Thursday, 19 April 2018

Evil idiots at the top of the Church of Christ

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The German Heresiarchs have stated that there will be "intercommunion" between Catholics and Lutherans.

It seems that there are a few Catholic bishops left in Germany seeking clarification in a rather weak attempt to stand up for the Catholic faith.

It was reported earlier this week that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, with the approval of Pope Francis, has written to the German bishops to state that the expected "intercommunion" cannot occur.

It has then been reported that Pope Francis has ordered that the letter to the German bishops be kept "secret."

The German bishops are denying that the Pope has sent a letter.

Heresiarch Cardinal Marx is going to visit Pope Francis.

That is all.

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Ana Milan said...

The German bishops are denying that the Pope has sent a letter.

Of course they are, as PF has ignored (denied) the letter handed to him by ++O'Malley, for it later to be shown to have taken place on camera. PF knows he cannot formally allow Protestants to receive the Sacred Host but doesn't want to offend them (or Soros) so he has to reject ++Marx's proposal in an underhand manner. It will be interesting to witness how he will deal with ++Marx on his arrival in Rome who has argued that the German bishops were “not just a subsidiary of Rome” and needed to set their own policies on marriage and the family. If this is allowed to happen then the Seat of Peter is vacant, having been cast aside in favour of Bishops' Conferences deciding what they will/will not accept of scripture/ dogmas/magisterium, doing away with those parts they feel don't apply to our 'enlightened' times because there were no recorders in the time of Christ to support His Words. PF would be exposed for what he genuinely is - the False Prophet or Destroyer Pope un-canonically elected (St. Francis of Assisi). Have the silent ++s an answer for this prospect or do they even realise its inevitability as long as PF is calling the tune?

Anonymous said...

Oh well there ya go, what a perfect opportunity to personally excommunicate Marx for heresy.. Poor Jorge it must be tough trying to play Judas one minute and St Peter the next..

Dan said...

They are awaiting a vague rewrite by the official papal ghostwriter before approval.

We are currently in a Catholic Church doing everything it can to be non-Catholic. If we complain, we're just those "rigid neo-pelagians" who aren't enlightened.

I'm really finding it difficult to even go to Mass as even this feels like support for what is happening.

Regardless of the promises we are supposed to have as Catholics, I think our grandchildren will be attending something called Catholic, but resembling the current Episcopal, or Luthern churches today. (And THAT'S in my more optimistic moments)

Anonymous said...

Obviously the mutilation of the Mass to make it acceptable to Protestant sects is a success.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Remember "bishop" Tony Palmer, who died in a motorcycle accident, before - as Francis' friend and ambassador - his charisma could fully be utilized for destruction of Catholicism? He was some kind of a Celtic Anglican, proponent of an emergent church, married with children. Francis insisted that he would not convert, and then he insisted on his Burial as a Catholic bishop.

When Bergoglio acts like a Catholic, it is only for pragmatic reasons. Sheeple must not be alerted to what is taking place. The destruction of the Catholic Church is happening gradually, from within. Every time sodomites are permitted to heal with their mouth and build bridges, every time they use drones and clowns on stilts to carry the Eucharist, every time the "pope" utters a heresy and is not corrected, the desensitization of Catholics and dismantling of the Church moves a step forward.

Hopefully, only the majority, the cultural Catholic, the lukewarm Christian can be deceived. Hopefully the rigid minority grows in strength.

Kathleen1031 said...

The Cardinals have no fear of God!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dan said with respect to finding it difficult to even go to Mass. We have become part of a "Mystical Parish" out of Portugal, and partake of "Spiritual Communion" which is entirely Catholic. We have little confidence in today's "version" of Catholicism, and are doing our best to stay in a state of Grace.

jim norwood said...

Vox, you are part of the "resistance".

See the 1:04 min mark.