our vocabulary, and I wager some of the power brokers are thinking some sweet talk and a few bones may calm us, maybe even make some friends. We've gotten the stick for five years, don't be surprised if they bring out the carrots.
Absolutely no way capitulation is going to happen. We have seen more than enough, and there is no going back with this lavender crowd.
I want to have some little thing to offer God, to say in my little mostly inefficient way, I tried hard to do some good and fight for Him, for the faith I love, for the Church, for the people, my fellow Catholics, and yours. Our little sacrifices are nothing compared to what the Copts and the faithful Chinese have suffered and will suffer. We will not forget them!! Whatever small effect we may have, it matters. Vox, God bless you and blog on!

Fr. VF said...

First of all, "civility" means "shut up."

So, when your opponent starts calling for "civility," you are winning.

Fr. VF said...

While Benedict's apparent opinion that he continues to exercise some portion of the "Petrine munus" is weird, I cannot consider it "substantial error" that invalidates his resignation. For one thing, everyone I've seen interpreting the phrase "substantial error" has been a "jailhouse canon lawyer."

Benedict said he was resigning IN SUCH A WAY THAT THE SEE WILL BE VACANT AND IT WILL BE NECESSARY TO HOLD A CONCLAVE TO ELECT A NEW POPE. That is, he DEFINED his resignation's nature by precisely that consequence.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Pope is the bishop of Rome, and the Bishop of Rome is the Pope. If the See of Rome is vacant, there is no Bishop of Rome. If there is no Bishop of Rome, there is no Pope.

No one has convinced me that Benedict is anything other than a man who WAS Pope, who holds weird ideas about who and what he is NOW.

I hold, in other words, that Benedict resigned while in ACCIDENTAL error, not SUBSTANTIAL error. If Benedict believed NOW that, having resigned the Papacy, he had become Queen of England, that would not invalidate his resignation from the Papacy. In exactly the same say, no strange notions in Benedict's head affect the crystal clarity of the words by which he resigned.

Johnno said...

All this peace talk is all a feint to get us to disarm.

Meanwhile Francis is amassing all his active little half-Petrine barques in the seas with admirals like Kasper and Sachs all forming blockades to sanction the faithful while sending lifeboats of pretend-refugee men to our shores.

Keep firing the torpedoes!

Don't believe his lies and promises of peace. We've experienced his kind before.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Lee Gilbert, ROFL! No, neither. Just sprouting the Catholic doctrine I was taught long ago. :)

Catholic Mission said...


Traditionalists are not proclaiming the Faith, the same as Catholics in general and the two popes. They are propagandizing the Traditional Latin Mass(TLM) without the theology and doctrines of the TLM in the 16th century.Summorum Pontificum has allowed only limited freedom approved by the Left : Catholic identity being changed
New Catholic ecumenical groups must be formed which do not interpret Vatican Council II as a rupture with Traditiona and which will affirm the old traditional ecumenism in harmony with the Council and the old exclusivist ecclesiology of the Church.
This can be done independently of Pope Francis.
So why criticize him when Catholics in general have the choice. They can affirm the controversial teachings of the Church, which the two popes avoid and prepare to be martyrs or persecuted in other ways.
Vox Cantors on this blog is free to affirm Vatican Council II as a continuity with an ecumenism of return according to the Syllabus of Errors. He can endorse outside the Church there is no salvation not only according to the dogma EENS but also Vatican Council II(AG 7). So what stops Chris Ferrara and Roberto dei Mattei from doing the same.

Why is there a perpetual truce on this subject ? Everyone chooses to leave with a false peace.-Lionel Andrades

Irenaeus said...

Lionel, new ecumenical groups must NOT be formed which do not interpret the Council as a rupture with Tradition. That is precisely what happened with it - we are fools to pretend otherwise. Vatican II was designed precisely to begin the process of dismantling the Church from the inside out.

Anon at 3:55 - I see your point, but naming someone a heretic is not appointing themselves judge, jury and executioner. It's a statement of fact. Stating facts does not impart condemnation on an individual. The individual condemns themselves. It is our pride that makes us think others condemn us.

Wolverine said...

Let the online protest version of throwing rotten eggs & tomatoes, at the heretical Marxist sodomite infiltrators, continue to fly with more gusto than ever!!!

Justina said...

Which is kind of a weird thing to say, isn't? Resigning "in such a way that the See will be vacant . . ." Isn't that what "resigning" means?

If Benedict meant to resign in such a way as to bifurcate the papacy into an active and a contemplative member, then he would have been, in his own mind, leaving the See vacant so that Pope #2 would have to be elected.

If he thought he was the Queen of England, well and good. The problem is he thinks he is still, after resigning, THE POPE.

nazareusrex said...

You are wrong Bergoglio is an anti pope and the vicar of the Antichrist who usurps the papacy because he was already a heretic before being invalidly elected. False obedience to an anti-Pope of the Catholics is not proof of the legitimacy of the papacy.

