Thursday, 5 April 2018

Bergoglio's conversation with Scalfari was "intolerable" - Cardinal Burke

In an interview at La Nuova Busso la Quotidiana, Raymond Cardinal Burke, has a hard pointed interview on the recent and continuous actions of Pope Bergoglio and his minions.

La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana

There are those who charge of disobedience all who have expressed doubts, questions and criticism of the work of the Pope, but "correction of confusion or error is not an act of disobedience, but an act of obedience to Christ and thus to his vicar on Earth." So the cardinal Raymond Leo Burke in this interview with the new BQ, on the eve of a major conference that there will be in Rome on Saturday 7 April on "where is the Church."
Il cardinale Raymond L. Burke
There are those who charge of disobedience all who have expressed doubts, questions and criticism of the work of the Pope, but "correction of confusion or error is not an act of disobedience, but an act of obedience to Christ and thus to his vicar on Earth." So says Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke in this interview with the new BQ, on the eve of a major conference that there will be in Rome on Saturday 7 April on the theme "where is the Church" (click here), whose cardinal Burke will be one of the speakers. The Conference in Rome will take place in the memory of Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, who died last September, one of the signers of the Dubia. As you recall these 5 questions to Pope Francis times to have a clear statement of continuity with the previous Magisterium following the confusion created by the different and sometimes opposing interpretations of the post synodal Apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia. Those Dubia, whose cardinal Burke is a signatory, never has been answered nor Pope Francis has never responded to repeated request for a hearing by the Cardinals signatories.
Your eminence, you will be one of the main speakers at the meeting of 7 April, which is the name of cardinal Caffarra you will query on the direction of the Church. Already from the title of the Conference is perceived concern for the direction taken. What are the reasons for this concern?
The confusion and Division in the Church, on the core issues and most important – marriage and family, the sacraments and the right to access it, intrinsically evil acts, eternal life and the new ones – are becoming increasingly spread. And the Pope not only refuses to clarify things with the announcement of the constant doctrine and healthy church discipline, a responsibility that is inherent to his Ministry as the successor of St. Peter but also increases the confusion.
It also refers to the proliferation of private statements that are reported by those who meet him?
What happened with the last interview with Eugenio Scalfari during Holy week and made public on Holy Thursday went beyond the tolerable. That a well-known atheist claims to announce a revolution in the teaching of the Catholic Church, claiming to speak in the name of the Pope, denying the immortality of the human soul and the existence of hell, has been a source of profound scandal not only for many Catholics but also for so many lay people who have respect for the Catholic Church and its teachings, even if you don't share them. Besides Holy Thursday is one of the holiest days of the year, the day on which the Lord instituted the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist and the priesthood, that he may offer us always the fruit of his redemptive passion and death for our salvation eternal. Also, the response of the Holy see are shocked reactions from around the world, was inadequate. Rather than announce the truth about the immortality of the human soul and clearly over hell, in denial it says only that certain words quoted are not the Pope. It does not say that the erroneous ideas, even heretical, expressed by these words are not shared by the Pope and the Pope rejects such ideas which are contrary to the Catholic faith. This play with faith and doctrine, at the highest level of the Church, rightly leave pastors and faithful scandalized.
If these things are very serious, and a source of embarrassment, but the silence amazes many pastors.
Of course, the situation is further compounded by the silence of many bishops and Cardinals who share with the Roman Pontiff the concern for the universal Church. Some are simply shut up. Others say that there is nothing serious. Still others spread fantasies of a new Church, a church that takes a totally different direction from the past, fantasizing for example of a "new paradigm" for the Church or a radical conversion of the Church's pastoral practice, making it completely new. Then there are those who are enthusiastic promoters of the so-called revolution in the Catholic Church. For the faithful who understand the seriousness of the situation, the lack of doctrinal and disciplinary direction from their pastors leaves them lost. For the faithful who do not understand the gravity of the situation, this lack leaves them in confusion and possibly victims of malicious errors to their souls. Many who have entered into full communion with the Catholic Church, being baptized in a Protestant ecclesial communion, because their ecclesial communities have abandoned the Apostolic faith, suffering intensely the situation: perceiving that The Catholic Church is going in the same street of the abandonment of the faith.
What she paints is an apocalyptic situation ...
This situation leads me to reflect more and more on the message of our Lady of Fatima who warns us of evil-even more serious of serious ills suffered due to the spread of atheistic communism-what is apostasy from the faith in the Church. The # 675 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that "[p] rhyme of the coming of Christ, the Church must go through a final round that will shake the faith of many believers," and that "[t] he persecution that accompanies his [the Church] pilgrimage on Earth will unveil the "mystery of iniquity" in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems, at the price of apostasy from the truth ".
In such a situation the bishops and Cardinals have a duty to proclaim the true doctrine. At the same time must lead the faithful to make reparation for the offences to Christ and the wounds inflicted to his mystical body, the Church, when faith and discipline are not appropriately safeguarded and promoted by shepherds. The great canonist of the thirteenth century, Enrico da Susa or Ostiense, confronting the difficult question of how to fix a Roman Pontiff that would act in a way contrary to his Office, says that the College of Cardinals is a de facto control against error.
Undoubtedly, today's much-discussed the figure of Francis. You switch easily from the uncritical glorification of anything he faces ruthless criticism of every ambiguous gesture. But somehow the problem of how to relate to the Pope goes for every Pope. So some things need to be clarified. Meanwhile, what is the Pope for the Church?
According to the constant teaching of the Church, the Pope, for the express will of Christ, is "the perpetual and visible source and Foundation of the unity both of the bishops and of the whole company of the faithful" (Dogmatic Constitution on the Church of the Council Vatican II, # 23). Is the essential service of the Pope to safeguard and promote the deposit of faith, the true doctrine and sound discipline consistent with the truths believed. In the interview cited with Eugenio Scalfari, referring to the Pope as "revolutionary" compliant. But the Petrine Office has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the revolution. In contrast, exists solely for the preservation and propagation of the Catholic faith unchangeable leading souls to the conversion of heart and lead all mankind to unity based on the order in writing by God in his creation and especially in the heart of man, the only earthly creature made in the image of God. Is the order that Christ has restored to the Paschal mystery we are celebrating these days. The grace of redemption that emanates from his glorious pierced heart in the Church, in the hearts of its members, gives the strength to live according to this order, that is in communion with God and neighbour.
Surely the Pope is not an absolute ruler, yet today is very perceived in this way. "If the Pope says ..." is the common way to truncate any question or doubt on some claims. Is there some sort of papolatria. How would you respond?
The notion of the fullness of the power of the Roman Pontiff has been clearly set out already by Pope Saint Leo the great. The medieval canonists have contributed greatly to the development of the power inherent in the Petrine Office. Their contribution remains valid and important. The concept is very simple. The Pope, for the divine, enjoys all the power necessary to safeguard and promote the true faith, the true divine worship, and healthy demand discipline. This power belongs not to him but to his Office as the successor of Saint Peter. In the past, most of the time, the Popes have not made public their personal acts or their opinions, just to avoid the risk that the faithful are confused about what she does and thinks the successor of Saint Peter. Currently, there is a risky and even harmful confusion of the person of the Pope with his Office resulting in the darkening of the Petrine Office and into a worldly and political concept of the service of the Roman pontiff in the Church. The Church exists for the salvation of souls. Any act of a Pope that undermines the Mission of Christ in the Church, is an act heresy or is a sinful Act in itself, it is simply empty from the perspective of the Petrine Office. So even though it clearly bears very grave damage to the faithful, does not command the obedience of pastors and faithful. We always have to distinguish the body of the man who is the Roman Pontiff from the body of the Roman Pontiff, the man who exercises the Office of St. Peter in the Church. Don't make the distinction means papolatria and ends with the loss of faith in the Petrine Office divinely founded and supported.
In the relationship with the Pope in what a Catholic must take fuller?
The Catholic must always adhere to, absolutely, the Petrine Office as an essential part of the establishment of the Church from Christ. The moment in which the Catholic no longer complies with the Office of the Pope placed itself or schism or apostasy from the faith. At the same time, the Catholic must respect the man in charge with the Office which means attention to his teaching and pastoral leadership. This also includes the duty to express to the Pope the judgement of a properly formed conscience, when he diverts or seems to deviate from the true doctrine and healthy discipline or abandon the responsibilities of his Office. Natural law, to the Gospels, and the Church's constant tradition govern, the faithful are obliged to express to their pastors their concern for the State of the Church. Have this duty to which it is entitled to receive a reply from their pastors.