6. Nulidad de todas las promociones o elevaciones de desviados en la Fe.

Agregamos que si en algún tiempo aconteciese que un Obispo, incluso en función de Arzobispo, o de Patriarca, o Primado; o un Cardenal, incluso en función de Legado, o electo Pontífice Romano que antes de su promoción al Cardenalato o asunción al Pontificado, se hubiese desviado de la Fe Católica, o hubiese caído en herejía. o incurrido en cisma, o lo hubiese suscitado o cometido, la promoción o la asunción, incluso si ésta hubiera ocurrido con el acuerdo unánime de todos los Cardenales, es nula, inválida y sin ningún efecto; y de ningún modo puede considerarse que tal asunción haya adquirido validez, por aceptación del cargo y por su consagración, o por la subsiguiente posesión o cuasi posesión de gobierno y administración, o por la misma entronización o adoración del Pontífice Romano, o por la obediencia que todos le hayan prestado, cualquiera sea el tiempo transcurrido después de los supuestos antedichos. Tal asunción no será tenida por legítima en ninguna de sus partes, y no será posible considerar que se ha otorgado o se otorga alguna facultad de administrar en las cosas temporales o espirituales a los que son promovidos, en tales circunstancias, a la dignidad de obispo, arzobispo, patriarca o primado, o a los que han asumido la función de Cardenales, o de Pontífice Romano, sino que por el contrario todos y cada uno de los pronunciamientos, hechos, actos y resoluciones y sus consecuentes efectos carecen de fuerza, y no otorgan ninguna validez, y ningún derecho a nadie.

Johnno said...

"That said, there are too many people, including Louie Verrecchio, falling into the trap of declaring Francis a heretic of one sort or another. That decision is up to a Council of Cardinals, who alone can try him on charges of heresy. It's not up to any blogger or any of the faithful, to grant themselves the power of judge and jury."

That's false Doc. We are told by our Lord that the sheep will recognize the voice of their shepherd. So too we can recognize manifest heresy when we see it. And recognize obstinate heresy when we see a heretic reject every offer to clarification or retraction or explanation in his favour to remove all doubts. And especially when the heretic goes around saying Truth = Idolatry.

The formal trial and formal declaration itself is indeed up to a Council of Cardinals, which bloggers and the rest of us cannot do. But Francis, on the record, convicted by his own mouth and signatures and actions has manifested openly and publicly obstinate heresy. And we are only acknowledging this fact. The same way witnesses can recognize the fact of murder by a culprit in public, but nonetheless must allow the proper authorities to formally document the facts, charitably hold a trial, and judge him and sentence him.

Peter Lamb said...

Very well put Johnno and absolutely correct. One might add that the Divine law supercedes man made canon law. Any heretic is automatically excommunicated, in terms of Divine law, the second he commits the sin of heresy. The Cardinals may try him for the crime of heresy against canon law thereafter. The ecclesiastical trial is simply in the interest of good church governance - it lets everybody know the man is officially an heretic and is deposed officially, but by then God has already long deposed him. The whole point of Holy Scripture, catechism and canons is to guide and teach the Gospel of Christ - our Faith - to the Faithful, precisely so that they are enabled to recognize Truth and distinguish - judge - falsehood and heresy.

Catholic Mission said...

Anonymous Irenaeus said...
Lionel, new ecumenical groups must NOT be formed which do not interpret the Council as a rupture with Tradition. That is precisely what happened with it - we are fools to pretend otherwise. Vatican II was designed precisely to begin the process of dismantling the Church from the inside out.

VC2 was NOT designed to dismantle the Church from inside out if the false premise is not used to interpret it. Without the false premise the Council is NOT a rupture with the past esclusivist ecclesiology of the Church and the Syllabus of Errors.
The traditionalists and conservative Catholics, like the liberals and the Magisterium, interpret Vatican Council II with the false premise, with Cushingism instead of Feeneyism as a philosophy and theology.
We have to be aware of the difference between the two interpretations of Vatican Council II a different premise creates a difference conclusion.

Catholic Mission said...

APRIL 25, 2018
A Catholic political party is needed to oppose Satan and leftist fascism and extremism

To return to Catholic doctrinal sanity in the country the Polish President Andrzej Duda must affirm common sense and what is common knowedlge by stating that :"There are no physically visible cases of the BOD,BOB and I.I in 2018" and " LG 8, LG 14, LG 16, NA 2, UR 3, GS 22 etc in Vatican Council II refer to only hypothetical cases

c matt said...

It's not up to any blogger or any of the faithful, to grant themselves the power of judge and jury.

By calling PF a heretic, one is merely stating an observed fact (PF is a baptized Catholic espousing beliefs contrary to Catholic dogma). A Catholic layman, by simply noting the observation that Bergoglio is a heretic, is not thereby depriving Bergoglio of any office he may putatively hold. No layman is acting as "judge and jury" any more than someone who witnesses a murder acts as judge and jury. The witness observed a fact - one human being killing another human being. The failure of the witness to be a judge and jury does not somehow invalidate what he observed.

For the Catholic layman to be "wrong," you would have to show he mistakenly attributed a heretical statement to Bergoglio, or a statement correctly attributed to Bergoglio is not heretical.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy,

I will keep this brief, all of us readers owe you, Vox, a debt of gratitude for reporting the lies and inconsistencies and heresies of this papacy. I am certain that this fortitude that you have shown comes at a considerable cost. But you have stood by the truth and have done so consistently.

What the shills on the other side say, is ultimately irrelevant at this point.
They have nothing to offer, and their asking "us" to back off or to agree to a truce is a measure of their own weakness and the weakness of the point of view.

Please keep up the good work!

Irenaeus said...

You make no sense, Lionel. It's clear you go on others' blogs to get others to read your blog (which is not very well organized or relevant), and you don't contribute to conversations in a relevant manner. I'm not even going to engage with the meaningless -isms you parrot.

Vox - I don't say this enough, so I will. Thank you for all that you do, both virtually and in person.

Anonymous said...

This you have to see. https://www.traditioninaction.org/RevolutionPhotos/A779-Plastic.htm