Then you can criticize the Pope? And under what conditions?
If the Pope does not fulfill his Office for the benefit of all souls, it is not only possible but also necessary to criticize the Pope. This criticism must follow the teaching of Christ on fraternal correction in the Gospel (Mt 18, 15-18). First, the faithful or pastor should express his criticism in a private way, which will allow the Pope to correct themselves. But if the Pope refuses to correct his way to teach or act seriously missing, the criticism should be made public, because it has to do with the common good in the Church and in the world. Some have criticized those who have publicly expressed criticism of the Pope as a sign of rebellion or disobedience, but inquire – with due respect for his Office-the correction of confusion or error is not an act of disobedience, but an Act of obedience to Christ and thus to his vicar on Earth. 


Ana Milan said...

Can we take this upcoming event as the public correction that was promised over a year ago? At that time ++Burke said PF would be obliged to answer it. Is this still the case? It is difficult to see this happening as his silence on every heresy, blasphemy, scandal, sacrilegious act has brought disrespect to the Papal Office which will be hard to recover. We should all offer our Mass attendances, rosaries, special prayer to Our Lady (see @onepeterfive) for an end to this Apostasy. I also hope that the imminent betrayal of Chinese Catholics will also be spoken about at this conference.

Dan said...

The meeting on the 7th is MUCH smaller than I would like, but I hope it raises HELL and makes a lot of noise.

Unknown said...

Just more of the same from the cardinal, blah, blah blah.

tuleesh said...

Interview. Schminterview! When will prelates loyal to Christ stop talking about the problem and take proactive steps to avoid the loss of souls? Including the Pope’s. Stating and restating the problem, talking about the protocols of criticizing the Pope’s actions, etc., will not change this Pope’s mind.

Don’t t get me wrong. I’m grateful for prelates like Cdl. Burke. But, let’s not kid ourselves; a bishop—or priest, for that matter—can only do so much at the diocesan level. High-ranking prelates like the Cardinal are the ones who can move things along in a more affective manner because of their proximity to the Pope. Surely, after three years, at least one step toward fraternal correction could’ve been taken by loyal Cardinals?

Anonymous said...

And there you have it. "But if the Pope refuses to correct...the criticism should be made public..."
That's it. That's all they plan to do.
They need to switch from the DEfensive to the OFfensive. It ain't gonna happen, folks. We'll be pounded into the ground by the perverts, masons, communists, modernists in the Church who aren't afraid to DO SOMETHING.

Dr. T.T.Coals said...

I agree with "Bagz" and "tuleesh": stop talking and start acting, for the love of God!

Tom A. said...

Ana, the problem is not Bergolio. It's Vatican II. Until that council is repudiated, nothing will change.

Tom A. said...

There are no prelates loyal to Christ. They sold out to Vatican 2 when they agreed to say the Novus Ordo fake mass.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke:

Right on. Thumbs up! Kudos! Bravo!

As others have said here, we get it. We've heard it all before. In fact, it's getting kinda boring.

Turn the page.

Are you going to act upon the knowledge you possess, or are you going to keep talking about it?

All of us who have fought a fire know it is OK to discuss how best to enter the building to drag out the little kids stuck on the second floor. But at some point you need to quit talking and push through the flames.

Or get out of the way.

Ireneaus said...

Pray, pray, pray.

TLM said...

Yes, I agree with others, move on this or get out of the way!! They have already waited for too long.....WAY.....TOO.......LONG!!!! Sorry to be a pessimist but I'm not terribly hopeful. These Cardinals talk a big talk, but they really don't walk the walk.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke is a saint in the making, suffering for Christ Jesus, he has been through so much since the "so called" St. Gallen Mafia election of this heretic Bergolio. I too can sometimes get a bit frustrated with the length of time it is taking to hold Boy Jorge accountable for his wicked ways and his many futile attempts to destroy the church. However i have to keep reminding myself, God's ways are not our ways and his timing is perfect. Therefore i fully trust that this Holy Man Cardinal Burke and his good friends who are the faithful apostles of Christ will act in God's perfect time.
Blessed Be God now and for all eternity!

Jay Jay said...

He’s a Modernist. He HAS acted.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

I have a lot of sympathy for Cardinal Burke, it seems to me that his heart and his disposition are in the right place about the papacy and he did try to do something about this papacy.

The sheep in the college of cardinals in their silence are as culpable as the hireling occupying the Chair of St.Peter. They have done nothing to support Cardinal Burke. Frozen with fear? Too complacent? Too stupid? Lacking in faith? Some or all of these things.

It is up to the Laity to try to enforce change. The hierarchy won't force the issue, so it is now down to the Laity to force the issue.

Hold the pope to account by holding the hierarchy to account. Contact your bishops - ask them to demand that the pope publicly clarify church teaching about the soul and Hell. Make their lives uncomfortable. Complain to them. Force them to do the running here. If enough Laity make a nuisance of themselves to these clowns they will have no choice but to do something - even if it is just to stop being pestered by the Laity.

DO SOMETHING, instead of whinging and bitching about it on the interweb.

Unknown said...

Well, Your Eminence...

Like when Dr. McCoy, exasperated at Commodore Decker’s reckless command of the Enterprise, turns towards the relieved-of-command First Officer: “Spock! DO SOMETHING!”

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interview/translation! I hope the ++Caffarra conference goes well!

To those questioning lack of formal correction of Poepe Francis by ++Burke, I share your frustration, but perhaps those cardinals and bishops who want clarity and adherence to the church's teachings have judged that to formally correct now (which I understand requires a majority of bishops to recognise Francis has excommunicated himself by persistent heresy, and hence vacated the holy see) would not get a majority of bishops support, so Burke & friends must wait for more Francis scandals to shift bishops until most bishops support the correction. Just a thought...

God bless the pope, and bring him to boldly preach the fullness of God's truth!


Michael Ortiz said...

Mouthing off in a combox is easy, folks. Give these faithful guys room to move. And Tom: you’re really not helping your case by shouting out a slogan. Most of us realize the NO is an inferior rite, and to call it fake is hardly respectful as Our Lord knows vernacular languages as well as Latin. ūüėČ

Anonymous said...

The time for talk is over. Action is required. What are they afraid of? The truth is the truth and cannot be changed. Time to clean house.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke:

When you take a job as a seaman on that Bering Sea fishing boat and in high seas you find Captain Pete and most of the crew down in the hold drilling holes thru the keel, it's OK to comment on what you see and even to ask what they are doing.

But when the only answer that comes back is "Hand me a fresh bit" and the water is at your ankles, its time to stop talking and start doing something about it, no matter how unpopular you might become with the hole drillers.

Anonymous said...

A wise woman told me:

"The definition of 'intolerable' is 'unable to be endured' and its synonyms are 'unbearable, insufferable, unsupportable and unendurable'. So if someone truly believes a situation is 'intolerable', the situation cannot be left to stand. Indeed, if that person does not change the situation, the situation, for that person at least, is in fact quite tolerable, bearable, sufferable, supportable and endurable, isn't it?"

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

Show support for Burke and Schneider and the others, by pestering your diocesan bishops.

The Laity need to step into the breech big time now. The rest of the hierarchy have had their chance to support Burke and others and the college of cardinals chose to do NOTHING instead.

So the ball is in the Laity's court now. What are WE going to do about this?

Pester the Hell out of your diocesan bishop. Hold him to account, for not holding the Pope to account.

None of this is rocket science. Hold the Pope to account, by holding the bishops to account. Tell your bishop clearly that what Bergoglio is spouting is plainly false. Tell your bishop that you want Bergoglio to cease and desist spouting falsehoods, and tell him (your bishop) that he is your port of call to the papacy. Make your bishop act.

We should be holding our bishops to account regardless. But especially in these times we need to make it abundantly clear to them that we've had it up to here with their silence (compliance/connivance) with this papacy.

We are long passed the stage of indulging the sort of crap emanating from this pope.

The ball is in our court now. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT rather than whinging to one another across the interweb.

Wolverine said...

RodH said...

Cardinal Burke:

When you take a job as a seaman on that Bering Sea...

Off the charts hilarious!! Better to laugh (than to retch/weep/gnash teeth) in the face of such absurdity!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous at 7:38 am.

Time to flush Bergolio et al down the toilet where they, certainly, belong!


Anonymous said...

This is a time for specific action;

The chair of peter had a heretic on it - Bergoglio.

He has been pertinacious and stubborn in this heresy.

So, according to St. Bellarmine, he has lost the office already.

So the chair is now empty. So elect a new pope by the end of this month.

Over to you, Apostle Burke.

Peter Lamb said...

Jorge is not the Pope and the rest are not Catholic hierarchy. Burke, Schneider, Fellay etc. are simply the "conservative" arm of the judeo-masonic army. There function is to keep consrvative novus ordites within the ambit of the modernist church - good cop - bad cop. Old modernist strategy. Let them be anathema.